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Imagine No Mortgage, No Credit Card Debt, and No Car Loan

Jim and Mary are in a great place financially. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t faced serious struggles. Watch the strategy took them from financial fear to financial freedom. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Today, Jim and Mary Malden

have no mortgage, credit card debt, or car loans.

They believe it's because they obeyed God with their finances

throughout their lives.

I can remember on Sunday mornings

before going to church, that Dad would sit at the dining room

table after breakfast, write out the tithe check.

So I learned about tithing in church.

And it seemed like the more I shared, the more I had.

NARRATOR: But that didn't mean they didn't

face financial struggles.

When Mary was a part time school teacher,

she had a hard time paying the bills.

So she did the unthinkable.

She gave more, expecting God to increase her income.

The next school year, I had a 12 month contract position

instead of a nine month contract position.

There was the income.

And I did not go searching for that job, it found me.

NARRATOR: As an owner of a motor vehicle business,

Jim also ran into financial problems.

I'd start getting fearful.

And so I dropped the price of everything

I had trying to get a sale.

NARRATOR: Despite the lower prices,

Jim wasn't bringing in enough customers.

Then the Maldens heard messages at church and on "The 700 Club"

about tithing even during the hard times.

It was tough.

It's just like sometimes you kind of

have to bite the bullet, so to speak,

and you do what you know you're supposed to do, regardless

of how you feel about it.

NARRATOR: But business didn't pick up.

And finally it got to the point

that it was either trust God or die, you just shut the doors.

And I got serious with the Lord, and I asked what's going on.

So you're walking in fear and not trusting me.

So I repented and I went out and raised the prices on everything

on the lot, $1,000 $1,500.

And the doors opened, the Lord blessed us,

brought in the customers, we were

selling when no one else was.

NARRATOR: Over time, their giving increased.

One December, the Maldens saw story on "The 700 Club"

about a family that needed safe drinking water.

It really struck a chord with me,

because I had been a bush pilot in Central America flying


And we went into a lot of villages and stuff

that had no running water.

And it just breaks my heart to think about all the people

that walk for miles every day, their life revolves

around a gallon of water.

NARRATOR: Instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other,

the family pooled their money to sponsor a well.

MARY MALDEN: We are so blessed to give people fresh water.

NARRATOR: Jim and Mary know their gifts to CBN

not only help people all over the world,

it personally gives them a source of comfort and truth.

"700 Club" is a bright spot in the day.

I'll tune in just for the news, sometimes just for the--

I want to hear the real thing.

I don't want to h ear just sort of kind of, well maybe could've

and make it up as you go.

I like real news.

You just cannot outgive God.

There's no good reason to not give.

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