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Alcoholic Father Changed by Cartoon!

Chavoin paused at the front door when she heard yelling and glass breaking. This happened too often because of her dad’s drinking. When friends saw her crying, they invited her to see CBN’s Superbook in their village church. Chavoin learned ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Whenever [INAUDIBLE] came home from school,

she knew it was best to wait outside

until the shouting stopped.


INTERPRETER: My parents argued almost every day.

After they fought, I noticed the broken things inside our house.

NARRATOR: One day, some friends found [INAUDIBLE]

crying under a tree.

They invited her to watch "Superbook" with them

at a mission church in the village.


INTERPRETER: I saw the story of David and Goliath.

David was a boy who loved God.

With God's help, he fought the giant.

NARRATOR: At the end of the episode,

the pastor asked the children to pray

to receive Jesus as Savior.


INTERPRETER: "Superbook" taught me that I am a sinner,

but God loves me.

I asked him to forgive my sins.

I also prayed my dad would stop drinking.


NARRATOR: [INAUDIBLE] continued to pray.

She told her parents, who were Buddhist,

about "Superbook" and the Bible.


INTERPRETER: God gave me the courage

to talk to my dad about his drinking.

I said Daddy, God will forgive you.

INTERPRETER: I went to church with [INAUDIBLE].

I watched many "Superbook" episodes and learned about God.

I prayed to become a Christian.

INTERPRETER: After my husband trusted in Jesus, he changed.

He doesn't drink anymore.

He is loving and kind to our family.

INTERPRETER: Thanks to "Superbook,"

my parents, sisters, and brothers

know Jesus, just like I do.

I'm so happy.

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