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Can You Make God Famous?

Actress Lisa Lloyd knows she's been put on this planet to make God famous. She shares how seeking the spotlight can change how we view God and ourselves. Read Transcript


One day, Lisa Lloyd was on her way to an audition.

At the time, she was thinking about how badly

she wanted to be what the director was looking for.

That's when she realized her goals were way off

and that she was chasing fame for the wrong person.

NARRATOR: You may have seen actress Lisa

Lloyd in TV commercials.

But her acting roles weren't just about building

a successful career.

Lisa wanted to be validated and spent years

chasing her own fame.

In her book, "Chasing Famous," Lisa

shares events that changed her life forever.

And why she stepped out of the spotlight

and learned to shine it on others.


Lisa Lloyd is with us, now.

Lisa, welcome to the program.

Thank you.

It's so nice to meet you.

Wendy, thank you for having me.

So I just heard that your introduction

to the Christian faith came from watching this program.

Yes, I was watching 700 Club when I was six years old.

And I was watching puppies and puppets.

And they were talking about coming to know Christ.

And I said, I want to do that.

Oh my goodness, so after you were a believer

and you accepted Jesus, you put him on the back burner, though.

And you started-- you traded the voice of the Holy Spirit

for the voice of your peers.

I did.

What happened?

I did.

When I was in high school, I was looking to boys

to replace that love that God wanted to fill.

And I gave up my virginity when I was 15 years old.





And then, when I was 18 years old,

I found out that I was pregnant.

And though I was a Christian, I was

scared to talk to my church or my friends or my family.

And I decided that the only way to get rid of this crisis

pregnancy was to terminate.


And so that's what I did.

But the amazing thing is that a couple of months

later, I was talking with a friend of mine.

And she was reminding me of how much God loved me.

And she said, God wants to use you, Lisa,

for all kinds of things.

But he can't if you're going to get

to keep going down this path.

And I-- it's like the scales fell off my eyes.

And I saw my sin for the first time in years.

And I said, God, can we just start over?

Can we just do all of this again?

Can I get a redo?

And I felt the Holy Spirit just envelop my soul.

And I turned around 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

And I've never been the same.

But you've always loved acting.

Why did you get into acting?

I started out as a dancer.

And so I started dancing as a little girl.

And then I got into theater when I was in high school.

And I started doing some of that.

And then I majored in it in college

and got an agent after college and moved to LA

for a little bit and met my husband doing theater.

It was--

You were in Dallas in a theater production

when you met a man named Markus--


--who became your husband.

What was special about him?


You know, I noticed that he was--

everybody liked him.

There's something different about him.

He was a magnet to people, or for people.

And then when we started talking with each other

and got to know each other, I realized that Jesus

was everything to him.

He loved God more than anything else.

And I was like, I need to hang on to this one.

I need to stay with this guy.

And you were a Christian at that time,

but it was still something that was not your focus.


Christianity-- I love the Lord.

I love the Lord.

And I loved acting.

But it was on the way to an audition one day

when I sensed that God say, Lisa,

I want you to be more concerned with making

me famous at this audition than yourself.

Even though I loved God, but I'd always still

been focused on me.

And that was a game changer for me.

I really wanted to--

I was like, well, then I'm going to go into this audition.

And instead of wanting to be enough, choose me, need me,

select me, I'm like, you know what?

God's already chosen me.

He's already selected me.

So I'm just going to worry about glorifying God and using

the talent that he's given me.

And that's going to be my focus, as opposed to being accepted.

That's so freeing, isn't it?

It was totally freeing.

When it doesn't have to be about you.

And the pressure is off.


But Markus, back to Markus, so you guys started dating,

fell in love.


And were you nervous about telling him about your past,

about the abortion?

And how did he handle all that?

I was nervous, because I didn't want to--

I didn't-- I knew that I was a new person.

And he didn't know that person.

And I was worried about what he was going to-- worried, maybe,

about what he would think.

But I'm not surprised that he totally,

just like Jesus did, enveloped me.

And physically just scooped me up into his arms and said,

Lisa, you are a new person.

I don't even know that person from back then.

I don't even know who that is.

Look at what God has done.

And he gave God all kinds of glory.

And what's really cool is that he encourages

me to keep telling my story.

And he's like, you got to share this with people.

People have got to know what God's done.

So when you gave up your quest to make Lisa famous

and decided, I'm going to make Jesus famous,

how did that impact your career, in a good way or bad way?

In a great way.

I had always not wanted to do theater or commercials

or performances where it would compromise my beliefs in God.

But what it did for me, is it caused

me to think less about me on set and more about other people.

So it wasn't about being enough for this director,

being enough for this fellow actor.

Or will they continue to think that they've made a good choice

when they selected me.

It's how can I build relationships with people?

How can I shine Jesus to them?

How can I be open to share my story, even?

And you're getting great work.

You've got a McDonald's commercial.

That's pretty primo.

Yeah, it's fun.

God's blessed it.

And I think God blesses it not so that I

get the praise and the glory.

But he knows that if I give this to Lisa,

she's going to do her best.

And I'm not perfect, but she's going

to do her best to bring me glory on set.

What is your biggest passion in the acting world?

Is it theater?

Is it movies?

Is it commercials?

Or is it all of it?

I love all of it.

Time wise, since I have two kids,

I have to limit myself right now, time wise,

to some of the commercials in the industrials that

don't take me away from my home for weeks at a time.

So I really love that.

And I love the relationships that I get to build there.

So it's a good-- it's fun.

Well, you know, there's--

I heard that, Pat Robertson is getting

into the movie business.

So you might want to talk to him after the show.

Well, I heard that, too.

He has some connections.


All right, well, "Chasing Fame," is living the life

you've always auditioned for.

I love that line.

I heard a line once.

We're supposed to be the leading ladies in our own lives, right?

It's not a dress rehearsal.

That's right.

Well, this book is available nationwide.

You want to get this.

It's very encouraging.

And you will love it.

Lisa, thank you.

And God bless.

Yes, thank you, Wendy.

Great to meet you.

Thank you, so much.



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