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Johnny Hunt: Demolishing Strongholds

Mega Church Pastor, Johnny Hunt, shares how to demolish spiritual strongholds so you move forward in God’s will. Read Transcript

The apostle Paul tells us to be ready for battle.

So why are so many Christians failing to engage the enemy?

Pastor Johnny Hunt says this is an enormous concern

and the stakes are high.

ANDREW: Johnny Hunt has made it a mission

to help people break strongholds.

Which he defines as any habit that has got a hold of you.

Johnny is the pastor of one of the largest

churches in the US, First Baptist

Church in Woodstock, Georgia.

He says to break the chains of addiction and bad habits,

we can't do it on our own.

In his book "Demolishing Strongholds",

he shares the secrets to breaking free

from destructive behavior.

Pastor Johnny Hunt joins us now.


Thank you very much, Andrew.

Good to be here.

It's such an important book.

And before we get into the nuts and bolts of this here,

I think it's important to say, you

know what it's like to be in bondage.


Before Christ was in your life.

Tell us about it.

I do.

Well, my dad checked out when I was seven years old.

My mother raised six of us in a government project.

There was lots of trouble to be involved in.

And so at a very young age, embarrassingly young,

I got involved in alcohol, later became an addiction.

Dropped out of school at 16, no purpose, direction, in life.

ANDREW: No hope for you.


Managed a pool room.

Really thought maybe I'd be a professional pool

player in the early days, and played the game well.

And then someone invited me to church when I was 20 years old.

Didn't own a Bible, didn't go to church as a kid, no background.

Didn't know the music.

And God really spoke to me through the gospel,

and my life was changed on January 7, 1973.

And then, I begin to have purpose and direction,

and sense that God want to do something with me.

You jumped in all the way.

I mean, from what we've talked about a bit,

your commitment was solid, quickly.

It was, Immediately, and began to share with my friends.

Everybody began to ask me what happened,

so I learned quickly to articulate my fate.

And within three years of my conversion,

I was pastoring my first church.

You have tremendous compassion and empathy

for men, women in bondage.

Why do you think so many Christians, men and women--

we don't live very differently than the world in some ways.

Why is that?

I think that-- the Bible says that make sure that you know

Satan's devices, and so he's very subtle.

And I believe people think that they are going to be OK,

and if they do even dabble in anything,

it's going to be sort of just out of curiosity.

And that's how the enemy draws us in.

ANDREW: I can control it.


The big word today is moderation.

Some people say moderation is the cure,

and Adrian Rogers would say that moderation was the cause,

because we begin to slide in.

ANDREW: So we sin in moderation?

Exactly, exactly.

Which sounds absurd.

You know, too, one thing people

have missed in the scriptures.

In Hebrews 12: 1, the Bible says let us lay aside

every weight and the sin.

And so, a weight can be legitimate,

but it can be that which leads and crosses over,

a gateway to the sin itself.

ANDREW: Interesting part of your book,

you mentioned to the reader, "Hey, I'm

not so sure Satan hates you so much, he hates God."

Exactly, exactly.

I believe that.

Because God wants to get glory through me, through the church.

So if He can, I'm glorifying God.

If not, the enemy steals that glory.

Which he attempted to do in Isaiah chapter 12.

He tried to exalt himself above God

and receive the glory that only God deserved.

And he continues to do the same thing.

You get specific in your book.

What is the triple play?

Triple play is, I really began to think

about what's the trilogy of man's greatest struggles.

And I believe it's pride, which would would number one,

it will lead to all the other sins.

Most insidious sin in the Bible.

ANDREW: It there starts.

Starts there.

And then I believe it is sex, as it pertains to lust;

money, as it pertains to greed.

We're in a spiritual battle, and some of us

may read about putting on the armor of God

and say, oh that's nice, maybe I'll

get into that at some point.

But you talk about how ridiculous

it would be for a soldier to enter battle

with nothing on but a smile.

And a lot of us try and live our lives that way.

Let me tell you something God showed me

about the armor of God.

The Bible teaches that there's three things you put on

and you never take off.

The language makes it clear.

And there's three that you take up and you do lay down.

For instance, when a soldier goes

to battle the very first thing he puts on

is the belt of truth.

The second thing he puts on his breastplate of righteousness,

and then his feet is sod with the preparation

of gospel peace.

At war, he never takes those three off.

Now he takes up the sword, takes up the helmet,

takes up the shield.

The very first thing to come off, when you're in battle

and you decide to give in, is the belt of truth.

You begin to live a lie.

You begin to tell your wife I was here

when you were really there.

I was watching this on television or internet

instead of this.

And so, if the enemy can get us to remove the belt of truth,

we will begin to live a lie.


A lot of us pray for victory.

And we're told it's OK to pray for victory.

You talk about victory in this book.

But you say instead of praying for victory,

we should pray for something else first.

JOHNNY HUNT: Obedience.


ANDREW: That's not a very fun way to pray.

If there is a key word in the Christian life,

it would be obedience.

It's not the truth you know, it's

the truth you obey that will make

the difference in your life.

We live in a day of knowledge, it's

at the touch of our finger.

Everyone knows this, knows that.

You talk to people, oh I know that, I know this.

But it's the truth you obey.

People that will go down in history

will be those that were known for what they did,

not for what they knew.

But yet, the emphasis is on, that man's brilliant.

But no wonder James would come back

with the practical teaching.

Be doers of the word, and the work, and not just hearers.

ANDREW: There are some people watching

who say this is an important subject matter

for other people, but I don't have these concerns in my life.

Is that dangerous?

The very first email I received

this morning was from a missionary's wife in Germany,

and she said, "I wish that women, everyone knew,

this book is not just for men."

The enemy is out to destroy all of us.

And especially anyone who desires to give God the glory.

Proverbs 6 teaches that sin pursues us.

It actually uses the word hunt, which translates 'an ambush'.

Anyone that really wants to bring glory to God,

there is a ambush set to try to bring them down.

If someone is deep into pornography or other sins,

other bondage, alcohol, drugs, etc.

sexual sin, where do they start?

I would take the wisdom of Solomon.

In Proverbs 28: 13, the Bible says, "He who covers his sin,"

there it is, covering it up, "will not prosper,

but whoever confesses," that's a start,

"but abandons shall have mercy."

In other words, God will not give them

what their sin deserve.

I believe that the first thing we ought to do

is confess it to God.

But I believe they ought to find a mature brother

or sister in Christ, and do the James 5:16.

Where the Bible says that we should confess our faults

one to another, pray one for another it might be healed.

When you bring another person in that loves Christ,

that will be your accountability partner.

And then on the computer, you can get Safe Eyes,

or that type of equipment, that every time you go to a site,

a friend is made aware of where you are.

And so it just depends on are you really

serious about breaking free?

If not, you'll stay in a cycle.

You'll hear a sermon.

You'll ask God forgive you.

I'll never do that again.

Forgive me.

Songs are written about it.

You know, I'll never go back.

And you just afirm that truth.

But you need someone to stand with you.

God never intended us to do Christianity alone.

That's why put us in the Body of Christ.

And so we should be working together,

and building each other up, and encouraging each other.

So we need strong accountability.

ANDREW: And don't believe the lie of the enemy

that you're too dirty for God to love you.


I love a song that really says, there's nothing too dirty

that He can't make worthy.

And what an encouragement, and it

ought to be encouragement to press in.

But we've got to get people to leave their place of isolation,

and get involved with other brothers and sisters.

ANDREW: Well it's a phenomenal book,

and the book is called "Demolishing Strongholds".

It's available now wherever books are sold.

Johnny Hunt, we thank you so much for being with us.

Thank you, Andrew.

Joy to be with you.

Real privilege.

We will be back with more after this.

Stay with us.


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