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Sailor Chooses Higher Calling

Wallie, a Navy chaplain’s assistant, felt called to pursue a career chaplaincy. That meant months of financial hardship while he returned to school. He and his wife Jenny decided to tough it out despite needed home repairs and their third ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: There is nothing quite like watching a US Navy

ship pull into port and seeing the excited family

members ready to welcome their sailors home.

Jenny took care of the house and two kids for six months

while her husband Wally was deployed.

Now that he's home, they do lots of fun things

together to give them time to reconnect as a family

while they anticipate the birth of their third child.

Wally is quick to praise Jenny for all she does.

Being a military wife is the hardest job.

Being a full-time mom, being a full-time dad when I'm gone.

That makes a whole world of difference in how

I go about doing what I do.

It's always encouraging that he

thinks that what I'm doing at home

is as important as what he's doing.

It helps that we both understand that what

we're doing when we're not together

is equally as important and just as hard.

NARRATOR: Wally is a Navy chaplain's assistant,

but recently he felt God calling him to be a chaplain.

To do that, he'd have to leave the Navy and go to school

to earn his divinity degree, and then

rejoin the Navy as a chaplain.

But it would take a while before Wally's school benefits

would kick in, which meant no paycheck for a few months.

But the couple felt God calling them to move forward.

They would need to put some important things on hold.

Their dishwasher was broken and their backyard fence

was a hazard.

Plus their daughter was starting school

in the fall and needed clothes and school supplies.

The couple sat down to budget.

On paper, it wouldn't be enough.

But Wally and Jenny had faith.

If God is sufficient, then He's provided for us here now

and then He will eventually provide more.

NARRATOR: CBN's Helping the Home Front heard about the couple's

story and wanted to help.

Their pastor, Trace Martinez, told them the good news.

When I shared the need that you guys had

based on your decision to follow after the Lord,

they said, how can we help?

And so--

NARRATOR: Pastor Trace told them CBN

would cover their mortgage until Wally's benefits kicked in.

We would also buy them a new dishwasher and fix the fence.

Pretty amazing, right?


TRACE: You talk about just wanting

to see God's faithfulness and you stepping out and then

seeing it happening before your eyes.

This is it.

But there's more.

They are going to help you in terms

of providing groceries for your family in the form of $1,000.


Oh God.

TRACE: There's still one more thing

that they would like to do, and I

think this is just really neat.

They realize that Abigail is starting school this fall,

and then that there is a new little one on the way.

And so they are going to take you shopping

and buy school supplies, baby supplies, whatever you need.

$600 worth of provisions to meet that need.

They want to help get you set up for success, come the fall,

come the new baby.

I am extremely grateful.

It feels like a huge burden has just been lifted off

of our shoulders.

NARRATOR: CBN and took the family shopping

to buy clothes for the kids and items for the baby.

Then Wally and Jenny picked out a dishwasher,

and chose the design of their backyard fence.

The work was complete in time to welcome their new daughter

into the family.

Wally can now focus on his studies

as he looks forward to rejoining the Navy as a chaplain.

We wouldn't have been able to do this without the help of CBN

so I'm just very, very grateful.


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