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Too Sick to Feed Her Kids

There was nothing Achia wouldn’t do to care for her sons, including chopping wood and planting and working the family garden. Until she became ill from contaminated water. Clean water was the solution, but how could she find it? Thank you, ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Every morning, Achia walked under a huge fig tree

just outside her house, on her way to fetch water.

INTERPRETER: After my husband died,

I was left to care for my boys by myself.

They are still too young to carry water or help me

with any chores, so each day is a struggle.

I do everything alone.

NARRATOR: When I met Achia, she told me

about how hard she works taking care of her family.

From chopping and carrying wood to harvesting grass

to make thatch roofs or sell on the market,

she works tirelessly, day in and day out.

But she still made time to start a garden

to help feed her children.

INTERPRETER: I bought seeds believing

that the rain would come.

I love gardening, but the sun burned my crops.

NARRATOR: In times of drought, shallow wells

like these dry up, or get contaminated by livestock.

Many people get sick with diseases

like typhoid and cholera from contaminated water.

Achia was one of them.

INTERPRETER: The pain starts in my spine,

then moves from my neck to my head.

Sometimes I have to lie down for days,

waiting for the pain to go away.

But when I see my children hungry and thirsty,

I force myself to get up.

NARRATOR: But on one occasion, Achia couldn't get up.

INTERPRETER: I needed to cook for the children,

but I was too weak to fetch water so far away.

We all went to bed hungry and thirsty.

NARRATOR: Then Innovation Africa, an Israeli ministry

supported by CBN, arrived with trucks and started drilling.

Soon they hit crystal clear water,

and a tap was installed right outside Achia's house.

INTERPRETER: I couldn't believe the tap was right.

I feel like jumping up and praising God.

I'll never have to walk long distances for water again.

NARRATOR: The well is too deep to pump water by hand,

so solar panels were installed to run an electrical pump.

The well is so deep, it should never run dry,

even in the worst drought.

And it should never get contaminated.

INTERPRETER: I no longer worry that we will get

sick from drinking bad water.

Those diseases cannot attack us anymore.

My boys can finally enjoy safe, clean water right by our house.

We can be clean, and even wash.

NARRATOR: Achia immediately started feeling much better,

and with the water so close by, her garden blossomed.

INTERPRETER: I forgot about the loss of my burned crops,

and tried again.

With water this close, we can do anything.

We no longer have to buy vegetables.

We grow them ourselves.

God sent you to answer our prayers.

You rescued us.

Thank you, CBN.

May God bless you all.


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