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News on The 700 Club: May 4, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 4: Today's Obamacare showdown: 5 big things you need to know; Trump to Abbas: P.A. leaders must 'speak in a unified voice against incitement,' and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome to the "700 Club."

President Trump could see a major victory in Congress


Republican leaders are set to vote

on their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The vote is expected to be close.

And it comes after long negotiations,

including talks between conservatives and moderates.

Heather Sells has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: Six weeks after health care appeared dead

in Washington, it's come to life again.

What helped?

Face-to-face lobbying by the president and a last minute


Two Republican congressmen brought the measure.

It will help cover preexisting conditions by giving states

$8 billion over five years.

With this addition that we brought to the president

and sold him on in over an hour meeting in here with him,

there were both yeses on the bill.

HEATHER SELLS: The new bill eliminates Obamacare tax

penalties on those who don't buy health care.

It also cuts Medicaid for low-income people

and lets states impose work requirements on them.

It keeps the requirement that family policies include

children until age 26, and it blocks federal payments

to Planned Parenthood for one year.

Not surprisingly, every Democrat is expected to oppose the bill.

This is deadly.

This is deadly.

Trumpcare means heart-stopping premium increases

for Americans.

HEATHER SELLS: Major medical groups,

like the American Medical Association,

are attacking the bill, concerned

about loss of coverage.

House members will have to vote with a number of questions

still up in the air.

That's because a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget

Office is not yet available, although such estimates haven't

been accurate in the past.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

Well, in other news, President Trump

is set to fulfill a campaign promise today.

He's set to sign an executive order

to protect religious liberties.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News Bureau

in Washington.


Thanks, Gordon.

And that order addresses a variety

of issues that fall under the umbrella of religious freedom,

including the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits churches

and nonprofit organizations from supporting or opposing

political candidates.

The order will tell the IRS to use maximum discretion

on the rule, which would open the door for the agency

not to enforce it.

It will also offer what it calls regulatory relief to groups

who don't want to provide contraceptive coverage because

of religious objections.

We'll have a full report on the order on tomorrow's "700 Club."

The president's executive order coincides with the National Day

of Prayer.

And you can find an interview with Day of Prayer Chair Anne

Graham Lotz about her prayer for the nation on

Well, President Trump is moving forward with plans to broker

what he calls the ultimate deal, peace in the Middle East.

He met with his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas

at the White House yesterday.

But there are still a wide range of difficult issues involved,

including the status of Jerusalem.

Jennifer Wishon brings us that story.

JENNIFER WISHON: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

arrived at the White House without the usual fanfare

afforded visiting heads of state.

Weakened by rivals back home, he was

anxious to meet with President Trump

and solidify his position as chief broker

for the Palestinians.

There can be no lasting peace unless the Palestinian leaders

speak in a unified voice against incitement

to violate and violence and hate.

There is such hatred.

But hopefully, there won't be such hatred for very long.

JENNIFER WISHON: Trump also raised concerns

about the Palestinian Authority sending payments

to the families of convicted terrorists in Israeli jails.

Abbas laid out his own demands.



it's about time for Israel to end its occupation

of our people and of our land after 50 years.

JENNIFER WISHON: President Trump will reportedly travel

to Israel later this month--

a trip that will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Six

Day War, leading some to speculate he'll

use the occasion to announce he's moving the US Embassy

from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

And from Jerusalem, CBN News reports this reaction

to the meeting.

What Israeli seemed to be looking for

is deeds, not words, in a number of areas.

For example, stop writing Western-backed checks

to terrorists and their families.

Stop naming public squares after people who blow up

Israeli women and children.

Stop using Palestinian textbooks as incitement against Israelis.

And stop using the UN for diplomatic war against Israel.

JENNIFER WISHON: President Trump says

he's eager to facilitate, mediate, and arbitrate a deal.

But ultimately, the solution must

come from the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, the White House.

Thanks, Jennifer.

Gordon, the president sounding optimistic about brokering

a deal.

Well, I don't share his optimism.

The Palestinians don't have any intention

of stopping their goal of driving Israel into the sea.

It's been their goal since 1948.

And you look back on all the different wars

that were all instigated by this hatred of the Jewish people.

They have said repeatedly, we want

to drive them into the sea.

These latest efforts are, frankly, just a smokescreen.

I, for one-- if you're talking about East Jerusalem--

you're talking about East Jerusalem going back

to the Palestinians--

you're talking about the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

You're talking about the Garden of Gethsemane.

You're talking about the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

So I, for one, don't want to see Hamas

in charge of those holy sites.

That would be unthinkable for me.

The last time there was a popular election in Gaza,

they elected Hamas to lead them.

That's why the Palestinian leadership is divided.

And if you want a terrorist group in charge

of East Jerusalem, no.

No way.

You need to know the history here.

You need to know the history of the foundation of Israel.

You need to know the history of the Six Day War.

And we have a special event for you coming up

on May 23, which, on the Jewish calendar,

is Jerusalem Reunification Day.

And in theaters across the nation,

we want to tell the story-- the real history of the Six Day

War, the real history of the paratroopers

who captured the Temple Mount and announce to the world,

the Temple Mount is in our hands.

So if you want to know the theater near you,

just go to, put in your zip code,

and you can find a theater near you.

Go get the history so you can understand today's headlines.


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