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To Grandma’s House for Food

Ahmue was pregnant; her husband in jail. With each passing month, she had more difficulty feeding her two children and keeping up with her crafts business. So they often visited grandma for meals. But a baby was coming. They needed more help. ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Going to Grandma's house for dinner

had become a regular thing for Amu and her kids.

They went because they were starving.

INTERPRETER: My parents have been so supportive.

They don't have much, but they share it with us.

I know they have lots of bills to pay, too.

NARRATOR: Amu makes crafts to sell at the market.

She learned she was pregnant just before her husband was

sent to jail on a drug charge.

GIRL: She's under a lot of stress.

I do chores and look after my brother to help out.

NARRATOR: During the last months of her pregnancy,

Amu could barely walk to the market,

and her craft supplies were nearly gone.

So CBN's Orphan's Promise helped in two ways.

First, we restocked her craft materials for the business.

Then when the baby was born, Orphan's Promise

covered hospital costs for the delivery-- about $200.

Finally, we gave Amu some formula and supplies

for her newborn.

INTERPRETER: We were in a very difficult season of our life,

and Orphan's Promise came just in time for us.

Today the baby is now a toddler and is doing well.

Amu's business continues to grow thanks to contracts

with local stores.

And occasionally, they even invite the grandparents

to their house for dinner.

GIRL: We always have food to eat.

We used to depend on my grandparents all the time.

I'm so glad that now we can help them.

AMU: Thank you, Orphan's Promise!

You have blessed my heart.


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