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News on The 700 Club: May 30, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," May 30: Danger growing: What would war with North Korea look like?, Prayers for the president: Intercessors hit DC, asking God to 'trump' Trump, and more. Read Transcript

Well it's back to work after what

I hope was a pleasant Memorial Day weekend

as we honored the fallen men and women of our armed forces

over the years.

It used to be Memorial Day had to do with the Civil War.

And now it's all the other wars we've fought.

And it was a day of remembrance.

And for that I'm grateful.

I'm sure you had a good time.

We all did.

But then when you went up to headlines

that say catastrophic.

That's how the Secretary of Defense

described a possible war with North Korea

over its nuclear weapons program.

Still it seems like nothing will stop the North

from building those weapons and possibly

the will and the technology to carry them

all the way to the mainland of the United States.

So the Defense Department is testing a missile defense

program today to see if it can stop a North Korean attack

on America.

Charlene Aaron has the story.

CHARLENE AARON (VOICEOVER): The previously scheduled US

missile defense test comes after North Korea fired off

yet another missile Monday.

Pyongyang launched a scud class missile into the sea

off its east coast.

It's the latest in a fast paced series of missile tests defying

international pressure and threats of more sanctions.

South Korea says it looks-- the North plans

to go ahead with its nuclear weapons and missiles programs

no matter what the rest of the world thinks.


INTERPRETER: The ballistic missile firing

this time seems to reveal the North's willingness

to build its capacity in nuclear and missiles

through its own roadmap, despite sanctions

and pressure from the international community.

And the US and South Korea conducted a joint exercise near

the North Korean border Monday involving B-1B bombers.

According to the "Wall Street Journal",

the drill involving B-1Bs is the second this month.

It was a move North Korea called a grave military provocation.

And President Trump condemned the defiant regime

in the north, tweeting, "North Korea

has shown great disrespect for their neighbor

China by shooting off yet another ballistic missile.

But China is trying hard."

The president told Reuters last month

that a major conflict with North Korea was possible.

He said he preferred a diplomatic solution.

But he added that would be very difficult.

And if a diplomatic solution isn't possible,

what would a war with North Korea look like?

Defense Secretary James Mattis told CBN it would be--

Probably the worst kind of fighting

in most people's lifetimes.

CHARLENE AARON (VOICEOVER): Mattis also warned

that a possible battle with North Korea

would place US allies in the region at extreme risk.

And he warned of the consequences

of such a conflict.

The bottom line is, it would be a catastrophic war if this

turns into combat, if we're not able to resolve this situation

through diplomatic means.


Well is there any other way out of it?

You know, years ago I was stationed in Korea.

I was there with the 1st Marine Division

during the so-called Korean War.

And that was the time that MacArthur

said, let's go wipe them out and let's get the thing done.

And Truman said, no, it'll incite China

and we'll have a major war.

And so we didn't follow MacArthur's advice.

We should have.

But what can we do?

Do you suppose that some way we could go in there

and decapitate that regime, take out Kim Jong-un?

It's a possibility, but difficult to say the least,

I mean a suicide mission.

But something's got to be done because if they

drop a nuke on San Francisco or Los Angeles

or someplace in Alaska, the consequences will

be simply overwhelming.

The grief will be horrendous.

But if they start a war against Seoul,

they could destroy Seoul, Korea, which is right near the border

and has all these hundreds of thousands

of innocent civilians.

It's a terrible choice to have to face from our leaders.

And we've allowed that guy to get to this point.

And there was a time we could've stopped him.

But we kept playing with him, playing with him.

It's like you got a cobra in your backyard

and you want to play with it, make it a pet.

It wouldn't work that way.

And this thing-- this man is vicious.

He's crazy.

He's psychopathic.

He had his own relatives murdered.

And he wouldn't hesitate to take out a large portion

of the American population.

And he would gloat in the process.

Well in other news, the brutal terrorists from ISIS

have struck again, this time with a deadly car

bomb in Baghdad.

John Jessup has that.

That's right Pat.

In addition to that attack, there was a second car bombing

as well.

More than 30 are dead from both of the attacks.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the car bomb

that exploded outside a popular ice cream shop

in central Baghdad.

The second car bomb exploded, killed

12 people in the downtown area of the city when

a car filled with explosives went off during rush hour.

The attacks come as ISIS is steadily losing more territory

to US-backed Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul,

which has been ISIS's de facto capital in Iraq.

Well, Islamic radicals are trying

to establish a regional branch of ISIS

in a southern city in the Philippines.

The Philippine military says the radicals

include foreign fighters and local gunmen.

Now the military is conducting airstrikes

trying to regain control of the city of Marawi, already

overrun by ISIS.

The city is located on the island of Mindanao

where more than 100 people have died

and 70,000 people have fled since the terrorists launched

their attack.

Among the dead are nine Christians

who were executed for their faith.

Filipino troops have carried out precision attacks

with tanks and rocket launchers to target the radicals.

Mindanao has long been the base for homegrown Islamic radicals

in the Philippines.

And the government officials say they're getting outside help.

Soldiers have taken control of about 70% of the city.


You know, the Korean thing is somewhat difficult.

The ISIS thing is not difficult if we do it right.

We just have to mount the military force to destroy ISIS.

We need to go into Raqqa in Syria.

We need to take strongholds of ISIS.

We need to decapitate them, destroy their leadership,

and literally run them over.

We can't play this thing anymore.

If we have to put a couple of divisions of American troops

in there, we have to do it.

Now's the time.

And my thought-- and I've said it over and over again.

It might not please Turkey, but we need to arm the Kurds

and we need to allow the Kurds to have their own nation.

And then we will have a counterbalance to

this radical ISIS philosophy.

But it has to be done, and it has to be done quickly,

or they will continue to send off bombs, continue

to wreck terror in Europe, in France or London,

and then here in the United States.

We have to do something.

And it's kind of like an all out effort.

It's not just airplanes.

It's not just bombs.

We're going to have to put boots on the ground

and go into their strongholds in force and take them over.

And we have to do the same thing, something in Syria.

I think it's a long time for that dictator

there to be taken out.

And we say we don't have any alternative,

but we need to mount an alternative.

We need to find somebody and set him up as president

and get Syrian support for something like that.

It's time to me to do.

We can't wait any longer.

And we have a president who likes action.

Now's the time Donald, sir, to act.


Pat, we're learning President Trump's son-in-law Jared

Kushner joined a senior Trump administration adviser

for a one time meeting with the Russian ambassador in December.

The meeting focused on Syria, according

to a report from Fox News.

And the Russians brought up the idea

of using a secure line between Russia and the Trump

administration, not Kushner himself.

That comes after a "Washington Post" report

that said Kushner wanted to develop

a private line with Russia.

Experts have pointed out so-called back channels

have often been used by various presidents throughout history.

Well, a Regent graduate is leading an effort

to get people worldwide to pray for President Trump.

And some of these prayer warriors

came here to Washington from all over the world to do just that.

Paul Strand has the story.

PAUL STRAND (VOICEOVER): Almost everyone

at this festive gathering at the Trump International

Hotel had one thing in common.

They contributed prayers to a book called

"Prayers for the President."

Regent grad Veronica Karaman clearly

felt God gave her the mission of getting that book together,

and then also getting these prayer warriors together

in Washington to celebrate, worship, and pray,

whether there's more spiritual work for them to do as a group.

In Jesus' name, we know that this is a holy moment.

We know, Father, that evil has become

such a pronounced daily presence in our lives.

But we know the light is brighter.

And light obliterates darkness.


was a place called David's Tent, a 24 hour a day

house of worship modeled on the one

King David had going near him the entire time he

ruled Israel.

It's on the National Mall near the White House.

There's one thing about prayers.

There are usually also praisers and worshippers.

So this group really wanted to come to David's Tent

while it was here in DC where praise and worship has been

going up to the Lord now around the clock for more

than 600 days.

They quickly fell into worship alongside others already there.

And then also quickly, the Holy Spirit fell

and they set the laying hands on and praying

for anyone who wanted a fresh touch from the Lord.

Back at the Trump Hotel, each one had a story to tell

or a prophetic word for their fellow prayer warriors.

This is so significant that we pray

not just for President Trump but that we pray for our nation.

So I want to encourage people to embrace this move of God.


wanted to write a prayer for the book because of a prophecy

she received that God would, in a manner speaking, trump Trump.

That God is going to put his anointing on Trump.

He was going to give him what he needed

to be the head of this country and to make America great


Usha Monjan said God let her know

that what they did with the book "Prayers for the President"

was a good start, but--

That was ground level.

He wants to take us to a whole new higher level

in prayer for President Trump.

And President Trump needs prayer more now,

the Lord says, than he did before.

So the only way these people actually

had anything to do with each other

was because of the book "Prayers for the President".

But now here in DC they've all come together and formed

somewhat of a community.

And they're anxious to see where God is going

to take them all together next.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from the National Mall.

Thanks Paul.

And Pat, the Bible's very clear about praying

for those in authority.

I think in this particular case there--

there is a spiritual battle against the president.

He's God's man for this job.

And he's taking bold steps and steps

that please most evangelicals.

And I think we need to support him.

And you know, I've been an ardent critic

of a number of our leaders because they have not

done well.

But in this case I feel in my heart the thing

that I should do and all of us should

do is pray earnestly for God's support of the man

that I believe he has put in this office.


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