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Avoiding Surgery to Fix Unbearable Pain

Chris twisted her knee at work, and couldn't escape the pain for two months. Nothing helped, but she had faith that God would heal her without requiring surgery. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In April 2015, Chris Lowe

was at her job as a stocker in a retail store

when she felt something go wrong in her knee.

CHRIS LOWE: I was just walking.

And all of a sudden, my left leg twisted

inward and I stepped down.

And immediately I heard a sound that did not sound normal.

Like a [CRACK] sound, and immediately there

was severe pain right in this area of my knee.

NARRATOR: By the next day, Chris could barely walk.

Like a nauseating pain.

Just like-- It was just unreal, because every step I took,

it just throbbed.

NARRATOR: Chris continued working.

But for the next few weeks, wore a knee brace

and took over-the-counter pain medication

to make it through her shifts.

Sometimes I have to stock stuff

that's on the bottom shelf.

And getting down on my knees was an almost impossible task.

I would literally have to put my feet out in front of me,

sit down on the floor, use my hands to brace,

and then get down on the floor.

And there were times I actually had

to have an employee-- say, "Hey, can you get me up

off the floor?"

Because I couldn't do it under my own power.

NARRATOR: At home, her husband Darrell

helped take care of the house while Chris rested her knee.

Meanwhile, she kept putting off getting medical attention.

My worst case scenario was, "Am I

going to have to go to a doctor?

Am I going to have to have surgery?"

I kept thinking, "Lord, is this the day I call?"

And I thought, "No!

I'm not going to.

I'm not going to, I'm not."

I just didn't want to go through that.

I was afraid.

NARRATOR: Instead, she prayed for healing.

I kept saying, "Lord, I know you

are going to take care of this.

I know you are.

And I'm going to keep banging on the door

and banging on the door until you answer."

Because I believed that God was going to take

care of this thing one way or the other.

I just really did.

NARRATOR: And like she had been doing for years,

Chris watched The 700 Club almost every day.

When I would watch them pray, I would say, "Lord,

when are they going to mention knees?

Because I just know you are going to heal me.

I just know you are."

NARRATOR: Just two months after her injury,

Chris was listening in as Pat and Wendy prayed.

Somebody-- you've got a torn--

something torn in your knee.

And God-- it's very painful-- and God

is healing you right now.

Just receive it.

I said, "Yes, Lord.

This is mine.

I'm claiming it now."

My pain level before I heard the word of knowledge

was a 10-plus.

My pain level after the word of knowledge was an absolute zero.

I got up and I went from the living room to the kitchen,

and went up and down the basement steps.

And I knew, and I knew.

I had no doubt in my mind.

NARRATOR: The next day, she worked her whole shift

with no pain, and hasn't had any trouble since.

I honestly think my knee even feels better than it

did before I had the injury.

I really do.

I mean, I can do anything.

Totally bend it, totally do stairs, anything.

NARRATOR: She says healing came through prayer,

and a little faith.

If you just have faith as a grain of mustard seed,

you can say to this mountain, "Move."

Well, this was a mountain on my knee that needed to move.

And God did that.

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