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Finding YOUR Financial Security?

Bruce and Sabrina had different views on money when they married. They had a hard time agreeing on what was best, but in one moment everything changed. See what happened and how their financial future brightened. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When Bruce and Sabrina Bley married,

they brought different expectations about money

to the altar.

It was a second marriage for both,

and Sabrina had struggled for several years

as a single mother.

I grew up very poor.

I saw what money was.

Security was a big deal for me.

NARRATOR: Bruce came from a poor background too.

The struggles he experienced led to a firm resolution

about money in the future.

I just wanted to have enough.

I wouldn't ever put myself in a position

where a bill wasn't paid.

I was very in control.

I was very protective of the funding.

NARRATOR: The new husband and wife

both had jobs that paid well, so Bruce decided they would handle

their finances separately.

I should feel this security right,

because the bills are being paid,

but I felt like none of it was mine.

I was too stubborn and I was too scared,

and I was just too much in control.

NARRATOR: When the Bleys were doing their taxes together,

they were ashamed by what they discovered.

They accountant asked us, I've got all your documents,

but I did not receive your charitable contribution


That was embarrassing.

Felt bad that I had disappointed God.

That was kind of an awakening.

And that was like, I don't want this to ever happen again.

NARRATOR: Sabrina and Bruce were Christians.

They knew about tithing, but they never

put it into practice.

I didn't own that for my life.

I made up my own rules, so I was

serving the world by keeping my money separate from my faith.

Unfortunately, a reflection of my relationship with Christ.

I can trust you with everything but this.

NARRATOR: Armed with a new conviction,

Bruce and Sabrina began to tithe faithfully.

I felt like we're finally on the same team.

We had the same goal.

NARRATOR: During that period Sabrina heard about CBN.

They decided to become members.

Whenever they were talking about

"Superbook," I kept thinking, the difference it's making

in children, it's amazing.

How A cartoon is changing lives eternally.

I was paying a lot of attention

to how they were helping people that were desperate,

and I could just feel the commitment

that the people at CBN have to save people.

It overwhelmed me.

NARRATOR: After faithfully tithing for several months,

Sabrina and Bruce say they saw unexpected changes

in their finances.

And opportunities started opening up

for me to be a part of the management team in a leadership


I don't understand how this has happened.

She would say, you think it's God?

And I would say, well, I do now.

NARRATOR: The Bleys decided to increase their pledge to CBN.

That was a proud moment for me,

because him wanting to part with money.

I knew what it took for him to arrive at that decision.

NARRATOR: Since then, the Bleys have increase their giving

to CBN, again.

Bruce received another promotion and closed a million dollar

sales deal, and their combined income has increased by 33%.

I think it's a direct result from giving.

I think him yielding to the money, with the Lord and to me,

I think has opened the floodgates.

It used to be about money.

Now it's about my relationship with the Lord.

I've learned to trust completely.

The treasures that God has for you are available to you

through obedience of the word.

You will not be able to help bless God.


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