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700 Club Canada: May 19, 2017

Watch the 700 Club Canada for May 19, 2017 Read Transcript

Today on the 700 Club Canada.

And for four weeks, every-

every day, almost every hour,

I was seeing a noose being put,

you know, how to tie it, where

to tie it, and causing me,

wanting me to hang myself.

And for four weeks I cried out

to the Lord, and that was the

only place that I could run to.


Welcome to the 700 Club

Canada. I'm Brian Warren.

And I'm Laura-Lynn Tyler

Thompson. It's great to be

with you today.

We start today with a

question. Have you ever

thought about the legacy you're

leaving for the next


Well, I like this quote,

Brian. It's we must take

responsibility to create

legacies that will take the

next generation to a level

we could only imagine.

And that's the theme that

flows over into our special

In Focus segment. Today,

we look at what's happening

to the next generation for the

average, aboriginal community

here in Canada.

And I know, Brian, that your

guest on the In Focus segment

is Pastor Derek McLeod, and

he'll address some of these

issues that the aboriginals are

facing and what the great need

really is in our country and

how it's all of our


Absolutely. And that's

right, not just the issue that

Pastor McLeod is dealing with

of addiction and violence, but

there is also which he's

looking at extreme poverty

in many northern communities.

Did you know that only fifty-

one percent of aboriginal homes

in Manitoba have piped water?


statistic and really shocked me

when I first heard that. You

know, our legacy as Canadians

is tied to this, and we hope

that you'll stay tuned for this

special segment coming up.

But first, after years of

depression and addiction,

Josh's life was changed

because of the legacy of his

grandfather's faith.

Take a look.


And so it went from couple

days a week to now I'm marking

off work. She don't know.

Now, it's lies, more lies. Why

is your check only this big?

Make up some story. She'd

buy it.

Addictions were destroying

Josh Rader's life and his


She found out. She's done.

She's done with me. You know,

I'm trying to, you know, sweet

talk her and everything, and

it was working.

Josh had drifted far from his

days as a popular fun-loving

high school quarterback. At

the time, he was living with

his dad and grandfather who had

moved in after Josh's parents

divorced years earlier.

Oh, man, he's a great man.

He's a Christian man. Helped

raise me. I mean, you know,

he took me to school. You

know, if I was sick, he was

there for me. He was there

every day. I got to hug him

before I went to sleep every


Not long after Josh

graduated, his grandfather

died. A part of Josh died

with him.

He always knew what to

say or made me laugh or made

me feel loved or made me feel

important. You know, even

knew he was

going to heaven, I needed him.

t was


From there, things only got

worse. The home Josh had

grown up in was his

grandfather's and now had to

be sold. Then many of his

friends left for college.

Things Josh only used to do

on occasion, smoking pot,

drinking, and looking at

pornography, started to become

a habit.

I was depressed. I mean

for a long time. I started

partying a lot, okay. You put

the smile on and joke with

people and never really talk

about what I really needed to

talk about. That definitely

was an escape for sure.

Several years later, Josh met

and married Noelle. He

believed that she could fill

the void in his life.

I knew she would make me

a better person. Getting back

to the person I was once before

the depression and all that

stuff hit, okay, then started

going back to church a little


He cut back on his partying

and for a while, things seemed

to be getting better. But when

married life became routine,

Josh once again felt empty

and slid back into drinking

and watching porn.

There was a lot of lies and

deceits I was doing. You know,

and I felt like to myself, you

know, I'm not hurting anybody.

I'm going to work every day.

Paying bills, you know, what's

wrong? You know, she'd catch

me here and there and we'd get

in a big fight. Never going to

do it again and then it happens

again. She felt bad about

herself. She felt like she

wasn't good enough.

A few years into their

marriage, he found another

way to escape.

I heard guys talking about

it, that there's this thing

called bath salts, and you

can get high from it and it's

legal. And so I tried it once

and then I really liked it.

And by the time she gets home,

you know, I'm coming down.

It's all good. No one's hurt.

Over the next year, Josh's

addiction grew. He started

missing work and was taking

out of his paycheck to feed his

habit. He lied to keep Noelle

in the dark.

And then it got to the point

where, you know, if she

wanted to leave it was

whatever. Okay. You know,

it got really bad.

Then in 2011, she discovered

he had been dipping into their

retirement account.

It all came crashing down,

like she was hit hard because

she wasn't expecting it, you

know, cause I was keeping up

with lies and stuff. We fought

about it. She left and then my

mind is just going a thousand

different directions. This is

not the life I want. It's not

the life I expected it to be.

Josh remembered how his

grandfather leaned on God.

He knew it was time for him

to do the same.

I have no options. What am

I going to do? And I prayed

and it was the hardest I ever

prayed, the most meaningful

prayer. Jesus, here you go.

I can't do it on my own any

more. I need your help. You


offeringhisl this

pain I have and I asked for

forgiveness. Lord, and I will

serve you. It's like a

thousand pounds got lifted off

of me, and I started smiling.

At this worst darkest time in

nd I knew

knew it was God. I

knew it was Jesus.

Josh told Noelle that he

had surrendered his life to

God. But she'd had enough of

his empty promises and wanted

a divorce. Then her parents,

both pastors, confronted Josh

but not the way he expected.

And they came at me with

Jesus love, you know, like

literally showing what Jesus'

love is all about. I felt like

they really cared about me.

With the help of his in-laws,

Josh found Christian counseling

and went into a program for

his addictions to drugs and

porn. Noelle held off on the

divorce to see if his

transformation was real.

It was more let's do some

walking and a little less talk,

and, you know, with Jesus you

can be forgiven like that.

But with your wife, it takes a

long time. It can, you know.

It did take time, but Josh

showed Noelle he had changed

and she forgave him. Now he

knows there's only one who

could fill his void.

And I don't need drugs or

anything to feel this way.

You know, I don't take

there's here's nothing. No

substance ero substane

that has to go through my body,

you know, to make me feel that

way. I love life, you know.

With Jesus you can love life.

Josh and Noelle slowly

rebuilt their trust in each

other and now have two young

children they adore. He admits

that while life isn't perfect,

he knows God is always there.

He's given my life back.

e's given me life.

He's given me happiness.


That is sure an inspiring

story for those of you who

are grandparents out there.

I think in my own life how

my grandparents impacted

my life. On both sides, my

maternal and paternal

grandmothers were strong

and powerful women of God.

y mother's side, my

father, you know, loved Jesus

and really believed in the

Lord. On my father's side,

it was a different story. And

so I think that later in his

life, he came to know the Lord.

But because of some of the

difficulties in his journey, it

sure, you know, reaped a lot

of pain and sorrow into my

father's family. And so, you

know, it's one of those things

that you look at now, and my

dad decided to be the kind

of grandfather that we never

had from my paternal

grandfather. He decided to

make a difference. And it

really means so much. I

remember having sleepovers

at my grandma's house and

always loving that sense of

peace that she had in her home,

always that Bible beside her

chair where we knew that she

studied the Word. It was

precious to our hearts and

that is the kind of legacy

that we are passing onto our

children, and it makes a

difference. Coming up next,

our special In Focus segment,

we'll discuss what's happening

in northern aboriginal

communities with Derrick

McLeod. He is a pastor

trying to bring back the hope

of Christ to a broken people.

It's an amazing time just

ahead. Stay with us.


Welcome to In Focus. Today

on In Focus, we'll discuss the

issues faced by the aboriginal

community in Canada. According

to one chief, many aboriginal

families are living in third-

world conditions with a lack of

access to clean water and

decent housing and overcrowded

homes. This leads to an

alarming rate of suicide

amongst First Nations people.

Joining me today to talk about

this serious situation is Derek.

McLeod. He knows first-hand

the challenges faced by the

aboriginal community in Canada.

Welcome Derek.

Thank you very much, Brian.

You know, when we start

talking about the aboriginal

community in Canada, you live

in Moose Factory and you're a

man who has seen firsthand on

the ground some of the

conditions that we're talking

about that are in the

headlines. Talk to us about

some of the things that you

see specifically in regards to

suicide across the nation.

I think a lot of things that

are happening with our

communities is kind under the

radar so to speak because

most of the time we're hearing

about communities that are

front and center like the

Pikangikum and those types

of communities where those

stories are coming out from

those of the small Northern

Northern communities. But

it's happening all across all

our communities.

As a deputy chief


And you are a man of

influence in your community,

you have a heavy

responsibility when you start

to look he age of

these young people that are

killing themselves. You said

something earlier about just

to bring a bit more of a focus,

within eight months, how many

suicides took place?

In our community in 2008,

we had thirteen suicides take

place, all by hanging. But we

had I think close to a hundred

attempts during that period of

time within that eight-month


You know, that's alarming.

e hear about

Pikangikum and we about what's

n one



But this isn't just an

isolates situation. This is

happening across the country

as well.

It is.

What are some of the root

causes of that?

A lot of the causes I-for

yself personally and this

is something I feel that is

t's spiritually rooted,

nd I truly believe that

it is spiritually rooted. My

own personal opinion was

that I was attacked spiritually

by something that I felt was

demonic in nature. It was

t wrapped itself

around me.

This was right before a rash

of suicides that took place

It was.

in your community in Moose


It was. It was.

Tell us about that.

It was 2008. It was August

2008 and for about four weeks

during that period of time, I

was under attack. And it was

blanket. Yohen

you put your jacket on, you can

feel that jacket around you.

And it was like a blanket being

wrapped around me. And for

very day,

almost every hour, I was seeing

a noose being put, you know,

how to tie it, where to tie it,

and causing me, wanting me

to hang myself. And for four

weeks, I cried out to the Lord

and that was the only place

that I could run to. And after

four weeks, Brian, the Lord

spoke to me and it was

Psalm 10hat evening,

that night, three o'clock in

morning, I had nowhere to go.

I couldn't cry out to anybody.

All I had was the Lord.


And I cried out to Him and-

and He gave me a phone

number to call. And I called

that phone number, and it was

a prayer line. And I called

that prayer line, and the

prayer counselor at the other

end of that line began to turn

pages, and I could hear it

turning. And when he flipped

and he started praying what

was on the page, it was

Psalm 103. And I knew at that

moment that the Lord was

with me. A day or two later,

that spirit left. But

immediately afterwards,

thirteen young people committed

suicide in that community, all

by hanging, every one of them.

Wow. You know, this isn't--

this isn't something that we

can just kind of push under the

carpet. When you look at the

years of tragedy that have been

taking place, I mean we see

n Pangnirtung and we see

in Inuit communities. We also

recognize the amount of abuse

of substance


from paint sniffing to

nd other

tragedies that are taking

place. What is do you believe

n this

pandemic issue because this

isn't something that is just

t's something

that is pandemic.


In the aboriginal community.

What is the solution to this?

Well, we know the solution.

You and heknow it. The

issue is that the solution that

we're trying to present to them

was also pushed upon them

many, many years ago by the

residential schools.


And the way that it was

presented to them was not

presented in a way that we

would consider Christ-like.

nd in fact it was

there was a lot of evil behind

it. And because of that, a

lot of our people now don't

want to come to this. They

don't want to come to the

solution and the solution is

Jesus Christ. He was the only

solution I had during the time

that I was going through what

I was going through. And

Jesus is the only answer

really. There is none. No

e can

we can institute programs.

We can institute other things

that hat might help. But

really at the end of the day,

the answer is Jesus.

Amen. Derek McLeod. Thank


Thank you.

You know, when we look at

hat's taking place n

housing, clean water, these

are third-world conditions in

a first-world country, and it

should not be. We take you

to the headlines but it's for

you after this is over to make

a difference by getting on the

phone. Talk to your MP. Make

sure that you're involved in

the community. Pray also for

what's taking place. Thirteen

suicides within eight months.

f it was anywhere

else, it would literally cause

an alarm and a shutdown.

It's important for us to be the

difference that makes the

difference, and that's why

we're here with In Focus.


Now there are more ways to

connect with the 700 Club

Canada online. Like us on

Facebook at

Find us on Instagram at

700ClubCanada or follow us

on Twitter at 700ClubCanada.

Just email or

visit us at


When he was ten years old,

Dimas Salaberrios saw the

movie Scarface and knew

exactly what he wanted to do

ecome a drug


As a kid in New York, I grew

up in Queens which was had

the largest middle-class

population of African-

Americans. You know, my

mother was a school principal.

My father was a captain of

correction. So it was always

like a really well-rounded

environment with a lot of love.

And then around ten or eleven

years old, crack cocaine

started to hit our community in

a huge way. You know, when

you had a middle-class family,

these were not poor people

on drugs, but these were

people of great influence. I

mean there were some drug

blocks that made a hundred

and fifty thousand dollars a

day. So you could imagine the

impression that this had on a

young person's mind.

His entry into the drug

culture came at the age of


Walking down my junior

high school hallway, a friend

pulled me to the side and said,

"Do you want to buy some

drugs?" You know, I realized

quite quickly that that little

pill was like a hallucinogen

and it had power. And I told

him, I said, "I never want to

use it again, but I'd be very

interested in selling it."

Instead of, you know, playing

around and having fun after

school, I started to go to his

neighborhood and we started

to sell marijuana right in

that community.

Dimas maintained a strict

business mindset and avoided

using the drugs he sold.

Instead, he sought the highs

that came with status.

For me, it was fame, money,

and power. So when I went

into the drug world, I was

really very young, but I was

able to outthink even the

competition that was around

me, so I started to make more

money than all those around

me, and I fell in love with

that and then very quickly

we realized in order to make

the money like Scarface, I had

to dip into the cocaine

business, and that's when I

started to sell crack cocaine.

By his mid-teens, Dimas

had adopted the street name

Daylight and had become one

of the most respected drug

dealers in the neighborhood.

But as business expanded,

so did the criminal charges

against Dimas. When he was

sixteen years old, Dimas was

sentenced to a military shock

program at one of the most

notorious jails in the country,

Rikers Island.

Rikers Island was tough. I

mean, you know, people would

slice you with razor blades.

I fought there almost every

other day and, you know, it

was of the toughest things that

I ever experienced.

Dimas was released after

serving a year. He tried to

live a clean life but the

reality of working for minimum

wage hit hard.

The only job I was able to

get was working at a fast-food

restaurant. And I'll never

forget. I worked so hard that

whole week and my check was

seventy-five dollars when I was

used to making a thousand

dollars an hour and

unfortunately I went back into

the drug world.

It wasn't long before Dimas

violated his parole. But

instead of returning to jail,

Dimas fled to North Carolina.

At only twenty-three years old,

Dimas felt the consequences of

his drug dreams catching up

with him.

I mean to be a fugitive, it

mean that's a

lot of pressure. You know,

your fear was just the reality

ou lived with ie

drug world. I mean my whole

from age eleven on, I had to

figure out in seconds was

someone coming to buy from


coming to rob me? Was the

person coming towards me a

undercover cop? I mean thirty

of my friends were murdered in

the drug world.

Dimas grew increasingly

paranoid and fearful. But a

run-in with another drug

dealer's girlfriend who was

known for being a witch, put

Dimas over the edge.

She popped out and grabbed

my arm and did some kind of

spin move. And next thing I

know hours later, I started

to lose my mind. It was so

scary. I can feel this

overwhelming presence of evil

and darkness inside of me.

Some neighbors heard about

Dimas' distress and offered to

help in one specific way.

Three elderly women-three

praying women that ran a Bible

study together had asked my

girlfriend, "Could we pray for

him? Do you think he would

allow us to pray for him?"

They said, "Are you ready for

prayer?" I said, "Yes." And

they just started to pray for

me. The power of God hit me

so hard, I really felt free,

and I really felt liberated,

and I really felt the love that

came from heaven. And my

eyes were opened in a way

that I knew I could never go

back to the world.

Eventually, Dimas completely

left the drug business.

When I realized that Jesus

gave me my right mind back,

I said, "I'm going all out for

God." Then I started to seek

where's a church I could go to?

There was an instant attraction

to talk to God and to read His


Nine months after turning his

life around, Dimas felt led to

return to New York and face

his past. He turned himself

in and confessed his crimes,

knowing that he could face at

least seven years in prison.

But when he stood before the

judge to be sentenced, her

response was surprising.

She said, "The man that I'm

looking at looks so different

than the person that I'm

reading about." And she said,

"I'm going to do something

I've never done. I'm going to

release you. Continue doing

what you're doing, and I never

want to see you in this place


Dimas honored her request

and never returned to crime.

Today Dimas is married with

two daughters and is a pastor

in New York, ministering to

the same streets where he used

to sell. He has written a book

called Street God, to tell

others about the difference

Christ made in his life.

The same boldness and energy

that I used to give to the dark

world, I give so much more

now to Jesus Christ. I left

from being a street god to

serving a God who loves the

streets. And I want anybody

that's watching this that

feels like they're trapped to

know God can turn that

situation around.

Wow. When you look at

Dimas' life, you realize that

no one is too far from God.

I feel like there are people

that are incarcerated right

now. You're behind bars and

you're saying, "I don't know

if God can get me out of this

situation." You're in the

perfect place for His power

to touch you right now.

You know, the Bible says

something in Luke and it says

this also in chapter 1,


I love, this is God's Word to

you. He says that the

dayspring from on high has

visited us to give light to

those who sit in darkness and

the shadow of death to guide

our feet into the way of peace.

I want to pray this prayer

with you, and I want to get

something into your hands

because I believe just like

those little praying women,

when they prayed for demons

he said, "I felt the power of

God." I know that the power

of God is going to touch your

life. But let's believe God

that He can change your life

as well. He's going to do

something in you. Pray this

prayer with me. Jesus, I

surrender. I give you my

personal permission for your

heavenly intervention. I

confess my sin. I turn from

them. I turn to you. Be my

Savior. Be the Lord of my life

and make me the person you

want me to be. Father,

everyone that has prayed that

that is looking on, I pray now

by the power of the finish

work of Calvary, that you would

deliver them but move them

into their purpose and plan.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

If you prayed that prayer,

1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by.

Give us a call. Tell us what

took place, and we'll be right


Too often we carry baggage

from our past. You know what

it's like. It affects

everything and everyone in our

lives. It's always there,

weighing us down and keeping

us from achieving true

happiness. But do you know

God never meant for us to be

trapped in the past? You

can be free of your baggage.

Learn how God's forgiveness

leads to changed lives and new

beginnings. Call the 700 Club.


Welcome back. Our latest

premium and gift to you is

called Miracles.

It's terrific. You know,

this DVD contains stories of

real people who came face-to-

face with the power of God

and they experienced miracles

in their own lives. It will

be such an encouragement.

Become a monthly partner

with the 700 Club Canada for

only twenty dollars a month.

We want you to experience

God's power in your life today.

It would be such an

encouragement if you'd call

now. 1-855-759-0700. Prayer

partners are standing by. You

know, legacy is something

we've been talking about the

whole day.


And, you know, I want to

challenge you, and I'm

challenging you as well,

Laura-Lynn, cause I know you

want to leave a legacy in a big


I do.

But do something today

that will echo into eternity,

that your tomorrow will just

stand up and clap and say

thank you.

That's good. That's a big

challenge to do today.



And, you know, I found out

if you want to leave a legacy,

it's not trying to do something

great today but just doing

something obedient.

Well, and it's really

thinking about it, isn't it?


Like putting thought and



into how-being intentional

about how to affect that next


Yeah. I'm going to spend

it with my daughter today and

just watch basketball games

and say, "Baby, do this with

your children."

That's nice.

And we want to leave you

with a power verse. And

the Word of God it is such a

powerful gift. If you declare

with your mouth that Jesus

is Lord and believe in your

heart that God raised Him

from the dead, you will be


That's in Romans 10:9.

Thank you for spending this

time with us. We'll see you.

God bless.


Next week on the 700 Club


Not that I didn't believe in

did but I just didn't

want God running my life.


I wanted to run my own life

and I wanted to have fun. And

so you could have fun but there

was still an emptiness in your

soul. Something was missing.



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