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Mother on a Warrior’s Mission

Author Deven Wallace shares the wake-up-call she experienced prompting her to become a mother purposed to raise the next generation for God. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: With three children under the age of three,

it's no wonder Deven Wallace was overwhelmed.

Deven felt like she was failing at her duties

as a pastor's wife and mom.

But one day as Deven was crying, she

felt the Lord gave her a call to action for her and all mothers.

You, mom, are that mighty warrior.

And you are a skilled archer, and your children

are your most powerful weapons.

NARRATOR: In her book, "The Warrior We Call Mom,"

Deven lays out a strategy for every mother

who is desperate to lead her children

and shares the steps for empowering our kids

to change the next generation.

Deven Wallace joins us now.

Well, the book's title is "The Warrior We Call Mom."

And warrior is an aggressive word.

How do you use it in your concept in the book?


I went straight to the Word.

And Psalms 127:4 says, "as arrows

are in the hands of a mighty warrior,

so are children born in our youth."

And I heard many messages on those arrows,

but failed to look over the fact that the one who

holds the arrows God views as a mighty warrior.

So that kind of birthed the concept of the fact

that the mom and the dad, God sees them

as skilled archers of the weapons he gives them.

What's the devil's triangle?

Talk about that.

It's a place I found myself in as a young mom

when I did have three under the age of three.

The devil's triangle really refers to the Bermuda Triangle.

And we know years ago, that used to be

such a mysterious nautical term for a places

that ships and airplanes would enter into that zone,

and they would lose forms of communication.

And they would disappear.

And the Lord really began to show me in the spirit,

this is where many moms end up, in this zone

that I call the devil's triangle, that they enter into.

And they lose our identity.

And we never hear from them again,

who they truly were called to be.

And that triangle is made up of being a daughter of God,

being a wife of a husband, and being the mother of children,

and trying to navigate the pull of all of those roles.

It's tough.

It's very tough.

It's even one thing to read about it or to talk about it,

but when you're walking through it in the reality of day

to day life, it can feel so overwhelming.

How does a woman begin to know her true identity?

How did that happen for you?

Yes, it did for me when the Lord was showing me

I was lost in the middle of that.

And I think when women are pulled emotionally

and timewise, we default to motherhood,

because we think husband will understand,

God will understand, and the Lord

was showing me that's going to make your house fall.

You can't just focus on motherhood.

I'll never forget when he said to me,

Deven, you're going to have to be

a good daughter before you'll ever be a good mother.

And so it was really going back to the fact

that I'm a daughter before I'm a wife or a mother.

And God made me for fellowship with him

before anyone else was in my life.

And getting grounded in that identity

will help motherhood and being a wife flow more effectively.

One of the things that, I suppose all people do this,

but I think women do this a lot, maybe

because of a cultural pressure to look a certain way,

be a certain way.

How do we keep from comparing ourselves to each other?

Because that can be a devastating thing.

It is.

The trap of comparison is a cycle

many women find themselves in.

I actually talk about it in the book.

And I use the example of Deborah in Jael.

They were two women, two mothers, a mother of Israel

and a mother in her tent, that God actually used both of them

to change the nation.

And I often relate more to Jael, who was in her tent

probably saying, Deborah is so awesome, why can't I be her?

And Deborah, who was the leader, but actually

did not win the battle.

It was little Jael that actually defeated the army.

And so I think it's mother's understanding we're all needed.

Some in the workforce, some at home.

And that success is not defined by what we're doing.

It's by walking in obedience.

And that God has an army of women in many places.

And we cannot compare ourselves, or even our parenting

strategies, to others.

Our children are unique.

And God has unique design for each of us

and an assignment for each of us.

What's the most significant piece of advice

you've ever received from anyone?

Well as a mother, the most significant advice that

changed my life is that whatever is easy and convenient

is not always best.

I actually tell mothers that convenience is

an enemy to kingdom parenting.

And our society, we're told to do

whatever is easiest, quickest and convenient.

And we're robbing our children.

Just like going through a fast food restaurant robs us

of nutrition, some of our parenting styles

that are quick and convenient are robbing

our children of what they need.

And so I say what is best is not always easy.

But it's what will produce fruit.

People who read your book, moms

who read your book, because I think we're always looking

for advice that will help us to walk more deeply

and live more effectively.

What's the take away you want someone

to have after they've read "The Warrior We Call Mom"?

I think the takeaway is their identity as a kingdom warrior

that heaven is watching them and then depending on them.

This nation will change, I believe, when the moms change,

and when we wake up.

And the takeaway is that parenting strategy

isn't actually found in a book.

It sounds strange for me to say when I wrote it,

that parenting strategy is found and surrendered

to heaven, in prayer and in walking in obedience to Him.

We're looking at a beautiful picture

of your family, your husband and your children there.

And it's been a journey for you.

You share it so beautifully in "The Warrior We Call Mom".

Deven Wallace's book is entitled that.

And it's available wherever books are sold.

If you're a mom and you're struggling

to know your own true identity or even how to raise

your children to know theirs, this

is a great source of wisdom and information.

I encourage you to get it.

Thanks Deven.

Thank you so much.

It was an honor to be here.


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