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When Hard Work Isn’t Enough

In their 15 years of marriage, Tim, Vikki and their four children have remained close despite health problems, lay-offs, and a move that caused them to lose nearly all they had. With more bills piling up and a limited income, this family was ... ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Tim and Vicki Ray and their four children

enjoy every moment of family time they can.

TIM RAY: We love going to the park.

We like playing sports together.

We get out and then we have a lot of fun.

NARRATOR: Tim works long hours driving an 18-wheeler.

VICKI RAY: I love my husband a lot

and I'm thankful for that man every day.

You know, he's a hard worker.

Never met a man that was so determined

to work and make sure he could support his family.

NARRATOR: When Tim's hours at work were drastically cut,

the family ran out of options.

And for a while, the only place they had to live

was a small camping tent.

It can be tough times and you don't

know what you're going to do.

We just have to look forward and keep going on.

NARRATOR: With each struggle, the Rays have leaned on God.

GIRL: I learned that you can't look at the down,

you have to look at the up in life, when

you're like on the down times.

There's times that we don't know where we're going.

Have money to wash clothes.

We've had to sit down and either pay a bill or eat.

NARRATOR: The Ray family says they experienced

God's provision through Operation Blessing

partner, Joseph's Storehouse.

VICKI RAY: Seeing the wheelbarrows come out the door

to the car and seeing how much food that they give

is just like, wow.

I mean, that's like way more than you can get

into a little shopping cart.

It was really a blessing.

And my kids, their eyes were just like, oh, my gosh.

Operation Blessing and Joseph's Storehouse

has helped us out a ton.

You don't have to worry about some groceries a month--

that little bit and it makes a huge difference.

It helps.

VICKI RAY: People that are able to donate and give

to Operation Blessing and Joseph's Storehouse,

I think it is an amazing thing that you're doing that

because what you're doing--

you're not just giving.

You're showing them the love of God through your gift to them.



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