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Bring It On-Line: - May 11, 2017


Well, it is now time to bring it on.

We've got some email questions.

We're going to start with one from Sandy.

Sandy says, I heard a preacher say that God is not

in control of everything.

I was taught that God has his hand in everything.

This preacher said if God were in control that there would

be no killings and murders.

So is God in control or not?

That preacher, with all due deference,

pastor, you're wrong.

God is all-powerful.

He can do anything he wants to do.

He refrains from interfering in the lives of his people.

In answer to prayer he will move and do things.

He waits for us to call on him.

But nevertheless, he does not control everything.

He knows about it, he has fore knowledge,

he knows what's going to happen.

But at the same time, he has given mankind free will

and he lets us do things.

He lets wars take place, he lets atrocities take place,

but one day he's going to move in and when he does,

he's going to bind Satan and then he's

going to destroy the destroyers of the earth

and he's going to bring terrible judgment, the wrath of God,

on those who have abused the poor, the needy,

and the oppressed.

But to say he's not in charge is wrong.

To say he deliberately refrains from using his power

is a good statement.

And he does refrain.



Here's one from Hannah.

She says, I'm a Christian and believe in the Bible

but have two items I'm trying to understand.

Number one, when Christ was dying on the cross

he told the thief that he would be with him in paradise today.

I thought Christ went straight to hell for three days.

Number two, only the father knows

the time the world will end.

I thought Jesus, being the Son of God, would know that also.

Second question.

You'd think so.

But he said, only the father knows.

He said, not the son nor the angels, only the father knows.

That was what he said.

All right.

So I believe it.

Second thing, the question has to do with what?

Whether Jesus--

He didn't go to--

he went to paradise.

This day you will be with me in paradise.

Well, that's where he went.

He was with the father.

He says, I've got to go to be with the father.

And after he was with the father,

he was then descended to the hell

where he preached to the captives

and they learned all those that had

been held for all these years, according to the Bible.

But it wasn't instantaneous.

But he said, don't hold onto me, I've got to go to the father.

So that's where he went first.

All right.

OK here's one from Katie.

She says, I believe what the Bible says about death and life

being in the power of the tongue.

But I have family members who tell me not

to claim health problems.

However, when you have serious health concerns

it only makes sense to acknowledge them and discuss

them with doctors, specialists.

What do you think about claiming or discussing

health issues out loud?

Well look, I've had all kinds of things.

I'm like the Bionic Man.

I've got a titanium knee, I've got

a pacemaker and all that stuff.

You have to acknowledge you've got problems.

But having acknowledged them you then speak the word of faith

and you declare victory.

So one thing is I'm sick.

I feel terrible.

My life is miserable.

Woe is me.

That is confessing trouble.

You don't confess trouble.

But in terms of being analysis of physical problems,

you don't act like they're not there.

That's foolish.

You know, you acknowledge the problem,

then you speak against it in the name of Jesus

that I have victory over this thing.

All right.

That's a fine line, isn't it?

Sometimes people get frustrated.

Well, you know but they wake up

and there's power in the tongue.

A man shall eat good by the fruit of his lips.

So if you start today, oh, I feel terrible,

oh, everybody's against me, well you're asking that to happen.

But you say, I have victory in Jesus.

Today is the day the Lord has made, you have victory.


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