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Seeking God and Not the Spotlight

Actress Lisa Lloyd talks about how seeking the spotlight can alter how we see God and ourselves. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: You may have seen actress Lisa Lloyd in TV

commercials, but her acting roles

weren't just about building a successful career.

Lisa wanted to be validated, and spent years

chasing her own fame.

In her book, "Chasing Famous," Lisa

shares events that changed her life forever.

And why she stepped out of the spotlight,

and learned to shine it on others.

Lisa, welcome to the 700 Club Interactive.

Thank you.

Thanks for having me.

Great to have you.

I'm guessing the acting bug bit you when you were quite young.

It did.

It did.

I was in third grade when my mom gave me the opportunity

to go audition at the Amarillo Little Theater

for "Babes in Toyland."

And so I auditioned, and did that when I was a little girl,

and continued through in high school.

And graduated with my acting degree, and got an agent,

and so it's always been something I've wanted to do.

Besides men and women having a particular talent in theater

and acting, is a lot of it just for affirmation?

I mean, really, when it gets down to it,

we all crave affirmation.


We do.

I think we, oftentimes, if we're not

seeking the affirmation of God, we're

seeking the affirmation of people.

I think it's, for me, at least, it's because I'm insecure.


My identity is often not in God.

It's in people.

So choose me, need me, select me, want me,

is my constant cry.

But what I try and remember is that God has already chosen me.

He's already selected me.

So I don't have-- because these people around, they're

going to fail me, you know.

I'm not going to be able-- they're not always

going to give me what I need.

But God does, and I think that's, it's

pretty easy to say, kind of hard to live out.

But how did you come to that place?

I mean, it wasn't always that way for you,

where you realize that God has accepted you,

affirms you, loves you.

That's a journey.


It is a journey, and it's still a journey.

I haven't always figured it out, because I don't always

wake up in the morning, and go like, oh, I don't need anybody.

You know, like I still crave, I still want that.

So I think that, often, it's a reset for me in the morning,

spending time with God.

It's spending time with like-minded people,

too, that are going to affirm me,

or going to remind me of my affirmation in God.

Until you came that realization

that God does affirm you, once you want to be in relationship,

you had a bit of a rough journey,

right, with particular heartbreaks, that changed you.

I did.

I did.

I became a Christian as a little girl, but by the time

I was 15 years old, I was kind of seeking the affirmation,

and the love of young boys, and lost my virginity

when I was 15.

At 18, found out that I was pregnant, and, even though I

was a Christian, the only way out of that, to me,

was to have an abortion.

And, so that's what I did.

But a friend of mine, who loved the Lord and loved me,

spoke truth to me, and reminded me of how crazy God was for me.

And so, in that moment, it's like the scales fell off

my eyes, and I just said, God, can we

start all this over again?

And He enveloped me, and I've never been the same.

Because at that point, you felt, in your book

you say, like God couldn't use you anymore,

because of that mistake, that thing, that act in your life.



I believed the lie that, because I'd made such a huge mistake,

that I was ineffective.

Which is a lie, right?

It's total--


Yeah, yeah, yeah, God can't use me.

I've screwed up.

I'm going to be a hypocrite, or I'm ineffective.

But that's-- but God wants to use our stories, right?

He wants to use that, what could have destroyed us,

for His glory.

And we have to be brave.

And it's hard to do, but we have to be brave, and talk

about that to give God glory.

It's not going to happen if we stay quiet.

And so often, we compare ourselves to other people,


And I've got to think in the acting industry,

there's a lot of that.

There is--

A lot of envy of others and jealousy.

How do you overcome that?

There is a lot of envy, and a lot of comparison, you know.

There's a gal that I follow on Facebook,

and she's just like this gorgeous gal.

And I have often wanted to be her, you know.

But, you know, what happens, I think, when I compare myself,

and when we compare ourselves, is

we miss out on the opportunity to be used where God has us,

right now, because I'm so worried about being somebody

else, and being somebody else's version of success.

But God's got His own version of success for me,

and I need to be grateful for who I am,

how God's made me, how He's gifted and made me talented,

and how He wants to use me, so that I

can get to work being the person that He's created me to be.

And one thing I think your book

does so well, it talks about how God sees a far bigger picture,

and has a far different sense of timing than we do, really.

And we don't like to wait for things.

We don't.

I want what I want, and I want it right now.

Especially when it comes to, when

I feel that God has called me to do something.

He's, you know, He said, I've got this for you.

This is going to be what I'm going to have you do one day.

And I want to do it now.

And God often asks us to wait, to wait for our cue,

so to speak, you know.

And He did that with Moses.

He asked Moses to wait.

And often, I think it has a lot to do with me, sometimes,

but it often has nothing to do with me,

and everything to do with God, or other people,

or God's perfect timing.

And I just, what I want to try and remember, then,

is I want to wait well for my cue, for my release

onto the stage, so to speak.

And you've had many auditions over the years.

Excuse me.

There was one in particular that was life changing for you,

wasn't there?



Yes, yes.

There was, there was a time just,

yeah, I just, when I was driving to this particular audition,

and I was, I was nervous, and I was

anxious about booking the job.

And the Lord said to me, He said,

Lisa I want you to go and be more concerned

about making Me famous at this audition than yourself.

And that really kind of changed everything for me,

because I wasn't going now to this audition for the director

to select me to be enough for him,

to be pretty enough, or talented enough, or just that perfect

thing that he wanted me to be, or she wanted me to be.

But it was going to be about how, God, how

can you use your talent, the talent You've given me,

for your glory?

And now the booking of the job was not up to me.

The booking of the job was up to God.

And I was able to go in there, and say, God,

glorify yourself through me.

Make yourself famous through me.

And that was-- there was a lot of joy, joy in that.

And I've tried to let that filter into the rest

of my life, as well.

And since then, you've married a wonderful guy named Marcus.


And I love in your book how you

talked about, I think a lot of husbands and wives

may have had experiences like this, or they should.

You were praying to God about how to see your husband.


I, for the longest time, I saw--

I didn't assume the best of my husband.

I assumed the worst.

And I think a lot of that, a lot of the tension that he

and I would have, was not because of him or me.

I think that the person that we were fighting was the enemy.

That's our struggle, right, is the enemy.

We fail to recognize that most of the time.


And he is going to work until we are

done, till we are dead in the ground,

to destroy our marriage.

And when I began to recognize that, and see, OK, so

let me now recognize that I'm fighting the enemy.

So I'm going to assume the best of my husband.

I'm going to try and die to my desires.

How can I serve him?

How can I-- how can I love him well, not perfect at it,

but how can I do my very best.

I turned into a more "holy" Lisa than a "trying to be happy"


And there was great joy in that.

And it affected our marriage in such a positive way.

It affected me and him, and it was a game changer for us.

That's a great insight.

It really is.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Well, the book is called "Chasing Famous."

It's a wonderful book, has a lot of great wisdom in it.

And you can pick it up wherever books are sold.

I want to thank you again for being with us.

You bet.

Thank you for having me.

Glad to have you.


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