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Home Alone Night and Day

Sergio lived alone in a ramshackle hut in Peru waiting for his mom to return from work on weekends. The 10-year-old was always hungry and afraid because he had no water, electricity or locks on the door. Sergio visited the garbage dump to forage ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: 10-Year-old Sergio is home alone five nights a week.

He sleeps in this hut built by his mother.

There's no electricity, no running water, and no locks

to keep out intruders.

One night when I was falling asleep someone came in.

I think he got scared when he heard me sit up.

I was terrified that he would come back and hurt me.

NARRATOR: Sergio is also hungry.

He lives next to a garbage dump where he sometimes

has to search for food.

I look for anything that didn't smell bad,

but sometimes the things I eat make me throw up.

NARRATOR: Sergio waits at the window Saturday mornings.

It's the day his mom, Luz, returns from a week working

away from the house.

She makes charcoal by hand and earns less than $1 a day.

My mom is a fighter woman who never gives up.

I love my mom.

She's so good and helps me in everything.

NARRATOR: Operation Blessing first met Sergio at his school

where we gave him some new shoes.

That's where we learned that he lived alone during the week

and that his mom worked far from home.

So we trained Luce how to run a business,

then we gave her a cart and everything

needed to sell food and snacks.

This new business will allow me to earn money and take

better care of Sergio.

NARRATOR: Then we built the family a new house with a door

and lock and gave Sergio a new bed, something

he's never had before.

Thank you, Operation Blessing.

You gave me a safe place and new bed.

And my mom now lives here everyday with me.

You are the best.


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