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Bring It On-Line: - May 17, 2017

Would God allow the devil to curse me? Does one always tithe to the church, or can one tithe to a person in need? Will we see the Holy Spirit in heaven? And will he have a glorified body? Read Transcript

Welcome back.

It's time to bring it on with your email questions.

Let's start with Jeffrey.

He says, Pat, I've never been sick my whole life.

I recently spoke to a psychic, and within a month,

came down with a vertigo-type illness.

I have been to many, many specialists,

and they can't find anything.

I'm losing hope and feel like I am cursed.

Would God allow the devil to curse me?

Much like Job?

PAT ROBERTSON: Not like Job, but if you deal with psychics,

it's not unusual that you would get some kind

of a disease of this nature.

And, you know, vertigo was caused-- you know,

you got these silly in your ear and the little pebbles that run

around it--

control your balance.

But that could be a satanic manifestation, which you need

to pray about and get rid of.

I don't know, I haven't seen you, I'm not diagnosing you.

But you are asking a question, would God

permit Satan to curse you?

If you went into a psychic situation,

than the devil would say I had permission.

That's the problem.

And you have to take authority, bind the thing

in the name of Jesus, just like we talked about earlier,

and command it to leave you.

Do it.

All right?


All right, here's one from Marden.

She says, I always get a bit confused

about tithing and giving.

Is tithing to God and giving to someone that needs it?

I'm not sure if I read that right.

Does one always tithe 10% to a church,

or can one tithe to a person in need?

How does this all work?

PAT ROBERTSON: I think you can give to people in need.

I think there are many manifestations

of the Church of the Lord.

There are schools, there are relief organizations,

there are missionary organizations,

and there are local churches, and there

are all kinds of things.

Plus, there are needy people out that have a need.

But, I think, if I were you, I'd make your offerings

to them out of the goodness of you heart.

You see a guy on the street with a tin cup,

and you reach out and get $1 bill, $5, $10,

or whatever you give him--

just let that be as unto the Lord.

It'd be a lot easier.

But the tithe--

I mean, that's just 10%.

It's a nice easy way of counting stuff up,

but, you know, we're not under the Old Testament laws

and rules.

We're in the New Testament now, and we're in the law of grace,

and the truth is everything that you have belongs to the Lord.

I belong to Him, my money belongs to Him,

my life belongs to Him.

And so, the question is how much will he let me keep,

and how much should I give to his work.

All right.

All right, this viewer says, I know

that the Holy Spirit that the Bible talks about

is not some force of energy.

Neither is He identified as a Holy Ghost who floats around

in heaven and earth, but He is a real person.

The Bible makes that clear.

So I want to know, in heaven, will we see the Holy Spirit?

And will He have a glorified body?

PAT ROBERTSON: All right, we'll start off in the King James,

it was Holy Ghost, but Ghost was a name for Spirit.

No, he's not some wraith that floats around.

The Bible says he proceeds from the Father and the Son.

He also proceeds from the Father,

but, you know, there's the Father and there's the Son,

and the Father loves the Son.

The Son serves the Father, and out of that relationship

comes a Spirit.

And the Spirit is what communicates that love

to His creation, and so I think the Holy Spirit is

the third person of the Trinity, we say.

Will we see Him?

I presume so, but who we want to see is Jesus,

and the idea is you focus on Jesus.

You don't focus on the Holy Spirit.

But the Holy Spirit, you need to welcome the Spirit.

He needs to know that He's welcome in your midst.

But we are supposed to focus on Jesus, on the Son.

All right?


Here's an interesting question, Pat.

This viewer says, I was married for 20 years

and have been single for about that same time.

My ex-wife remarried soon after the divorce that she wanted.

She's been married for another 20 years

and recently got divorced.

Aren't we still married in the eyes of God?

I would like to reconcile and ask God to soften her heart.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, no, you are not married.

The marriage has been broken when one person leaves

the marriage, and they begin to cohabit with somebody else.

They've broken the marriage.

You know, the Old Testament had something about the idea

of remarrying a woman.

It was sort of humiliating to her.

And it was forbidden.

In the New Testament, I know of no rule

that says one way or the other.

But hey, 20 years, and then you got 20 years,

and you want to get back together again.

I don't know how old you are, you must be crowding 70,

but whatever it is, whatever makes you happy.

You know, you do hear these things happening

about these couples getting back together.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, there's nothing wrong with it.

There's nothing in the Bible that says you can't do it.

But you know the person, and be careful.

But I think another wedding would be in order.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, absolutely.

I think!

All right, Dina says, I have decided

to get baptized at my church next Sunday,

and they asked me to tell my story, to tell my testimony.

I'm having trouble thinking of what that is.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, the testimony is, I was a sinner,

and I found Jesus.

That's essentially what it is.

You don't need to go into all the gory details

of how many sins you committed and what kind.

But you can say, you know, I was drinking and carousing

and so forth.

Or I cheated or I was given to materialism or something,

and I was miserable and now I've found the Lord.

And I'm happy.

I mean, that's the testimony.


PAT ROBERTSON: I can't write it for you.

It has to come out of your own heart.


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