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Bring It On-Line: - May 24, 2017


We want to take some time to answer some of the emails

you've submitted to us, so let's bring it on for a moment here,


This is from Kelly, who says, "I was wondering if the credit

cards with chips in them could be the 'Mark of the Beast?'

So many people say that they are,

and I've been wanting to get one,

but I don't want to take the chance if it is."

When you read the Bible, there are two evil people.

One is the one we know as the world dictator, the Antichrist.

The other is the False Prophet.

The false prophet is the one who insists

on having people have a mark on their hand

that indicates that they have sworn allegiance

to the big guy.

And he says, you can't buy or sell without the mark

of the beast that's on you.

And his number's 666.

I mean, six is one less than perfection.

It's the mark of humanity.

All right.

I don't see a chip on a credit card

being the mark of the beast, but they are implanting stuff.

They're putting microchips into people's skins

that will have all their medical data,

have everything about them.

And it would be easy to program those things.

And if you have all your money on one of them,

they could just punch a button at a central computer

and take your money away.

So it's something that I would steer clear of,

but I don't think a credit card with a computer chip's

any problem.

All right?

OK, this is Laurie, who says, "I've

been in a relationship that has been off and on for five years.

This person cheated on me, and I forgave him.

We no longer live together but still see each other.

I want to go to church, but he doesn't.

I feel God pulling me away from the relationship and more

towards the Lord.

I rely on this man to help pay bills

because I'm a single parent.

I work full-time, but it's just not enough.

I worry that I'll lose my apartment

and be unable to take care of myself,

but I want to live for God.

This guy also has a bad past that

prevents us from marrying for at least two more years.

I love him, but I am at a loss as to what I should do.

Please offer some advice."

You know, there are more strange relationships taking

place that people get in such trouble.

That relationship doesn't sound healthy, and you see it.

He can't get married for two years?

What is he, a convict?

What has he got, a criminal record?

You can get married, I think, with a criminal record.

Yeah, I don't know.

She doesn't explain this.

I don't know what the problem is, because she doesn't say.

What should you do?

What you ought to do is break it off.

Trust God, and God will take care of you.

And you have skills that you've learned.

You obviously are able to work and take care of yourself,

so do it.

Don't rely on somebody else.

Rely on the Lord.

And if you don't have any skills,

get some training, because there are many, many jobs.

Right now, there are 1 million jobs, 1 million open jobs

in cybersecurity.

One million jobs-- and that pays $50,000 and up.

In nursing, there's a huge demand for nursing

and some of the specialty skills.

They can go and on and on.

OK, what else you got?

OK, this is Brandon, who says, "My girlfriend

and I have been together for a while now.

God is first in our relationship.

However, we do sleep together some nights in the same bed

because it's easier to stay with each other

when it's late at night, instead of driving

to our own apartments.

Is it a sin if we're restraining from sex

but still sleep in the same bed together?"

No, I don't think it's a--

it's powerfully tempting.


Yeah, really.

Wow, Brandon.

I don't think it's a sin.

I mean, you know, in the old days,

you had five or six people sleeping in one bed.

There were shortages of beds in the inns.

I can't imagine that you're doing this

without some temptation and something.

You'd think so, but maybe not.

But OK.

You asked me, is it a sin?

I don't think it's a sin to sleep

in the same bed with somebody.


This is Sharon who says, "Dear Pat, in the last 10 months,

I've been treated for what was originally

thought to be depression.

It turns out that I'm just very slightly on the bipolar

spectrum as I had a bad reaction to the antidepressant I tried.

I had a genetic tests done to see how I metabolize

medication, but after 11 medications,

I still cannot get out of this.

I have a team of prayer warriors and I have had therapy,

but still, I sometimes feel like giving up.

Why hasn't God answered my prayers?

Does He really want me to be like this?

It's unbearable."

Look, God doesn't want anybody to be miserable.

And I don't know what all--

let me tell you.

We had somebody earlier talking about the eating

of certain good foods that will keep you from having arthritis,

at least the pain of arthritis.

I think depression is real.

There's no question about it.

It isn't something in the mind.

But at the same time, you might need some psychotherapy,

but also exercise.

You cannot imagine how much better it makes you feel

if you're exercising, getting fresh air,

and getting plenty of sleep.

I mean, it's the standard stuff.

Cut out sweets, cut out caffeinated and carbonated


Eat whole food, eat the vegetables,

eat lean meat, and not a whole lot of it.

Eat chicken and that kind of stuff, fish, fish oil,

and you'll be amazed how it will transform your life.

That's what I would think.

But depression is real, and you know, ask

God to help you, and then follow His plan.


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