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The Flood Left Her Nothing...

Maria wept as she watched the floodwaters take her home and possessions. She had no place to live, and no drinking water. She could only cry by the roadside, “Water! Water!” No one answered—until friends like you responded with love and ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: When the floodwaters came to her house,

Maria watched from her roof as all her earthly possessions

were destroyed.


INTERPRETER: So many things were destroyed.

The only thing we could do was save ourselves.

NARRATOR: Torrential rainfall across Peru

over the past few months has led to severe flooding

and mudslides, leaving tens of thousands without power,

running water, and often without even a place to sleep.

Maria, her 9-year-old son, and elderly parents

now sleep on the floor since their beds

were washed away by the river.


INTERPRETER: Sometimes, you can't go on anymore.

But then I think of my son.

He's the reason I live and I think I

have to keep fighting for him.

NARRATOR: The sole provider for her family

since her husband died four years ago, Maria

tried to pick up the pieces after the waters subsided

and keep her family alive.

With no source of clean water, they

were forced to beg on the side of the road,

hoping someone would bring them some water to drink.


INTERPRETER: Cars passed by and we would say water, water,

but they didn't give us any.

Then some people from CBN found us with our bucket

and they said, let's go to the church.

There is water there.

NARRATOR: CBN had arrived earlier that day.

At a nearby church, we installed water purifiers,

which created thousands of gallons of drinking water

for this devastated community.

After Maria and her family received some water,

we heard about their situation and how

their beds had been destroyed.

So we decided to do something more

for this hardworking mother and her parents.

CBN surprised Maria with new beds, a mosquito net,

insect repellent, and an in-home water filter.


INTERPRETER: It warmed my heart.

Thank you.

Thank you for helping us.

Thank you and God bless you.

NARRATOR: With one less thing to worry about,

Maria can now focus on getting her family back on their feet

and moving forward.


INTERPRETER: I am always thinking work--

get the things we need and keep going.

This won't be an obstacle for us because I

am going to work even harder to be able to come out of this.

Thank you so much.

You are going to be very blessed.



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