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News on The 700 Club: May 1, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 1: Trump builds coalition as security advisor warns of war with North Korea; The battle continues: President and media celebrate with dueling events, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

President Trump's national security adviser

says the United States must be ready for possible military

operations against North Korea.

That statement came after North Korea

tested another ballistic missile over the weekend.

The president is also inviting the leaders of other Pacific

nations to the White House to talk about standing firm

against the rogue regime.

George Thomas has the story.

GEORGE THOMAS: President Trump is reaching out to allies

in Asia, warning them that the world cannot accept a North

Korea with nuclear weapons.

Eventually, he will have a better delivery system,

and if that happens, we can't allow it to happen.

Trump spoke to the prime ministers

of Thailand and Singapore over the weekend,

urging them to put pressure on the rogue regime.

The calls come as the North tested

another ballistic missile early Saturday, though it blew up

seconds after launch.

Trump's national security adviser

accused North Korea of once again openly defying

the international community.

It may mean ratcheting up those sanctions even further,

and it also means being prepared for military operations

if necessary.

GEORGE THOMAS: Trump also talked with Philippines president

Rodrigo Duterte and invited him to the White House.

Duterte has been accused of committing crimes

against humanity for an anti-drug campaign that

has seen more than 8,000 killed since he

came into office last summer.

President Trump is facing criticism for inviting him,

but the administration says the move is necessary.

It doesn't mean that human rights don't matter,

but what it does mean is that the issues facing us developing

out of North Korea are so serious, that we need

cooperation at some level with as many partners in the area

as we can get to make sure that we have our ducks in a row.

GEORGE THOMAS: George Thomas, CBN News.

Please take this seriously, and please be in prayer

for peace in that region.

If we can put together a coalition

that'll put pressure on them to abandon a ballistic missile

program, then great.

But if we're looking at war, if that's where this is going,

then that will put the whole region,

the whole world in turmoil.

The number of artillery guns North Korea has

aimed at South Korea is literally overwhelming.

And the destruction any kind of conflict would bring

would be catastrophic.

So please be in prayer.

Here at home, President Trump broke

with a longstanding tradition this weekend.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


That's right, Gordon.

Presidents have long attended the White House Correspondents'

Dinner here in Washington.

But President Trump declined this year's invitation.

And while reporters dined together,

the president was far away at a rally with his supporters.

Jennifer Wishon brings us that story.

JENNIFER WISHON: The annual White House Correspondents'

Dinner in Washington was very different this year.

Instead of Hollywood stars, reporters and pundits

walked the red carpet.

And as storied journalists celebrated the First Amendment,

President Donald Trump rocked a patriotic rally in Pennsylvania

to mark his 100th day in office.




JENNIFER WISHON: Trump's absence at the dinner

was palpable, the first president

not to attend the event in more than three decades.

Media outlets like CNN and MSNBC are fake news.

JENNIFER WISHON: Journalists who spoke at the dinner sent him

a unified message.

We are not fake news.

We are not failing news organizations.

And we are not the enemy of the American people.

If the media's job is to be honest and tell the truth,

then I think we would all agree the media deserves a very, very

big fat failing grade.

JENNIFER WISHON: The public battle

between the president and press continues.

But despite that, the facts show that President Trump

is more accessible to the media than President Obama ever was.

And for that, the White House press corps is grateful.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

Thanks, Jennifer.

Lawmakers have agreed on a trillion dollar-plus

spending bill that avoids a government shutdown.

Republicans and Democrats reached the agreement

Sunday night.

Now it doesn't cut off taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood

or sanctuary cities, nor does it give the president

money for a border wall.

But it does provide more funding for the military.

Even though Republicans control Congress,

Democrats were able to win some concessions because Republicans

need eight votes from the Democrats

to pass the measure in the Senate.

The next budget battle will start up again this fall.


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