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Make Living Debt-Free a Reality

After her first marriage ended, Brenda couldn’t afford to pay her bills and mortgage. She followed a financial strategy that brought her through hard times. She is now debt free. Learn her secret. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Brenda Warner Katcherin decided long ago

she would be a cheerful giver, not just of her time,

but her money as well.

I get joy out of giving.

I get a blessing out of giving.

The blessings are far worth it all because God is faithful.

And He says, "Give, and it will be given back to you,

pressed down and running over."

And it has been running over.

NARRATOR: It's a lesson she learned firsthand.

Brenda recalls a time after her first marriage ended

and with her pay as a nurse, she couldn't

afford to pay her bills, especially her mortgage.

However, she remained faithful in her giving.

The Lord started bringing private duty patients to me.

It was a blessing to be able to come into someone's home

and give them a hug and tell them that God loves them.

And I was bringing in $5,000 to $6,000 a month

besides my paycheck.

And I continue to tithe.

I never ever stop tithing.

NARRATOR: And Brenda's income kept growing.

God did prove himself many times over.

So I knew being alone that my Heavenly Father,

and He did speak to me and tell me that He was my source,

not any man, not any job.

And I stood on faith and believing, and He did.

My home was paid for in 10 years debt-free.

I'm still debt-free.

NARRATOR: Brenda has always loved watching The 700 Club,

so in 2008, she became a CBN Partner.

They bring the word of God to the people

and showing the outreach ministries

that the feeding of the people and the digging of the wells.

I know in my heart that they're doing God's will.

NARRATOR: Brenda retired in 2013, then a year later,

she married Jerry, who also loves to give.

I think the very first thing that I did recognize in her

that she did love the Lord as well as I

and that's hard to find in a partner.

NARRATOR: Brenda may no longer be helping others as a nurse,

but as a CBN Partner, she's helping people

around the world.

Well, God tells us to do unto others and to feed the hungry

and help the needy.

And I truly feel that the 700 Club does this.

And not only to help them, but to be a witness to others

of the goodness of the Lord.


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