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Bring It On-Line: - May 31, 2017


All right.

It is now time to bring it on.

Let's do it.

Let's do it.

Let's start with this viewer.

She says, "My parents are beyond faithful in their giving.

They give over 20% of their income.

While I do think this is admirable,

the problem is that they have nothing in savings.

Is this wise?"

Well, it's their choice.

You see, the thing is, if God is looking after them,

He will continue to look after them.

God remembers.

He's not going to stint them and all of the sudden,

there'll be something unexpected.

And He'll take care of them.

The practical thing would be, well, let's

set aside something for savings.

Yeah, that's fine.

But they're banking in heaven.

And they can draw down on those accounts when the time comes.

And God, who is faithful, will look after them.

So it's not for you to judge.

It's their decision.

And they're walking with the Lord,

and they're doing what the Lord tells them to do.

All right.


This viewer says, "The Bible says it is better

to marry than to burn.

So why would God not allow me to find a husband?

I'm a middle-aged Christian.

And I just don't understand.

I try to live a life that's pleasing to God."

Well, I want to ask that question,

why would God not allow me to have a husband?

Has God told you that he's not allowing you to have a husband?


I tell you what, if I'm going to go fishing,

I'm not going to go down to the local mall

and drop a line in the pavement.

I'm going to go out to a river or a lake where the fish are.

And if you want to find eligible, single men,

go where they are.

And same thing with ladies--

go where they are.

Go where people are.

And there are now Christian mingles.

And there all kinds of groups that are trying to help.

But don't blame God.

Why didn't God find me a husband?

Well, why didn't God find me a fish when

I'm fishing on the interstate?

Go to the river where the fish are.

I think I'm going to go to the river after the show.

All right, going to the river.

Plenty of fish in the river.

All right.

Mary Ruth says, "Hello.

Pat, there is someone I know who thinks

he can't be saved because he used to be deep into Satanism.

I told him God can restore his soul.

He says anytime he tries to come to the Lord,

the demons come after him so badly

that he's fearful to ever leave them.

He thinks he's done too much bad to ever be forgiven.

Is this true, or can everyone be saved, no matter what

they've done?"

All manner of sin and blasphemy will be forgiven,

the sons of man.

That's what Jesus said-- all manner.

But the thing of it is, these demons are holding onto you.

Need to get some people with you and bind those things

in the name of Jesus.

And you bind Satan and the power of evil.

And it's a literal thing that you do with your mouth.

Satan, in the name of Jesus, I bind

you and the forces of evil, because they are obviously

trying to hold onto you.

And you have been into Satanism.

And that stuff is real.

But of course, the Lord will forgive you.

So you ask for His forgiveness, give your heart

to Him, and then with His power, declare the victory over Satan.

All right.

That's a good word.

All right.

This is from Grace.

She says, "Dear Pat, my name is Grace.

I'm 13 years old.

I really want a necklace that is called a choker.

The one I want is black, but some people

say that chokers are ungodly.

What do you think?"

All right.

The old-time choker was a diamond necklace

that was a series of diamonds or pearls or precious stones.

And it was a necklace.

Instead of a longer necklace, it was that kind.

More recently, chokers are a sign of bondage, sadomasochism,

and that you wear a chain to show you're

submissive under a S&M deal.

That's why your parents say don't wear them.

And they're absolutely right.


This is from Jennifer.

She says, "My mother has been married nine times.

The first marriage was to my father,

and the next eight times have been to my stepfather.

My mom and stepfather keep getting divorced,

and then they remarry each other.

As far as I can tell, there has not been any adultery.

My mom nags him because he won't go to church.

And he gets upset that she pushes Christianity on him.

They are getting older.

And now their grandchildren are having

to see this terrible cycle.

What can I do to help my parents?

I'm fed up."

Well, I recommend that you pray for them.

Let me tell you, a long time, I learned as a young man,

I cannot control what my parents do.

And you get so frustrated because they

won't listen to you.

But parents are parents.

And they are going to do what they want to do.

And as a child, to try to influence your folks,

it just doesn't work.

So hold them before the Lord.

It sounds like they're as crazy mixed-up as any couple I

think I've never heard of.

But nevertheless, you say, well, I'm so frustrated, well,

of course you are.

Turn it over to the Lord.

And He's the only one I can think

of that can straighten it out.

All right.

Got it.

That's a mess, all right.

This viewer says, "I am slightly confused on the kind of thing

we do and what the Lord feels about this.

I am a Christian and am born-again.

If I sin but it isn't intentional

and I repent and ask Jesus to forgive me, He does, right?

If I sin and do it purposely, then

what happens between the Lord and me?

My spouse is a Christian and born-again

and knows that God does not like certain things,

such as gambling, pornography, et cetera.

But he still does it, knowing and not

caring about these sins."

Going to stop it there.

Well, I don't know what the question is,

because it's kind of weird.

I tell you, we get some strange questions, don't we?

I think they're wondering which sins are forgiven

and if I do it on purpose, am I forgiven?

If I don't--

I'm doing it--

There are all kinds of sins.

The word "sin" has to do with missing the mark.

And then there's transgressions where you're breaking

a commandment and you know it.

So it's willfully and so forth.

God will forgive all of it if you come and honestly confess


If you confess and think you're going to go do it again,

I don't think that's going to work.

But I think you come before the Lord with an honest heart,

and He will receive you.

And a broken and a contrite heart, the Bible says,

thou wilt not despise.

Well, thanks for those questions.

And man, there's some toughies.


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