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Bring It On-Line: - May 22, 2017


Let's bring it on.

You ready?

Let's do it.

Let's do it.

All right.

We're all set to go.



This first one is from Catherine,

who says, "About 20 years ago, my neighbor knocked on my door

and told me that God told her to tell me something.

She said she hesitated because she didn't know me.

And she wondered if I would believe her.

She asked if I was a Christian, which I am.

And she proceeded to tell me that God

said that I'd have a lot of hardships in the years

to come, but not to give up on Him.

I wonder why God would say that to me.

Would God really send someone to tell me that?

Plus, I'd never give up on God, even

though I have had a lot of hardships

in the years following, especially

with jobs and my career.

I really feel like Job did right now."

Well, the answer is the neighbor really

had the mind of the Lord.

You had hardships.

And God was saying, you're going to have hardships.

Well, I'm with you.

That's what He was saying.

And so the neighbor was being led by the Lord

and was doing you a favor.

So the, don't give up on God, is maybe her interpretation

of the whole thing.

But nevertheless, she wasn't trying to insult you.

What she was trying to do is say, hardships are coming,

but buckle up and know that God is with you.

That's what she was saying.

So the Lord did bless her and did send her to you.

All right?

This is Kenneth, Pat, who says,

"I was thinking about donating my body to science.

They study your body once you die.

Is this OK to do in God's eyes?"

Look, when you die, the spirit leaves,

and this whole house is just a shell that's left.

And if parts of it can help somebody else live

or have a better life, why not give it away?

It's not going to do you any good.

You don't need it anymore.




It's going.

Going, going, gone.

So there's nothing wrong with it.

And there's certainly nothing un-Christian about it.

All right?

This is Jennifer, who says, "In 2012, my son and I were

broadsided by a drunk driver.

I didn't sustain any injuries.

I didn't even have to go to the hospital.

But my son, who was 11 years old at the time,

died three hours after the crash.

Why would God take my only child from me

while I wasn't hurt at all?

I'm really struggling."

Well, God didn't take your child from you.

A drunk driver did.

And the thing you've got to remember

is we live in a sinful world.

We live in a world that people hurt each other, that they

shoot each other, that they--

Drive drunk.

--drive drunk and do foolish things.

And God just hasn't interfered to stop all of that.

The time is going to come when he takes total control.

And at that point of time, there will be no more opportunity

to repent from sin.

There'll be no more opportunity to do anything,

except enter into heaven or go to hell.

But at this time, God has given us free will.

And the consequence of free will is that some people exercise

free will to help others, and some people exercise free

will to hurt others.

But it's not God.

Don't blame God.

All right?


This is Kaina, who says, "My mom and I argue all the time.

I ask Jesus to forgive me and to help me

so I won't speak to her in such a terrible way,

but I can't seem to stop.

I'm under so much financial stress,

and I'm angry all the time.

How do I stop taking my anger out on her?"

The Bible says, "Be still and know that I am God."

You need to be still and turn your problems over to Jesus.

Now, the other thing that the Bible says

is that, parents, don't go after your children so bad

that they become rebellious.

And I don't know if your mother has been on your case

ever since you were a little kid.

And they can do that.

They can always be nagging, nagging, nagging, nagging,


And the kid grows up rebellious and hating the parent.

So I don't know which side we're dealing with.

But in terms of what you're supposed

to do, just take a deep breath, "be still, and know

that I am God."

Give it over to the Lord.

And know that if God isn't mad, if Jesus isn't mad,

you don't have to be.

So just chill.

That's all I can say.

This is Donna, who says, "Pat, I've noticed

you've stopped wearing a tie.

Is there a reason?"

Yeah, it's more comfortable.


How about that?


The reason I love-- these things hurt.

Really, it gets up around your neck.

We live in a situation where we're choked all the time,

and it's supposed to be fashionable?

Come on.


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