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Audio Adrenaline Takes On Haiti's Orphan Crisis

Lead singer of the Christian rock group, Audio Adrenaline, discusses The Hands and Feet Project that provides family-style, residential care for Haitian Orphans. Read Transcript

Two years ago, Adam Agee got the opportunity of a lifetime--

to be the lead singer for the hit band Audio Adrenaline.

Adam said yes, and soon he was releasing a chart

topping album and helping the needy around the world.

Take a look.

Adam Agee is the lead singer of the Grammy award-winning

Christian band Audio Adrenaline.

He's performed over 2,000 shows and events in over 20 countries

around the world.


(SINGING) With you head held high right about now.


You got to move--

But Adam doesn't just share Christ through his music.

In 2004, Audio Adrenaline founded the Hands and Feet

Project, a nonprofit organization

that helps orphans in Haiti whose

families have been destroyed by war, sickness, and poverty.

Adam Agee is here with us now.

And we welcome you to "The 700 Club."

Good to have you here.

Thank you so much.

So you're the lead singer.

How did that come about?

Yeah, I just--

I've known the Audio A guys for a long time.

And one day, I got a call from Mark Stuart saying,

hey, we want to ramp up the band to start

raising some money for the Hands and Feet Project down in Haiti,

would you like to sing?

So I asked my wife, can I be in Audio Adrenaline?

And she said--

[LAUGHS] Please, please, please?

She said yes.

If it's about the ministry, then absolutely.


Well, what a great opportunity to make a difference you have.

I mean, I think everybody would see that opportunity.

And maybe, in seeing the opportunity

of being the lead singer, not understand

there's a lot of pressure that goes with that.

Yeah, big shoes to fill for sure.

Like I say, this band goes back almost 30 years.

And they've had amazing, amazing songs.

But now, moving forward, it's so fun

to be able to champion those kids in Haiti

and tell the world, at each one of our shows,

about the ministry down there.

Well, you said that you joined not for the music opportunity

only, or even necessarily, but because

of the humanitarian work.

Tell us your heart for that.


It's one of those things.

I'll never forget my first time to Haiti.

It was like immediate.

They're like, hey, we want to get you on a plane

and get you down there.

And I got to go see the kids and see

the difference between those kids in the Hands and Feet

village versus the kids on the street.

It's just-- it's so different.

The kids on the street there in Haiti

just have this look of hopelessness, and no love.

And then as you drive into the gates of the Hands and Feet

Project, they're running out at us, smiling,

and they've got this whole dance and song

routine planned for us.

And they just look different.

They've just got hope and the love of Jesus on their face,

and they just look like kids.

So what is the Hands and Feet Project,

for people who haven't heard about it before?

It is-- we try to keep families together,

first and foremost.

But then we're really trying to end the orphan crisis in Haiti,

and the cycle of orphaned and abandoned kids.

We take care of about 100 orphaned or abandoned

kids in our two locations, and then also

have just completed construction on a place called IKONDO, which

is a mission guest village.

And we house missionaries and are encouraging mission tourism

to try to build up the economy in Haiti.

That's wonderful.

So every time you have a concert,

you're able to tell people about the Hands and Feet Project.

And do you get a good response?

Oh, it's awesome.

And personally, I love it.

It makes it more about the music.

And we say that in our lyrics, and we

say these things, hey, go do all these things.

And this is a real life place that you can go.

And we take groups with us.

And we've gone on mission trips with fans and with friends,

and it's something to live out the lyrics of these songs.

And, you know, sometimes I think people really

have a heart for that.

But if they don't know anyone who's going and doing that,

they don't know, how do I get there?

Because when you see it, it marks you for life, doesn't it?


I mean, there's a part of my heart in Haiti

that will never leave.

And people have said the same thing when they go down.

And we try to make it as easy as possible.

Hey, we're going on a trip, come with us,

we'll take care of everything.

We just want you to see it.

We want you to experience it.

And it'll change you.

Talk a little bit about Audio Adrenaline's music.

When you write, when you decide on a song,

what are you looking for?

We are looking for encouragement.

We like to encourage our fans and listeners and just

people all over the place.

And then we want to take it to that next level

of really challenging people in their faith.

And get out of your comfort zone and go

make a difference in the world, and make

it more about just surviving.

But God's going to use you.

He wants to use you right now.

You don't have to have all-- you know, everything in order

and have it all together.

He wants to use you, just who you are right now.

Sometimes He's looking for people

who don't have it all together.

That's because He gets the glory that way, right?


So do you all write most of your own music?

Do you-- are songs submitted by other writers?

How does that work?

Yes, a little bit of both.

I was fortunate to get to write a bunch of the songs

on this record.

But we've got a great team of guys in Nashville

and New York and LA that we get to write with

and submitting songs.

So it's a lot of fun.

That's got to be part of the really great fun of belonging

to the group, I think, is the creative end of it,

not just the performance part of it.

Yeah, yeah.

And the guys in the band are amazing musicians.

And so it's just a top notch thing to be around.

They don't even let me play guitar, which is great.

And so we just have a great time.

Your latest release, "Sound of the Saints,"

you mentioned writing some of the songs on here.

What do you want the take away from this to be?

The first track is called "Move"

and it's a song that says, "if you're ready or not,

give it all that you got.

You've got to move."

And it's just that the call to action, and get out there.

And then the title track, "Sound of the Saints,"

is a song about all the beautiful sounds

in creation and the melodies that God has created.

But then the one sound that we think

is the most beautiful is the sound of the children in Haiti,

and people in the US and all over the world singing

the same song to our Creator.

Well, I want to mention--

I'll tell you what, I'm going to let

you go get ready to sing for us, if you will.

And I'll tell people how they can get ahold of this

while you do that.

The song is called "Sound of the Saints."

That's what he's going to be singing for us today.

It's also the title of Audio Adrenaline's 10th album,

which happens to be the first featuring Adam on lead vocals.

It's hit the top slot on the Christian music charts.

You can pick up your own copy or download a copy

wherever music is sold.

If you'd like to help Audio Adrenaline's Hands and Feet


very substantial opportunity to make a difference--

go to

And while you're thinking about all of that,

and what you're going to do, how you're going to get your CD

and participate in Hands and Feet as well,

here's Adam Agee with "The Sound of the Saints,"

the title song of the CD.


Oh, I love to hear the song of creation, the wind

and the rhythm of the rain.

Oh the thunder, it speaks of your power.

But there's something in the sound of the saints.

I've been washed in the roar of the ocean.

Found peace in the echos of a cave.

And the trees of the field, they clap their hands,

but there's something in the sound of the saints.

From the lips of those you saved,

a redemption song will rise.

With the sound so fully cracks the sky, oh we sing hallelujah.

Whoa-oh-oh, we sing amen.

Hear the sound of the saints as we march on to Zion singing,

hallelujah amen.

We're singing, hallelujah amen.

And I will hear the chorus of the angels, forever

a symphony of praise.

And I long to hear the voice of my Savior,

and he hears us, the sound of the saints.

From the lips of those you saved,

a redemption song will rise.

Every tongue, every tribe, hear the church, your bride.

Whoa, we sing hallelujah.

Whoa-oh-oh, we sing amen.

Hear the sound of the saints as we march on to Zion singing,

hallelujah, amen.

We're singing, hallelujah, amen.

Whoa, whoa, our hearts will rise.

Our song shall be.

Jesus Christ, our Savior King forever.

Our hearts will rise.

The Saints will sing of Jesus Christ, our Savior King,



Oh, we sing hallelujah.

Oh, we sing amen.

Hear the sound of the saints as we march on to Zion singing,

hallelujah, amen.

We're singing, hallelujah, amen.

Whoa, we sing hallelujah.

Whoa, we sing amen.

Hear the sound of the saints as we march onto Zion singing,

hallelujah, amen.

We're singing, hallelujah, amen.

Hallelujah, amen.



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