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Getting Your Hands Dirty for God

Audio Adrenaline front man Adam Agee discusses life, music, and “The Hands and Feet Project.” Read Transcript


the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning Christian band

Audio Adrenaline.

He's performed over 2,000 shows and events in over 20 countries

around the world.


But Adam doesn't just share Christ through his music.

In 2004, Audio Adrenaline founded the Hands and Feet

Project, a nonprofit organization

that helps orphans in Haiti whose

families have been destroyed by war, sickness, and poverty.

Well, he's joining us right now.

Adam, it's great to have you here.

Thank you so much.

For so long a fan of Audio Adrenaline, and now

the lead singer.

How did that come to be?

Just a crazy, crazy way God works.

I had known the Audio Adrenaline guys for a while

and stolen all of Mark's moves on stage

for my own band, Stellar Kart.


So you were ready.

Oh, yeah.

I knew half the songs anyway, so the learning curve

was not too bad.

But yeah, I got the call from the guys

saying they wanted to ramp the band back up

and raise some money for Haiti.

And so--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Let's talk about that, because I

think that's so exciting.

It's one thing, you know, when God's gifted you

with a voice and musical ability to be in front of thousands

of people and perform.

But to know that you're doing it and have an opportunity

to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people

who will never be able to afford a live concert, talk about--

it's Hands and Feet?

Hands and Feet, yes.

Hands and Feet.

Talk about the project.

The Hands and Feet Project-- and if you want more info,, we take care of over 100 kids in two

children's villages in the country of Haiti,

orphaned and abandoned kids.

And the goal is to, first, keep families together,

but then we take care of the kids

and give them homes and give them a place to stay.

And just the difference in these kids versus the kids

on the street is astonishing.

And I'll never forget seeing the kids for the first time as we

were driving through Port-au-Prince and seeing just

the kids on the street and the hopelessness in their face,

and then driving through the gates of the Hands and Feet

Project and seeing these kids who were taken care

of and sponsored by people like me and you--

Clean and clothed and educated.

Just running out with smiles on their face.

They just looked like kids.

They were just-- they had hope and joy, and it was amazing.

There is so much poverty in Haiti,

and it's taken such a toll over the years.

Why do you think there are so many orphaned

children in Haiti?

I think it's just a product of that parents

don't have enough funds to support their kids,

and they just--

they want to.

There are a lot of families that want to stay together,

but they just can't.

They don't-- the mom's working.

The dad's working.

They're trying to scrape by to have--

Not even safe, in some ways.

Yeah, exactly.

And so they have these kids, and they just

can't take care of them.


And we think of orphans a lot as having parents

who are not alive anymore, but the orphan crisis

is very much parents who are there.

They just can't take care of their kids.

I love hearing you say, though,

that your very first goal was to keep the family together,

because that's God's idea.

You know, he says he puts the lonely in families,

and there are lots of opportunities,

I think, for organizations like yours and others

to invest in family scenarios for kids,

helping with self-sustainability projects, that kind of thing.


We're trying to bring dignity--


--to the country, and keeping families together.

We've had some of our first kids graduate out of the program

and begin working in the workplace.

And then they take that mentality back

to their family and their village, and their brothers

and sisters.

And just trying to create a new cycle that's not just

a handout, but it's trying to lift up the culture

and change it.

And you really are, when you do something like this,

raising up a generation that can make

a difference for the entire country,

because kids who are educated grow up

to lead in a different fashion, don't you think?


And I'm so thankful for the platform

that we have on stage in front of hundreds of thousands

of people a year to tell them, to bring them on trips with us

down to Haiti and show them the kids.

And then just educating these kids and giving them a chance,

giving them a shot at life.

Indelibly imprinting them with faces

that they'll never forget.

I want to talk about, or just mention,

at any rate, your latest CD.

It's called Sound of the Saints.

And so when you enjoy the music of Audio Adrenaline

and our guest today, you need to know that you are supporting

the work that they do in Haiti.

This is the first one featuring Adam on lead vocals.

It's now number one on the Christian music charts,

so kudos to you.

ADAM AGEE: Thank you.

You can pick up or download a copy wherever music is sold.

To help Audio Adrenaline's Hands and Feet Project,

go to

We'll give you more information there.

Great to have you here, Adam.

ADAM AGEE: Thank you so much.

Thank you.


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