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What’s Your Emergency Financial Plan?

William’s plans for retirement were disrupted when his wife Peggy developed Alzheimer’s. He found a new and better way to handle their finances. See what William did that helped them in their time of need. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: After working as a plant

manager for nearly 40 years, William Roy

was looking forward to retirement.

But in 2013, those plans were put on hold

after his wife, Peggy, developed Alzheimer's, and later died.

During those years of uncertainty,

William became anxious about their financial future.

It became apparent that I'm not going

to be able to complete my plan.

I'm going to have to retire a year earlier than I thought,

so I can be home and be with her, and not have to work.

NARRATOR: William knew he needed a new financial plan that

would provide the best medical care for his wife,

and adequate income for the future.

As a Christian he had heard about the principle of tithing,

but he never put it into practice.

Now he decided it was time to give it a try.

All that money that I earned in the past,

I should have been tithing for to show my appreciation,

and to help others.

It wasn't until my wife got sick that all of a sudden that

shook me for the first time.

NARRATOR: So William began to tithe,

and he also became a CBN partner.

I had, really, a strong appreciation for what they do.

He's helping their little farm to flourish.

NARRATOR: CBN fills people's souls,

but it fills their stomachs first.

It's a full service organization.

William says it wasn't long before he saw changes.

The company told me that they were

going to significantly increase a stock option that I had.

But when I received the offer for the shares,

they were trading in the $30 range.

And by the end of the year, they were at $90.

So not only did I have more shares, the value of the shares


NARRATOR: The following year brought

more unexpected blessings.

When his company doubled their profits,

William was given a double sized bonus to match.

I ended up, on 2015, being the highest earnings that I had

ever had any time in my life.

NARRATOR: The following year, William's income

increased again.

All of this enabled him to retire securely,

and then to care for his wife Peggy at home for a full year

before she died.

I started tithing because of the promise the Lord made.

The Lord said he would do it, and he did it.

But what I didn't expect was the comfort

that I got, the peace of mind.

I never actually missed the money,

and I gained so much more.


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