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“Fix Your House, or Lose Your Kids!”

After Lilya lost her husband, she worked long hours caring for her three kids. Meanwhile, their house was falling apart, and soon it was without heat, electricity, and running water. Government social workers in this Eastern European country ... ... Read Transcript

[INAUDIBLE] and her three children live in Transnistria,

near Moldova.

They work hard to keep their small home tidy

and their garden well-tended.

They're just happy to be together because not long ago

they were almost torn apart.

They wanted to take us away from our mother.

It had only been a few months since Leila

and her children had faced another tragic loss.

When my husband died, I did not want to leave.

[INAUDIBLE] struggled to support her family,

and her home fell into disrepair.

They had no heat, no electricity,

and no running water.

But despite their desperate living conditions,

[INAUDIBLE] children remained devoted to her.

She is my mother.

She gave us life.

I love her very, very much.

I only wanted one thing, that my kids

would be near me, that they could go to school

and live normally.

Government social workers heard about the family's living

conditions and came with an ultimatum,

make improvements in one week, or we will take your children.

I was so afraid that I would lose my mother forever.

That's when CBN's Orphan's Promise stepped in.

We heard about [INAUDIBLE] and her children

from a local church partner in our Keeping Families Together


We began the needed repairs to [INAUDIBLE] house immediately.

They help us to make repairs.

They brought seeds and all the tools

we needed to plant a garden.

They gave us food as we wait for our garden to grow

and two piglets.

We also repaired their oven and fence

and connected their house to clean running water.

And to ensure that their home will never

be lost to foreclosure, we helped provide the funds

to pay it off completely.

Oh, thank you.

It's ours now.

I will get more opportunities for work.

Thank you very much for everything.


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