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Husband Abandons Christian Wife

Grace’s husband walked out because she was a Christian, leaving her with a newborn son. For years she worked menial jobs and remained in desperate poverty. Grace longed to be able to properly support her son David. She couldn’t even afford ... Read Transcript

Joseph's father abandoned his family

when his mother grace became a Christian.

INTERPRETER: He never liked me attending church and following


We always fought about it.

And after my son was born, he left us.

For eight years, she worked as a maid at several homes.

She struggled to provide for herself and Joseph.

INTERPRETER: I come home from school,

I usually have nothing to eat.

I have no toys to play with.

Many times, when my mother and I just sit and cry.

They pray to Jesus for a better job.

Then Grace's pastor told her about a sewing course

offered by CBN.

After completing the six month course,

CBN gave everyone brand new sewing machines.

INTERPRETER: By stitching blouses and dresses,

I can earn enough money to take care of my son.

We also gave Joseph a gift.

INTERPRETER: Before, I had toys to play with.

But now you gave me a toy care.

Joseph get something else he never had--

hot meals after school.

INTERPRETER: I give thanks to God

for giving CBN a heart to help us.

Because of your help, I am happy earning money by sewing.

Thank you, CBN.


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