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They called him “Monkey Face”

Chinna endured the shame of cleft lip since birth. At age 7, his parents left him in the care of his grandparents. Now he’s 12 and asking, “What sin did I commit to deserve this?” Thanks to CBN partners, there’s now hope for kids like ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Chinna's parents told him

that he had to stay with his grandparents

while they looked for a way to pay for his cleft lip surgery,

but they never returned.

He always asks us, "What sin did I commit?

Will you ever be able to get my surgery done?"

NARRATOR: Chinna's grandfather couldn't

afford to pay for the surgery.

But what hurt him the most was when

Chinna dropped out of school because

of the constant teasing.

When I went to school, the kids

kept calling me monkey face.

They would say, "If you touch us,

we will also become like you."

NARRATOR: Then, a neighbor whose son

was given a free cleft lip surgery by CBN

told us about Chinna.

We gave Chinna the good news that he would also

get a free operation.

Not long after the surgery, we visited Chinna and found out

that he had returned to school.

Now I'm very happy.

I look normal, like all the other kids.

It feels good knowing that he's doing well in school.

NARRATOR: CBN also wanted to help Chinna's grandparents make

a better income, so we gave them some goats.

We will breed and multiply the goats.

I will be able to provide for my family

and buy my grandson new clothes, books, and anything else

he needs for school.

You give me a free surgery for my lip

and my grandparents the goats.

Thank you very much.


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