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How to Lead, Live and Love

Hillsong Church co-pastor Bobbie Houston shares how to navigate the challenges of life, love and leadership. Read Transcript

Brian and Bobbie Houston are the pastors of Hillsong church

in Sydney, Australia.

They're known for their massive conferences and lively music,

with more than 50 million people singing their songs every week.


Back in the early days, our focus was our city,

and then there was this beyond factor.


Their 40 year journey hasn't been without challenges,

but today, Bobby has blossomed in her role

as the founder of hill song's color conferences for women.

In her book, stay the path, Bobby

shares some of the mile markers that have shaped her life

and helps us navigate the bends and curves

we'll face in our own lives.

Well Bobby is here, all the way from down under,

and we're so happy to have you with us today--

To be here.

You're gorgeous.

Oh, you're nice.

Here's some stats that just kind of throw me.

It's like 40 years in ministry, 90,000 attending Hillsong

churches, 50 million people singing your music

all around the world.

I mean, did you ever have a clue,

in the beginning, that God was going to do this?

Absolutely not.

No idea at all.

And if you asked Brian, then he'd say the same thing.

No idea.

So it's just testament to the grace of God and that

exceeding abundant and above factor that is our God.

What went on in those early years

of the 40 years of ministry that has

helped you to stay the path?

Well, I think at the end of the day,

we've never actually departed from what

is the convictions of our lives, which

is to love God, love people, and love life.

In fact, we have a big banner now on all of our campuses

that actually says that.

Love God with all your heart, soul, and strength,

love people, and actually love life.

Because some--

It's a gift.


And sometimes the church landscape

can be a bit, sort of, sad and serious,

and these moments of truth, and these moments of reality,

and we're not saying that it's not,

but there's more joy than there is the other

and there's more wonder than there is the other.

And sometimes, in the difficult times,

you have to have developed the habit

of looking for that wonder, because it is always there.

But circumstances can kind of blind you for the moment

or for a season.

You talk about something that happened to you in 1999

that you say was the greatest battle scape of your lives,

personally, but also of the church.

Share that.

It was a difficult season.

I mean it really was I guess the sins of Brian's

father and his failings, and so that came to the foreground

and became known that he many, many, many years earlier,

in a broken place, hurt others, abused children, which

is just unacceptable.

And so those accusations became known, and to Brian, as a son,

to us as a church, to a movement, and to a nation.

And so the repercussion of that and the fall out of that

was quite enormous.

And so that was a season that we needed to navigate,

and I think it was a fiery season.


How did you know what to do, because that's

such an unusual scenario.

It wasn't something you had any idea about.

So it wasn't like you were prepared.

How did you seek the Lord?

How did you navigate those troubled waters

during those years?

Well, I mean, I was--

I mean you go into shock, and you have all sorts

of emotional reactions to that.

Brian rose up as a man of integrity and chief

and he led our family, our church, the movement

that he was oversetting at the time,

and our nation threw it, to the best of his ability.

And I think he did it with great integrity.

And I think all these years on, people

would actually say that also.

For me, I just sought to be the best wife that I could.

I dealt with it in my own heart, but it's like anything.

When you do have things come that are unexpected,

I mean, you can either implode and fall off the path,

or you can look up and you can draw on that wall of salvation.

You can draw from the encouragement

of those alongside of you and those

who stand with you in season and out of season.

And you discover that by the grace of God,

there's more in you than you realize.

And I think that sometimes is the miracle path

that God takes us on.

He goes do you know what?

I didn't-- I didn't orchestrate this.

I'm not the author of this in your life, but trust me.

I can use this, because we live in a fallen word.

I can use this to prove myself in you.

And to show others, through what I do in you.

You say in your book, stay the path, listen to the wind words.

What do you mean by that?

I love that.

Sound an orchestra.


Music up.

It really, for me, bottom line, it came from Revelation,


the seven letters to the seven churches.

And it says in the message, it says

listen to the wind words blowing through the churches

or listen to the spirit blowing through the churches.

And I think those revelation, those seven

letters to those seven churches were what--

were perfect words to those churches in that day, right?


Need it.

And I think today, we're living

in an era of his spirit poured out.

And I believe God's spirit, God, wants to speak to us.

He wants to help us.

He gave us the Holy Spirit.

And I think there are wind words, life, truth,

blowing through the churches.

So put yourself in a place where they're blowing over you.


You know, in--



And look for them and listen for them, because God,

he wants to help us.

It's not a mystery.

He wants us to--

he wants us to win in life.

He wants us to finish what he has begun in us.

Tell me about the women's conferences that you do,

because I know you have a special heart for women.

And I want to hear what God's doing with that.

Yeah, I just think, again, I think

we're living in a remarkable age and a great chapter

in the body of Christ in the church.

And I think God is just aligning the church and bringing it to--

as he intended, where we have men and women together.

And I think the conference, ultimately,

is about placing value upon womanhood.

And that's broad and diverse.

But within that, there is a welcoming

of the feminine heart.

There is a welcoming of what God has

put within the feminine heart, to the table

so that the church can actually be who she needs to be

and society can be who she needs to be.

And I think it's a given that without women at the table,--



Something's missing--

Society limps and the church limps.

And so I have given my heart and soul to this.

I run up, because I felt it like a God directive in my heart.

21 years now.


So we've just come up the back of doing nine conferences

around the world.

Been away for like eight or nine weeks.

So it's--

Ready to--


Go home, even though you've been blessed by it, I'm sure.

The title, stay the path, someone

may be watching and listening right now, that's saying,

boy, I've gotten off the path.

I've gotten so far off the path, I

don't know if I can get back on it.

Is it ever too late?

Never ever, and I would just say, hey, we empathize.

You're not alone.

I would say, sweetheart, if it's a gentleman or a woman,

I'd say sweetheart, stand up, shake yourself off,

find your bearings again, find your focus,

and get back on the path.

And saturate yourself in the word of God.

Read the Psalms.

Read them aloud.

Get into good, strong fellowship and don't

isolate, because the enemy's strategy is always

to isolate us.

And it's not, no come on you can do this--

When we're isolated, we believe the lies a little more


Yeah, entirely.

Well, I want you to know Bobby's book

is rich with her wisdom.

40 years in ministry, and God's still doing amazing things.

I want to suggest you pick up a copy of this.

It's called stay the path, navigating

the challenges and the wonder of life, love, and leadership.

This is available wherever books are sold.

Good to have you here.


Thank you.


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