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4 Years in a Refugee Camp

Mona is just 9, but has been a refugee in Southern Lebanon for over four years. Her family fled Syria after bombs destroyed their home. They had nothing to eat. But in the midst of misery is hope. See why Mona and her family are thanking you! Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Mona is only nine years old,

but she and her younger siblings have

been refugees in southern Lebanon

for more than four years.

Her family left Syria for survival

after their home was destroyed by bombs.

We ran from house to house to avoid the explosions.

I couldn't bear the thought of seeing my children killed.

We came to Lebanon to save their lives.

NARRATOR: When I met Mona's family,

they told me her father tiles floors when work is available.

But he recently had a motorcycle accident

and won't be able to work for weeks.

It was hard before, and now it's even more difficult.

There have been many days when we had no food to eat.

NARRATOR: So CBN's Orphan's Promise and Heart

for Lebanon invited Mona's family

to our food distribution.

We give them and thousands of other refugees

enough food to last a whole family until next month's


It's a very happy moment every time

we receive the food portions.

My children love the good meals.

NARRATOR: Mona and her brother and sister

also go to our Hope Center now, a school for refugee children

where they study math, Arabic, and English

in a safe, Christian environment.

I'm so happy they are in this school

because the teachers are very kind.

There is a big difference between this school

and the public schools where they hit the children.

I like it here a lot because we

get to learn things in a calm, quiet way

and it's much easier to focus.

It's fun.

NARRATOR: We also show the students "Superbook" in Arabic

and talk to them about the love of Jesus Christ.

We learn that Jesus saves the world from sin and protects us.

I like to go home and tell my parents

what I learned about the differences

between good and bad things.

I have no problem at all sending my children

to a Christian school, especially since they

are very happy there.

That's so important to me.

NARRATOR: And kids aren't the only people we teach.

In the middle of refugee communities

where almost everybody is Muslim,

we're holding Bible studies.

It's really nice to know that Christians are thinking of us.

I'm so thankful for all you have done.

I want to thank all the wonderful people who

are supporting us and making it so we can go to this school.


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