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News on The 700 Club: May 17, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 17: White House denies Trump asked Comey to shut down Flynn investigation; Ambassador Nikki Haley says U.S. Embassy should be moved to Jerusalem, and more. Read Transcript

Well, welcome, ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of "The 700 Club."

You know, we have a very interesting President

of the United States.

He's doing some marvelous things.

He's put together one of the best cabinets in memory.

And yet, "The Washington Post" and "The New York Times"

want to destroy him.

So "The New York Times" writes a story about a memo

that nobody has seen from a person

that they're not sure who wrote it.

And it has not been disclosed to anybody,

and yet they the networks are picking up these things.

They say, breaking news.

Trump asked Comey to chill on Flynn.

I mean, people talk all the time, and they talk.

Prosecutors talk, people talk.

And they say, look, this accused is a pretty nice guy.

Let's go easy on him.

Or let's cut a deal, and two years instead of 20.

I mean, it happens all the time.

And there's nothing about obstruction of justice.

Nobody was ordering anybody to do anything.

It is not a crime.

And certainly for a man's boss to say to his subordinate,

this man is really a good guy.

And I hope we can take it easy on him.

So what?

Headlines, breaking news, shocking,

destruction of democracy.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's time we get it together and realize

"The New York Times" is an agent of the left.

They are not a credible source anymore.

They used to be.

They used to be the paper of record.

Not any more.

They're a left-wing rag.

"The Washington Post," the same thing.

And to use them as sources over and over

again makes me sick at my stomach,

because they are dreadfully biased.


Wendy's here.

I hope you agree.

If not, you can disagree.

There's such a double standard it makes you want to scream.

Look, I faced "The Washington Post."

I ran for president.

And some of the stuff they did was just absolutely appalling.

I mean, it was utterly appalling.

And Ben Bradlee was editor, and I really

wanted to get to the point where I can get him

to ring and let him have it.

I mean, it was just so awful what they do.

And to make believe that these people are credible?


It is nonsense.

Well that controversy came as the president stood up

for an evangelical pastor who's currently in jail in Turkey.

CBN News White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon

brings us this story from Washington.

JENNIFER WISHON: Another news cycle, another headache

for President Donald Trump.

This time, someone leaked an FBI memo to "The New York Times"

that former director James Comey allegedly

wrote after an Oval Office meeting with the president,

written one day after former National security adviser

Michael Flynn resigned.

The newspaper quotes the president in the memo

as telling Comey, "I hope you can

see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.

He is a good guy."

The White House fired back.

"While the president has repeatedly expressed his view

that General Flynn is a decent man who served and protected

our country, the president has never

asked Mr. Comey or anyone else to end any investigation."

Last week, acting FBI director Andrew McCabe

told a Senate hearing that there had been no effort

to impede the investigation into Russian interference

in the presidential election.

The story came a day after a separate leak to the Washington

Post accused the president of disclosing

classified information during a recent meeting

with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador.

But national security adviser General HR McMaster

doubled down on his defense of the president.

The president in no way compromised

any sources or methods in the course of this conversation.

JENNIFER WISHON: McMaster, Secretary

of State Rex Tillerson, and Deputy National Security

Adviser Dina Powell were all in the room

and all concluded the president's conversation was


McMaster says instead, the actual threat

comes from leaks of confidential conversations.

Our national security has been put at risk by those

violating confidentiality.

JENNIFER WISHON: President Trump himself

weighed in on his meeting with the Russians.

We had a very, very successful meeting

with the foreign minister of Russia.

Our fight is against Isis.

And we want to get as many to help

fight terrorism as possible.

JENNIFER WISHON: As these controversies played out,

an increasingly controversial world figure

arrived at the White House, Turkish president Recep


After narrowly winning a referendum that gives him

power over all three branches of government,

President Erdogan is leading Turkey

towards authoritarianism.

It's a slippery slope away from democracy

that's been especially harsh for Christians

and other non-Muslims living in the country.

President Erdogan is sending a powerful message.

And that message is that Christianity, religious freedom

has no place in Turkey.

JENNIFER WISHON: Reverend Patrick Mahoney

of the Christian Defense Coalition

and other Christians gathered outside the White House

to pray during the leaders' meeting.

On the issue of religious freedom,

human rights, and the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson.

JENNIFER WISHON: Their prayers were answered.

A White House official tells CBN News exclusively

that President Trump went to bat for pastor Andrew Brunson,

raising his case twice.

Vice President Mike Pence also brought it up.

Brunson, an American pastor, has been imprisoned in Turkey

since October.

He was swept up in a terrorism investigation,

but never formally charged.

Akyan Erdemir, a former member of Turkish parliament,

calls Brunson's case bogus.

He says President Trump must be firm with Erdogan.

Erdogan, I think, deals best with politicians

who push him back.

He only respects politicians who have a strong stance.

And probably the best strategy for Trump

is to continue a principled engagement,

to convey to his counterpart that Erdogan

and his inner circle's incitement against the US

and US officials is not acceptable as NATO partners.

JENNIFER WISHON: It's just one of the major issues

the administration is dealing with while also trying

to put out growing political fires here in Washington.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, the White House.

Thanks, Jennifer.

Well, one of the president's most successful appointments

has been that of former Governor Nikki Haley

as the ambassador to the United Nations.

In an exclusive interview, CBN's David Brody

talked to Ambassador Haley about several key issues,

including whether or not the United

States should move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Here's David's report from the United Nations.

Well, it is definitely a different and new day in DC

under President Trump.

But it is also a new day here in New York at the United Nations.

And that's because the US ambassador to the UN,

Nikki Haley, has been showing strength right from the get-go.

As a matter of fact, she said, if you don't have the United

States' back, well then, quote, "We

are going to be taking names."

So there was no nonsense right from the start.

And we came up here to talk with Nikki Haley one-on-one.

And she talked about a lot of different subject,

but obviously Russia in the news, Israel as well.

This latest stuff that's been in the news

about the president, and Russia, and some

of this classified material that's

been out there, what is your take on that?

How hard is this to navigate at the UN

when you have stories like this coming from "The Washington


What's been your reaction to something like that?

Typically, the international community

has not talked with me about domestic issues.

Now certainly it's a little fresh,

so we'll see what happens with this issue

and how it plays out.

The one thing we want to make sure of

is that if there was some sort of abuse of classified

information, that's serious.

But going by what General McMaster has said,

he doesn't believe that has happened.

And we'll have to wait and see.

The media's going to try to make a rift between

the president-- not necessarily the president and Netanyahu,

but US and Israel's relates to this whole Western Wall thing

that's come up now.

I mean, what do you say to folks that-- there

was that report about Western Wall not being part of Israel?

That's got to be a bit controversial.

I don't know what the policy of the administration is,

but I believe the Western Wall is part of Israel.

And I think that that's how we've always seen it,

and that's how we should pursue it.

I'm not real sure what happened with that issue,

but I know that they're trying to fix that and get

that taken care of.

But we've always thought that the Western

Wall was part of Israel.

I understand it's the administration of the White

House that will answer about the Jerusalem Embassy question.

I get that.

That's not your purview.

But from a United Nations standpoint,

what's the tricky part of that?

That could be-- well, that could be.

That will be very controversial if it ever did happen.

So how does this president, how does this administrator kind of

negotiate that?

Because that was a promise, if you will, that he did

say on the campaign trail that he wanted to do it.

Now maybe his heart does, but there's

politics involved too here, and a lot more than that.


Obviously I believe that the capital should be Jerusalem,

and the embassy should be moved to Jerusalem.

Because if you look at all their government, it's in Jerusalem.

So much of what goes on is in Jerusalem.

And I think that we have to see that for what it is.

I think the tricky part is where the Palestinians come in

on this and where the Israelis come in on this.

We know the Israelis don't want to give on Jerusalem at all.

And we have to see how strong the Palestinians stand on that.

But I think that you're touchy part,

is is Jerusalem even on the table?

I don't know that it is.

And we may stop just with that talking point,

but we'll have to wait and see.

Nikki Haley talking about two crucial issues in the world

right now.

And of course, there are so many other issues

that she is dealing with, and we discussed many of them.

You can catch it on my blog,

Just go to the Brody File.

By the way, the president will be going overseas

on his world religion tour to Riyadh, Saudi

Arabia, Jerusalem, and Rome.

CBN News, yours truly, will be with the president

every step of the way.

David Brody, CBN News in New York.

Thanks, David.

I might add we have on this program,

I'll be interviewing David Oren, who is the Israeli ambassador.

I want to get into his head.

He's a brilliant guy, and written some very cogent books

about the whole conflict.

And I think we'll have something important.

That's on Monday's program on "The 700 Club."

And I'm going to get into it as deeply as I can.

I won't hold any punches, and we'll see what happens.

But Nikki Haley, by the way, fantastic at UN ambassador.

She tells it like it is.

She's a wonderful person.

A distinguished governor of South Carolina,

but who would have thought that she

would emerge from South Carolina and become such a world figure?

Wendy, terrific.

It's nice to see.

It's nice to see a female in that role, too.


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