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Newlywed and Deployed

Patrick and Cristina had been married just three weeks when he had to leave for six months of military service. There wasn’t time or money to furnish their home or to repair their truck. Their love and prayers helped them endure. But someone ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Newlyweds Patrick and Kristina

didn't have much time to settle into married life.

Patrick is an infantry soldier and was

scheduled to leave for six months

just three weeks after the wedding.

I'm very proud of him.

It takes a brave person to do what he does.

And it's scary that he's willing to sacrifice for the country

that he loves.

NARRATOR: Both of them say what really

sees them through is prayer.

When I'm deployed, I pray all the time.

I pray that she's safe.

I pray that he keeps me safe as well.

And I've found that he has been there several times.

God plays a big part in my life and in our relationship,

in keeping me strong.

He keeps me calm and he keeps me going.

NARRATOR: They also pray for their finances.

With Patrick on a Sergeant's salary and Kristina still

in school working only part-time,

they knew they wouldn't have much.

It didn't help that Patrick's truck needed repairs

and they didn't have money to fix it.

The newlyweds couldn't even afford

to buy furniture for their first apartment together.

If I can't get the household set up before I leave,

I don't want her sitting on the floor.

I want her to be set up.

I want her to not have any issues to worry about

except school and her job when I'm gone.

NARRATOR: The couple had attended premarital counseling

with ministry leaders, Donny and Michelle Bowen.

The Bowens knew about their financial stress

and contacted CBN's Helping the Home Front.

We started planning.

Donny and Michelle invited the newlyweds to their home

and started by telling them CBN would fix Patrick's truck.

That's great.

DONNY: It kind of helps, huh?

Yeah, that's going to basically fix everything.

NARRATOR: And there was more.

Helping the Home Front is also going

to take you to Ashley Furniture and bless you all with--

bless you all with some furniture.

So as a newlywed couple going into a deployment,

you can maybe put that money into savings.

You got yourself a home.


DONNY: Isn't that awesome?


That's awesome.

NARRATOR: After arranging to fix the truck,

they went to Ashley Home Furniture

to pick out what they needed.

Ashley's was happy to give CBN a big discount.

The newlyweds settled into their new home before Patrick left.

I am very much grateful to CBN for doing

this for the families that have to go through things like this.

It's a wonderful blessing.

And I hope that they continue to do it.


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