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Finding Love After Losing Everything

Maryann escaped a dysfunctional family through alcohol and joining the Air Force. She tried to find love in promiscuity, until she met a fighter pilot who refused her advances and changed her life instead. Read Transcript

My childhood growing up with an abusive dad and alcoholism,

if I could describe it in a weather

report it would be a tornado, unpredictable.

NARRATOR: Maryann McMellon's dad was

a raging alcoholic who beat her mom

and threatened them with guns.

The police would come often because it was always

another domestic violence case.

NARRATOR: Maryann was 12 when she picked up

her father's habits.

What compelled me to drink and what

was missing in my life was peace, was love.

I felt abandoned my entire life.

I felt like a mistake.

NARRATOR: Maryann's father died from cancer

when she was in high school, but she still

felt his influence on her life.

At 17, Maryann married a man just like him.

I know it's dysfunctional, but to me

the more control, the more abuse, meant the more love.

NARRATOR: After four years, they divorced

and Maryann joined the Air Force.

Even though it gave her stability and hope

for the future, she looked to men and alcohol

for what the military couldn't give her.

I went from bed to bed to find love.

The drinking, what didn't it do for me?

I was so numb.

I mean I drank till I blacked out.

NARRATOR: Then Maryann met Michael,

a fighter pilot who was also a Christian.

Unlike most of the men she pursued,

he refused her sexual advances.

Instead, he started sharing his faith in Christ

and taking her to church.

When I saw this light in him, that he wasn't like everyone

else, that he didn't have to drink,

and his value wasn't caught up in being a fighter pilot,

I realized that I wanted to know more about Jesus.

NARRATOR: Maryann was afraid to tell Michael about her past,

but her continual bouts with drunkenness

made it obvious to him that she was carrying some deep-seated


Something's got to give.

She was definitely someone who was just dying

for God in some way.

NARRATOR: Eventually Michael was transferred to Arizona.

Then, a few months later, Maryann went to Phoenix

for a friend's wedding.

She visited Michael ready to share her story.

Michael immediately thought her life

resonated with the book of Job.

Why the book of Job?

Because as she's telling me all this,

to me it was instantaneously a match for poor Job

who just lost it all.

NARRATOR: As Mike began to read the story to her,

neither of them had any idea how their lives would change.

My heart was racing.

My body felt like it was on fire.

And the Word of God was alive.

God began to speak to me almost with his own voice.

And in that moment I said, forgive me, Father, for I

have questioned you my entire life.

But just like at the end of Job, Job said that today I know You.

Everything was made new in that moment.

And I was crying, because I was so happy.

It was like I could breathe.

I felt free.

I felt alive like what is this?

I've never felt this in my life.

No amount of drinking, no amount of getting high,

has ever been able to compare to this love.

NARRATOR: At that moment, Maryann

surrendered her heart to Jesus.

When I repented and gave my life to God

and I asked for Him to forgive me

of all of that vile background, He delivered me miraculously

from alcohol.

NARRATOR: Two weeks later, Mike did

something he wanted to do since she gave her life to Christ,

propose to Maryann.

They say at that moment, God gave them a sign of promise.

This massive rainbow immediately came out.

I'm like, OK.

OK God, this is good.

This is funny.

I couldn't arrange for this.

This is all right.

I had no reservation.

I just floated on down, and I couldn't

wait to be Mrs. McMellon.

I couldn't wait to be one with him.

I couldn't wait to start our journey together.

NARRATOR: Maryann has been sober for 17 years.

Today the McMellons have two children,

and they started a ministry called Broken No More.

Maryann has written a book about her life

to help lead others to freedom in Christ.

My identity is no longer poor alcoholic, damaged goods.

My identity is, I am born of God and the evil one

can't touch me.

But there is a God who loves you more

and He doesn't see your sin.

He sees His blood.

You're not too damaged to reach out and touch

the same God who touched me.

All you have to do is ask the same God

who rescued me to rescue you.

And God will use what the enemy meant for evil for your good.

I promise.


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