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News on The 700 Club: May 5, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 5: What Trump's religious freedom order does and where it falls short; Trump's first foreign trip taking him to Israel at 50th anniversary of Six-Day War, and more. Read Transcript


Well, welcome to the 700 Club.

President Trump says the government

has too often used its power against people of faith.

And he says that has to stop.

So he signed an executive order on religious freedom.

Many evangelical leaders praised the president's action.

But others say it doesn't go far enough.

CBN News White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon

brings us the story from Washington.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICE OVER): America's freedoms

come from God.

That was part of President Trump's message to faith

leaders gathered in the Rose Garden of the White House

for a first-of-its-kind kickoff to the National Day of Prayer.

Our president is a believer.

He loves his family, and he loves his country

with an unshakable faith in God and the American people.


marked the occasion by signing an executive order

to protect religious liberty.

We will not allow people of faith

to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICE OVER): The order does three things.

It states, "it's the policy of the executive branch

to vigorously enforce federal law's robust protections

for religious freedom."

It essentially orders the IRS to stop enforcing the Johnson

Amendment, which forbids churches and other non-profits

from supporting and endorsing candidates.

And it protects the conscience of employers

who don't want to provide contraception and abortion

inducing drugs on their insurance plans

that Obamacare mandated, employers

like the Little Sisters of the Poor

who sued the Obama administration.

We are giving our churches their voices back.

Many evangelical leaders who pushed Trump to

signed an executive order call the president's actions

an important first step.

However, the order is light on details,

falls short of what many had hoped for.

And some leaders admit they're disappointed.

The order leaves out workplace protections for Americans

who wish to follow their conscience at work,

like a baker who has a religious objection to making

a cake for a gay wedding.

It also fails to mention discrimination against people

of faith in the military.

"I encourage the administration to immediately take

concrete steps to ensure that people of faith

remain free to live out their faith,"

writes Oklahoma Senator James Lankford.

And the Alliance Defending Freedom

writes, "we encourage the president

to see his campaign promise through to completion."

But other leaders say the order combats

the hostility Christians have been facing.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure there's enough paper

in Washington D.C. to contain all of the attacks that were

launched on religious freedom under the Obama administration.


the White House.

Well, it's great to hear that this administration will

stop it.

And this is a great first step.

But we need to go all the way.

We need to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

We need to allow political speech, free speech,

regardless of whether it's in the pulpit

or in the public square.

And that is just part of being America.

Before 1954, pastors had that freedom.

They could either exercise it or choose not to exercise it

in their discretion without having

to worry that the tax exempt status of the church

was somehow at stake.

And so all these people saying, oh, we can't have this.

We need to have separation of church and state.

We need to go all the way back to the Revolution.

From the pulpit came the call "no King but Jesus."

And it's been a long history of political involvement

by our religious leaders.

And if you can't exercise free speech,

political speech, regardless of who you are,

are we really that free?

And the shackles need to come off.

And there are plenty of ways to protect

against inordinate sums being spent through non-profits,

and you can have a substantial or insubstantial test

on the amount of money.

But we need to move forward and replace and repeal

the Johnson Amendment.

In other news, the Senate will now

be taking up the Republican plan to repeal and replace


John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


And Gordon, Senate Republicans say

they'll come up with their own health care plan.

President Trump won a big victory

when the GOP plan narrowly passed the House Thursday.

Republican leaders say they know it will face changes

in the Senate.

And despite pessimism from many here in Washington,

the president believes the Senate will

approve a health care bill.

As much as we've come up with a really incredible health care

plan, this has brought the Republican Party together.

As far as I'm concerned, your premiums

are going to start to come down.

We're going to get this passed through the Senate.

I feel so confident.

If the Senate passes the bill, it

will have to be reconciled with the House measure.

And then both chambers would have

to vote on the final version.

Well, Trump's first international trip as president

will take him to Israel and the Vatican.

But his first stop will be in Saudi Arabia

at the end of the month.

The Saudi foreign minister says the visit will send a message

that the United States has no ill will

toward Muslim countries.

The president will also meet with the pope at the Vatican,

and he is forging strong ties with Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu.

The trip will put the president into the Middle East peace


Palestinians want to create a state that

includes East Jerusalem as its capital, which

the Israelis captured in the Six Day War in 1967.

Netanyahu has rejected the idea of giving up

East Jerusalem for the capital of a Palestinian state.

And Gordon, as you well know the anniversary of the Six

Day War is right around the corner.

It is, and we have a movie for you though will give you

the history of this--

how Israel faced extinction in 1967,

how they were stockpiling body bags, how

they dedicated the parks in Tel Aviv to be cemeteries.

They were expecting annihilation because they

were outnumbered by the Assyrians, the Jordanians,

and the Egyptians.

And they won a stunning victory in just six days.

And part of that when was the reunification of Jerusalem.

To understand today's headlines, you need to know the history.

And we've put it together for you on a one day event May 23,

which is Jerusalem Reunification Day.

You can see in our hands the Battle

for Jerusalem, the true story of that war--

the paratroopers who retook the Temple Mount

and declared to the world, "the Temple Mount is in our hands."

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is go to that web site, type

in your zip code, and you can see theaters near you.

There's also information on the site

how you can buy bulk tickets or a group can go.

Get informed.

You need to be informed in order to understand

what's going on today.


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