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Empty Stomach, Starving Brain

At 14, David had a rough life. He lost his home and parents in a typhoon and went to live with relatives. David was determined to make his own way and go to school, so he carried water jugs at 10 cents apiece. Find out how generous CBN partners ... Read Transcript

REPORTER: After a typhoon destroyed

their home and David lost his parents,

he went to live with his aunt, but she

struggled to provide for them.

David did odd jobs around the community

for food and a few coins.

INTERPRETER: I asked my neighbor if he could get me food

if I deliver the water to them.

Sometimes my neighbor asked me to fill six jugs.

One jug is worth $0.10.

REPORTER: David was still hungry,

even though he worked many hours a day delivering water,

so he dropped out of school.

INTERPRETER: When I went to school,

I could not concentrate.

My stomach was empty so my brain was empty too.

REPORTER: So CBN's Operation Blessing

invested in the young entrepreneur.

We gave him a bicycle taxi, which

provides a way to earn more money in less time.

David has now returned to school, and he and his aunt

have plenty to eat.

INTERPRETER: I am so happy that my aunt and I don't

have to worry about food and water any more.

Thank you.

You changed my life.


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