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Ready for Your Financial Turnaround?

John was living the high life with his six-figure salary. Then he nearly lost it all when the market crashed. He lost his job, and he was diagnosed with cancer. See how he went from being down with just $300 to having more clients than he can handle. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: John Breithaupt who lives

in the Pacific Northwest, where he surveys land negotiates

timber contracts.

For a decade, he was the picture of success.

I had a six figure job with a car and a company credit card

and a 401(k and a retirement plan.

I had a 36-foot boat that I could moor to the marina 10

minutes from my house.

NARRATOR: Then in 2008, the market crashed.

John lost his job and his medical benefits.

Around the same time, he was also diagnosed with cancer.

This one's always tough to talk about.

What do you do when your doctor says you have a tumor,

you need radiation, you need chemotherapy?

You do it.

NARRATOR: Over the next few years,

John sold his assets exhausted his savings and cashed in his

401(k in an effort to make ends meet and pay his medical bills.

At times, they went to collection,

so it hurt my credit.

I was going to be without anything.

Losing my car, losing my insurance, losing my cell


it's not a good feeling.

NARRATOR: Sporadic work and multiple tumors followed.

Then at 52, John moved home with his mother.

That's tough for a man to do, to ask for help,

say I can do it.

Pretty tough for a self-sustaining man.

It's sort of an all time low.

That's when I turned back to God.

I said, OK, God, I'll trust in you.

You help me get out of these circumstances.

NARRATOR: John had just under $300 when he

says his prayer was answered.

He was watching "The 700 Club."

Terry talked about giving $20, and and I've

always been touched by the stories that "The 700 Club" do.

And the thought that went through my head was,

what's $20?

I think the Holy Spirit just prompted me to give that.

And I'd never given to a TV ministry before.

NARRATOR: John called CBN and pledged $20 a month.

Within two weeks, he had four clients

and was back in the timber consulting business,

working as an independent contractor.

The light went off in my head.

I thought, the only thing that has changed between now

and then is that I started giving to "The 700 Club,"

and it brought tears to my eyes.

And I stopped and I pulled over and I called "The 700 Club,"

and I said, I want to raise my gift from $20 to $100.

NARRATOR: John also started tithing to his church.

Now he has consistent work, a flexible schedule,

and he's able to pay all his medical bills.

My finances have recovered.

I have more consulting work than I

know what to do with right now.

I'm able to put back into savings,

put back into my 401(k.

I don't think there's any way that that

could be a coincidence.

NARRATOR: John challenges others who need a financial turnaround

to start giving to CBN.

It's a great ministry, it's a great ministry.

You say look, we're tight we can't squeeze another $100 out.

Then give $50, give $40, give $20.

I don't believe in giving to get, that's not my motivation.

But I gave a little bit and God blessed a lot.


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