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Sick From Foul-Smelling Water

When the only drinking water smells like dung, expect the worst. Eleven-year-old David carried water twice a day for his family in Cambodia, and he got sick often. Everyone knew why. They had no choice but to continue drinking the bad water. ... Read Transcript

As the oldest child, 11-year-old David always helps

out when his parents need him.

INTERPRETER: He's such a good boy.

Sometimes he made food for us when we came back

from working on the farm.

We loved him so much.

But David got sick a lot.

INTERPRETER: He gets a fever and chills and terrible stomach


Sometimes I took him to the hospital.

I was afraid David would die.

Everyone knew David got sick from drinking water

from this stagnant pond where he collected it for his family.

He said he could tell by the smell that something was wrong.

INTERPRETER: The water smells like dung and fertilizer.

I am afraid to drink it, but it's all that we had.

And then there's the mile and a half walk with a heavy water


INTERPRETER: I collect water twice a day.

My hands and neck hurts so much by the time I get home.

So CBN came to David's village and dug a well for them.

INTERPRETER: The water tastes good.

It's so fresh and clean.

I love drinking it.

And because of the abundant water supply,

David has been able to help his parents plant a garden.

INTERPRETER: I grow and plant lettuce and other vegetables.

INTERPRETER: I'm so grateful for the well and for the vegetable


Thank you very much, CBN, for the well.


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