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When Bullying Makes Hate Grow

This time he would teach those bullies a lesson for calling him “pig.” Enxu’s anger boiled over. He fought back so hard that he was expelled from school. His hatred simmered at home while his parents prayed for him. Amazingly, Enxu learned ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Enxu dreaded going to school

because his classmates bullied him.

INTERPRETER: I'm the heaviest kid at school.

So people always laughed at me and called me a pig.

NARRATOR: When the bullying got extreme, he lost his temper

and fought back.

INTERPRETER: He came running my way, yelling,

I'm going to kill him!

NARRATOR: While the other children

were reprimanded for calling him names,

Enxu was expelled for fighting.

At home, his outbursts of anger just got worse.


God, please help Enxu.

NARRATOR: Then he saw an episode of "Superbook" at church.

INTERPRETER: After that, I understood

that hating our brother in my heart

was just like killing him.

So I prayed, Lord, please forgive me.

I was wrong.

NARRATOR: Enxu apologized to the boy he'd fought with.

INTERPRETER: I told him I was sorry.

Now we have a great friendship.

NARRATOR: Enxu's attitude changed

so much that today he's accepted and has lots of friends.

INTERPRETER: I have peace in my heart.

I want to share "Superbook" with everyone.

INTERPRETER: I never thought a cartoon could

make such a difference in someone's life,

but "Superbook" did.

So I told Enxu that I wanted to watch "Superbook" too.

And he gave me a "Superbook" website.

INTERPRETER: I hope this information will

help many more Chinese children and families know

the truth of the Bible and help them

just like it helped my son.

INTERPRETER: The stories from "Superbook" changed my life.

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