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“Mama. Our House Has No Jesus!”

Six-year-old Hom Dang started attending a Sunday school class at a Christian church near his home in Thailand where the vast majority of the people are Buddhists. One day he surprised his parents with a life-changing observation. Read Transcript


REPORTER: Recently, six-year-old Han Dang

started attending a Sunday school

class at a Christian church near his home in Thailand.

There's a big reason he keeps coming back--


His favorite episode so far?

The story of Abraham and Isaac.

INTERPRETER: I saw when the man was about to kill his son,

and God stopped him.

God said, do not touch the boy.

It's just a test.

REPORTER: 94% of the people of Thailand

are Buddhists, including Han Dang's family.

But the boy's father doesn't mind his son attending church.

In fact, he walks him there and drops him off every Sunday.

INTERPRETER: I'm not against him go.

I know if my son goes to church and has something to hold onto,

I think that it's a good thing.

REPORTER: As he attends, he's learned

more about Jesus and the Bible.

This is his teacher, Miss Teriga.

INTERPRETER: One day we were talking about Jesus,

and I asked Han Dang, would you like to be in Jesus' family?

He said he was ready.

In my prayer I said I wanted Jesus to come in my heart.

I prayed to be a Christian kid.

REPORTER: And Miss Teriga reported

that he's taken what he's learned home to his parents.

INTERPRETER: He told me when he went home one day,

he said, Mama, our house has no Jesus,

but Jesus is at my teacher's house and at church.

Sometimes he says, mom, Jesus is real, you know.

You must have faith.

He always invites us to church on Sunday.

REPORTER: Meanwhile, parents are beginning

to attend Superbook classes, too.

INTERPRETER: The adults, when they

bring their kids, some of them sit in and join the class.

It's not just the cartoons.

They stay for the Bible lesson, too.

I'd like to thank you for Superbook.

You produce the best lessons for children.

I love my teacher and I love Superbook so much.

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