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News on The 700 Club: May 3, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 3: How Obama tossed a pile foreign policy hand grenades to Trump; Hamas calls for Israel's annihilation as Abbas meets Trump, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to the "700 Club."

President Trump's campaign focused mainly

on domestic issues, like the economy

and illegal immigration.

But in his first few months in the White House,

he's facing serious international problems

from Syria to North Korea.

So now the president's reaching out

to leaders around the world to help prevent these crises

from turning into wars.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: The Kremlin says Russian president Vladimir

Putin and President Trump agreed during a phone call

to step up US-Russian diplomatic efforts on Syria.

It could signal a thaw after some, including the president,

have said relations between Moscow and Washington

are at an all-time low.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Saudi Arabia--

Well, it was a very constructive call that the two

presidents had-- a very, very fulsome call,

a lot of detailed exchanges.

So we'll see where we go from here.

DALE HURD: The White House said the two leaders discussed

setting up safe zones in Syria.

The US is also working with China

on a stronger UN Security Council response to North

Korea, including sanctions.

After Pyongyang's repeated ballistic missile launches,

the most recent missile test on Friday failed.

And Congress has passed legislation

that would intensify financial pressure on the north.

Military pressure is also being brought to bear.

US Air Force B-1 bombers have conducted

what are called presence missions

near the Korean peninsula twice in the past two weeks

in a move designed to show North Korean leader Kim

Jong-un what he's up against.

A THAAD-- Terminal High Altitude Area Defense-- missile system

is now operational in South Korea.

That angers China, which sees it as a threat to its security.

And Beijing has demanded its removal.

It's even triggered protest by some South Koreans, the people

it was sent to defend.

The Trump administration has been

greeted by so many foreign policy crises in its first 100

days, one political cartoon shows Barack Obama

tossing President Trump a foreign policy hand grenade.

In addition to North Korea and Syria,

there's also Iran's nuclear program and ISIS.

And none of them look to be resolved anytime soon.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Well, President Trump is meeting

with another foreign leader today--

the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


Thanks, Gordon.

The president will press Abbas on a key issue

to stop sending payments to the families of Palestinians who

are in prison for attacks against Israelis.

Republican senators and others in Congress argue that the US

cannot treat the Palestinians as a peace partner,

as long as they reward terrorists.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

is also urging Palestinians to stop funding terrorists that

kill Israelis.

But Abbas is unlikely to stop the payments.

Trump and Abbas will also discuss

other issues involving peace between the Palestinians

and Israelis.

Well, President Trump promised to move

the US Embassy in Israel on the campaign trail last year.

Now Vice President Pence says the commander in chief

is looking into that idea.

The President of the United States, as we speak,

is giving serious consideration to moving the American Embassy

in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

JOHN JESSUP: But moving the embassy to Jerusalem

has serious political implications.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem as a future capital

of their own state.

Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 during the Six Day War.

Well, UNESCO-- the United Nations Educational Scientific

and Cultural Organization-- passed a resolution Tuesday

that disavows Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Netanyahu called the move absurd

and pointed out that fewer countries supported the motion

this time than have gone along with similar moves in the past.

Netanyahu worked with several countries

to oppose the resolution.

The United States was one of the nations voting against it.

A vote was taken on Israel celebration

of its 69th Independence Day.

Now last week, all 100 US senators

signed a letter to the United Nations Secretary General,

urging him, Gordon, to improve the UN's treatment of Israel.

Well, I'm not expecting the UN to change

its posture towards Israel.

Just over the past two years, there

have been 20 resolutions condemning Israel, only three

condemning other nations.

And why is Israel such a target?

Well, you need to know the history.

You also need to know the Bible.

The Bible predicts that all nations

will gather against Jerusalem.

And we're seeing the beginnings of that.

The Bible also predicted that one day, Jerusalem

would no longer be trodden under the foot of the Gentile.

And that was fulfilled.

These are the words of Jesus.

That was fulfilled in 1967.

You need to know this history.

You need to know how the state of Israel came into being,

the modern state, how Jerusalem became, once again,

the unified capital of Israel.

And when you have that information,

when you look at today's headlines,

you'll be able to understand why--

why is this happening, why is it happening in face of the Bible,

why is it happening in the face of what Israel did in 1967?

And so to allow you to get this information,

we've got a wonderful movie for you.

It's called "in Our Hands--

the Battle for Jerusalem."

It will be available in theaters one day only on May 23.

And that's the day on the Jewish calendar when we celebrate

the reunification of Jerusalem.

So when you see these headlines--

what UNESCO is doing, what the Palestinian Authority is doing,

and what the UN is doing--

you'll know the real history of what happened in 1967.

So if you want more information, go to the website

There's a place where you can type in your zip code

and find a theater near you.


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