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Cash-Strapped Church Avoids Closure by Giving Money Away

An economic downturn nearly forced Pastor Ron's church to close its doors. But the congregation prayed for a miracle, and began giving away the money they had. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Golden Triangle Church on the Rock

is a popular place on Sunday mornings.

But when Pastor Ron Hammonds first came here in 1988,

the church was in $800,000 of debt

and about to close its doors.

All of a sudden with the oil crash, people

began to lose their jobs and lose their incomes.

And it was just a matter of economic downturn

that just could not find a place to get a foothold

and start climbing back up.

I knew that we needed to participate with God

and the miracle that we needed.

NARRATOR: As Ron prayed for direction

on the church's future, he made a promise to God.

I said, Lord, if you'll just give us some money, Lord,

the first money we get I'm going to give an offering to CBN,

like a seed in the ground.

The best ground that I knew of was CBN, "The 700 Club."

NARRATOR: Later that day, the church secretary

found some money in the back of the church safe.

RON HAMMONDS: So I took that, and I sent $25 to CBN.

We, the Church of the Living God,

believe God is going to help us.

NARRATOR: Pastor Ron encouraged the congregation

to believe for a miracle.

Six months later, the church was out of debt.

As they began to give, the miracle of God began to happen.

More money began to pour into their life,

and they continued to be faithful.

And, in six months, our debt had been paid.

NARRATOR: Since that time, the church has grown substantially.

Now their work can be seen around the world.

Pastor Hammonds credits that change to giving to CBN.

RON HAMMONDS: Deciding to partner with CBN

was a turning point in our church.

Looking back, that's when things changed.

And today, as we sit here, we now

have churches, orphanages, medical clinics,

feeding centers, schools, preaching points in country

after country after country.

And I link it as a direct result of that initial seed.

CBN is fertile soil.

They have been given a responsibility,

and they're doing their job not only to meet needs

around the world but to invest for people's eternity.


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