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Bring It On-Line: - May 18, 2017


TERRY MEEUWESEN: Well, we have some time

to bring on some of the email that you sent in.

And so let's start, Pat, with Warren,

who says I was wondering if it is

right and biblical to continue a cordial or even close

relationship with your ex-spouse and/or their family.

I know the Bible says divorce is wrong other than if someone


If divorce does unfortunately happen,

should you avoid any relationship with each other

all together?

I know of a few situations where the ex-spouses are still

friends and at times will still get together

with the ex's family.

Is this OK?

PAT ROBERTSON: I think It'd be terrific.

The Lord's on this side of love and reconciliation.

And by all means, if you can do that

and there's not rancor and bitterness and hatred in.

And you and your ex-spouse, I don't

know why you got a divorce to begin with, but in most be

some attraction, you know, OK.

TERRY MEEUWESEN: This is Cindy, who says,

my husband has done the most unthinkable thing

I thought he would ever do.

He's been working for a company for more than 30 years.

He was a trustworthy employee until he got into pornography

and everything went wrong from there.

He embezzled $25,000 from his employer.

He just got caught last Friday.

We have to pay his employer back.

I also found out that he had plans to leave me.

Now, I'm stuck right in the middle of everything.

We've been living from paycheck to paycheck.

I can't work, because I have severe arthritis in my hands

and my fingers are crippled.

We are having to refinance our home,

but we can't afford the loan payments.

I'm so ashamed of what he's done.

I can't even afford to get a divorce.

What do I do?

PAT ROBERTSON: Boy, sin is very costly, isn't it?

Sin is costly.

But pornography is an addiction, and your husband

was captured by pornography.

And hardworking decent man who was captured.

And suddenly, he's having these sexual fantasies

which have ruined him.

Why he needed $25,000, I don't know.

But he stole it, OK.

You're ashamed.

I think the thing you need to do, frankly,

is forgive him and get on with your life

and help build him up.

You've got arthritis.

You can't work.

You need him.

And you need-- so he's stole--

Slander is as bad as stealing in the Bible.

So you've got people who slander,

and you're not ashamed to be in their company.

So if I were you, I would put on a brave face, be the good wife,

and build him up, and see if you can't get that marriage back

together again, because you need each other now,

for better or for worse, richer or for poorer

and all that stuff.

You've said vows.

Live them out.

TERRY MEEUWESEN: This is Deanna, who says,

I've been a Christian now for 14 years.

I've been praying for something for years.

But I'm struggling to figure out what God is telling me to do.

I've tried letting it go, but I can't.

How do you hear God speaking to you.

And how do you know it's from him?

PAT ROBERTSON: Well, the Bible is God's word.

And God won't tell you anything contrary to the Bible.

So I recommend that you get very familiar with the Bible,

and let the Bible be your guide.

That's where it comes from.

But how do you know?

Well, the Bible says, you will hear a voice in your ear

when you turn to the right or the left saying,

this is the way, walk ye in it.

There's a still, small voice of the Lord.

Corinthianss-- was it Corinthians?

I say it right.

I'm getting the wrong scripture.

But any how, let the peace of God be an umpire in your heart.

Let the peace of God be an umpire.

And if the place lifts, you know you doing the wrong thing.

If the peace resides in you, you're on the right course.

All right.

TERRY MEEUWESEN: This is Annie, who says,

Pat, I found out that I'm eligible to collect

$2,200 a month in social security from my late husband

of 25 years.

I have been remarried for 10 years now.

And Social Security said in order

to collect this I can't be married,

Would I have to have my marriage dissolved on paper

to abide by man's law?

This money would be very helpful to us and what would

the Lord think of this?

PAT ROBERTSON: I think the Lord thinks you shouldn't break

the law, that's what I think.

If the law says if you're remarried,

you're not entitled to social security benefits,

so that's what this says.

What are you going to try to cheat or lie?

Are you going to get a divorce from your good husband

in order to collect a few buck?

No way,

What does the lord say?

The Lord says, be honest and honorable in your dealings.

And by the way, if they get caught, you might go to jail,

and you would like that either.

TERRY MEEUWESEN: This is a quick last one.

Christie wants to know, why would North Korea actually try

to deliberately attack us through technology?

PAT ROBERTSON: Because they're crazy.

That's why, they're crazy.

Why would they starve their people?

Why would they persecute people?

Why would they torture people?

Why would Kim Jong-un have his relatives shot, his brother?

I mean why?

They're crazy, that's why?


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