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News on The 700 Club: June 1, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 1: Will last-minute wrangling change Trump's mind on climate deal?; Ohio's deadly opioid epidemic: the 5 drugmakers being blamed for the crisis, and more. Read Transcript

Well welcome ladies and gentlemen.

And Terry is here.

And I am here.

And I want to ask Terry a question.

Would you destroy the American automobile industry

in order to gain 3/10 of a percent Celsius

over a hundred years of global warming?

Well of course not.

Now that is common sense--


--Midwestern common sense.

Thank you.

We'll take that.

All right, but that's what they're asking.

They want to destroy American industry,

control it by a nameless bureaucracy

worldwide on illusory climate goals.

But that's what they think, 3/10 of 1% Celsius between now

and the year 21--

what are we, 2100?


A hundred years from now.


You get-- you get maybe 3/10 of a cent cooler if you--

Because of the ideology of that,

do you think they even think through the damage

on the business end of things?


They're only the, we must do something.

The game is to control American industry.

America is a caged up giant.

Our industry is outperforming everybody.

And the globalists want to hold America back and subvert it.

And that's what the game is.

Beyond all that smoke and mirror and all this lovely stuff

about carbon, they're not going to control China.

They're not going to control India.

Have you been to Beijing?

Yes, several times.


Well, a couple of years.

All right, well I went to a church service one

Sunday morning, last time I was over there.

And the smog was so bad in Beijing

you could hardly breathe.

It's just horrible.

This law didn't control any of that.

They say, well, we'll try to do our best

efforts over the next few years, but we're not guaranteeing

how much it's going to be.

But we going to stick it to America.

America has already done marvelous things with fracking,

with natural gas substituting for--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Emissions control.

Yeah, emissions control on cars and everything.

We've done marvelous things.

And we're going to-- and Trump's just

got to say no to this treaty.

We've got to say no.

We will not be bound by this nonsense.

Well, so much.

So much.

You see, common sense is sitting here next to me,

Midwest, Wisconsin common sense.

That's right.

We'll claim that.

Well the president hopefully he's got that common sense too.

He's going to announce his decision on whether

or not to pull out of the Paris Agreement.

But what you may not hear from the media

is that the agreement would barely

have any impact on rising temperatures, what we've just

been talking about.

Well the president has faced pressures

from both sides with some in the administration wanting

to leave the accord and others urging him to stay.

CBN's White House correspondent Jennifer Wishon has the story.


an agreement among nearly 200 nations

to fight global warming.

During his campaign, Trump criticized the hype

surrounding climate change.

A lot of it's a hoax.

JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): And in a decision supported

by conservatives, he promised to get the US out

of the agreement.

We're going to catch the Paris Climate Agreement

and stop all payments of the United States

tax dollars to UN global warming programs.


JENNIFER WISHON (VOICEOVER): Some administration

officials are signaling he'll keep his promise,

but inside the White House Trump's top advisers have

been split.

Steve Bannon and a group of more than 20 Republican senators

urged him to pull out, while Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared

Kushner, Democrats, and European leaders

pushed him to stay in it.

I continue to lobby the US at all levels

to continue to take climate change extremely seriously

to ensure the leadership that America has shown in the past.


pitched the president to keep the US in the deal,

last week gifting him a copy of a paper

he wrote on human-driven climate change.

Critics point out that the Paris Agreement

would have little real effect on global temperatures.

And they say other countries get off

relatively easy while the US would pay a significant price.

The agreement made by President Obama

requires the US to cut greenhouse gases by nearly 30%

below 2005 levels in eight years.

It's an ambitious goal that would be costly.

Some economists predict the deal would

result in the loss of 400,000 jobs

and income loss of more than $20,000 for a family of Four.

It's a deal that runs counter to Trump's focus

on drastically reducing burdensome regulations

on businesses and adding jobs to the economy,

with an emphasis on manufacturing and mining jobs.

An agreement is all it is.

President Obama chose to shake on the deal

without involving the US Senate, which under the Constitution

is supposed to approve international treaties.

Still, experts say a formal withdrawal from the agreement

would take years.

A master dealmaker, Trump has his staff looking

at caveats in the language.

The final decision is ultimately his.

And in keeping with his decision making practice,

the president is hearing from people on all sides.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

Thanks Jennifer.

We hope the president will do the right thing.

But we don't need to be crippled with something like that.

We don't need an international body looking over our shoulder

and trying to rein in our industry.

We need to turn the animal spirits of America loose, free

from government interference except in such instances

as they are hurting some other people.

Well in other news, the attorney general of Ohio

is going to court to fight the terrible opioid epidemic

in that Buckeye state.

John Jessup has this story.

Thanks Pat.

Mike DeWine says five big drug makers have

created a deadly mess in Ohio and he

wants them to clean it up.

DeWine sued the companies for intentionally misleading

patients about the dangers of painkillers.

Mark Martin explains why the attorney general

is blaming them for starting the opioid epidemic in his state.

MARK MARTIN (VOICEOVER): Ohio is one of now

several states that are going after drug makers,

saying they put profits above safety

and fueled a nationwide opioid epidemic.

It is just and it is right that the people who

played a significant role in creating

this mess in the state of Ohio should pay to clean it up.

MARK MARTIN (VOICEOVER): DeWine says the drug companies flooded

his state with misleading information about the risks

and benefits of prescription opioids

like OxyContin and Percocet.

He spoke with CBN's Lorie Johnson about it

earlier this year.

We had a number of pharmaceutical companies

that developed pain meds.

And they were pushing those out.

And they were telling the doctors,

these are not very addictive.

Turns out they are very addictive.


some patients then turned to heroin,

which is stronger and cheaper.

And this addiction is killing Ohioans at a record rate.

The "Columbus Dispatch" reported that county corners

say more than 4,000 died last year from drug overdoses,

compared to the record 3,000 the year before.

Scenes like this are now all too common,

police rescuing a four-year-old in a van with his grandmother

and her boyfriend passed out, overdosed on heroin.

At least one drug company says DeWine's accusations

are unfounded.

But another says it wants to work together

to find a solution.

Kentucky and Oregon have filed similar suits

against drug makers in recent years

and walked away with millions.

But DeWine doesn't expect the suit to bring a quick fix.

He's created a heroin unit to go after the Mexican cartels that

bring the drug to his state.

He's promoting education as early as kindergarten.

And he's also asking churches for help.

The programs that work, the treatment that works many times

has a faith-based component part to it.


Pat, this is a great opportunity for churches

to help combat the crisis.

3,000 people.

Just think of that.

That's how many died during the horrific 9/11 attack

on the World Trade Centers, 3,000 people.

And we were shocked.

America was shocked.

The whole world was shocked.

And now we hear that 4,000 people last year

died in Ohio alone because of these prescription

drugs, the opioid epidemic that is killing Ohio.

It's not just Ohio, it's all across America.

And it's time we do something about it.

Well there's something else we need to do.

There has been a shocking, shocking misuse

of the enormous database that the NSA has accumulated.

And the FISA court just reamed the former administration

for its misuse of this stuff.

And people like Samantha Power, our UN ambassador,

and some of the lesser lights in the Obama administration

have been, quote, unmasking people and finding out

information about their political enemies.

This has not been a good thing.

And so far Susan Rice has refused to testify.

But now we've got some work from the House Intelligence


And John will tell us about it.

That's right Pat.

The House Intelligence Committee has issued seven subpoenas

in its investigation into alleged Russian interference

in last year's presidential election.

"The Wall Street Journal" is reporting

four of those subpoenas targeted Mike Flynn, President Trump's

former National Security adviser,

along with his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

The other three subpoenas went to the National Security

Agency, the FBI, and the CIA.

Those subpoenas want the agencies to turn over

information on unmasking.

That's the practice of revealing the names of Americans who

have been picked up in the course of other investigations.

Critics have asked why key members of the Obama

administration, like former United Nations Ambassador

Samantha Power, may have been involved

in such a process when her job involved diplomacy, not


Well the US has started delivering weapons

to Kurdish fighters taking on ISIS

in the Iraqi city of Raqqa.

It's the beginning of an American move

to better equip Kurdish allies.

The US believes they're the best fighting force against ISIS.

But Turkey considers the Kurds terrorists.

In response, the US says it will work

to see that the weapons aren't used against Turkey.

The equipment, Pat, includes heavy machine guns, ammunition,

armored vehicles, and possibly anti-tank missiles.

Well it's three years too late,

but thank the Lord it's being done.

Those Kurds in Iraq are--

I just can't say it enough.

I've met so many and seen them, they're such wonderful people.

They have set up a beautifully working, democratic form

of administration in Northern Iraq in the Kirkut area.

They do have their hands on a major oil field there.

But what they need, and I say it over and over and over again,

these people need their own homeland.

There are Kurds in Syria.

There are Kurds in Iraq.

And there are Kurds in Turkey.

Now if the Turks don't want to give their Kurds up, well

that's their business.

But at least the other ones should have their own homeland

and they should be recognized as a Kurdish nation.

And it should be done.

But this is the first step.

And I think they need to be given the weapons.

That Peshmerga, which is the name of the Kurdish fighters,

they have been fabulous allies in the fight

against terror, fabulous.

They are on the front line and they're fighting machines.

And they just need some weapons.

And we need to give them all the help we can.

Obama refused to do it.

But Trump is doing it and he's doing the right thing.


Pat, back here at home, a humanitarian story.

Operation Blessing's Hunger Strike Force has travelled 35

million miles across America since first hitting the road 25

years ago.

Operation Blessing truck drivers got their picture

taken with CBN founder Pat Robertson

after yesterday's "700 Club."

The Hunger Strike Force hauls food and supplies

to those in need.

Over the fleet's 25 year existence,

drivers have distributed 1 and 1/2 billion pounds

of food and relief supplies.

To me it's like a lifeblood, because when

those trucks show up at a disaster site,

it means hope has come in.

There are people who are hauling blankets.

They're hauling fresh water.

They're hauling medicine.

And more than anything they're hauling the staples of life.

It feels good to get to go into a needy area,

especially to see people when they light up

and see us coming.

And then when I step outside of that truck,

I feel so good to be a part of that

to be able to take care of those people.

I'm grateful for this opportunity.

I love the Savior and appreciate CBN and Operation

Blessing for the effect they have on people and the help

they give.

Driver Frank Kennedy, who you just saw there,

told CBN News that he believes his position is a calling

and that it's not drivers that minister,

it's ministers who drive.

Pat, they do great work.

And it looks like you guys had a great time.

We did.

It was just wonderful to have them

here in the studio with us.

But just think of that ladies and gentlemen,

my goal was to distribute 100 million pounds of food

and supplies every year to the hurting people, those

in the inner cities, those in Appalachia,

those in the disaster areas.

And these trucks show up and what they do,

they go into areas like, for example, Idaho.

And the potato farmers have surpluses so they say,

if you can get a truck to pick up the potatoes,

we'll give you millions of pounds of potatoes

just for free.

Just come get them.

So we run those trucks up there, load up with potatoes,

and then take them out to someplace where they need them.

We load up with something else and go in another direction.

But it's really exciting to see it working.

And those trucks are so beautiful.

And as I say when they show up at a disaster area

and suddenly you see these beautiful trucks, Operation

Blessing, one after the other coming in,

the people know that there's help, there's food,

there's supplies, there's water, there's medicine,

there's blankets, there's all the things

they need in those trucks.

Imagine that, billions-- billions of pounds of food

distributed through what we call the Hunger Strike Force.

Now if you want to participate, we sure could use your help.

Needless to say, the more the better.

And we can get more trucks and more trailers and everything

if we have the funds.

So the number is 1-800-700-7000.

It's Operation Blessing International.

And if you want to say, I want to participate in the Hunger

Strike Force-- that's what it's called, all those trucks--

to help at home--

we do a lot of work overseas, but this particular initiative

is for the US of A. And it's really helping people.

You have no idea how important this is.

I remember Katrina down in New Orleans.

We had those trucks loaded with groceries.

And we backed up to a Salvation Army kitchen,

literally connected them to.

And we were taking the groceries out of our trucks,

giving them into the kitchen.

The kitchen was feeding the people.

And we might feed as many as 30,000 people a day,

starving-- not only starving, but very hungry

people who lost everything because of Katrina.

And we were there.

And that Hunger Strike Force, it linked in with our dear friends

at the Salvation Army.

It all works together.


That's why God puts us in family, right?

That's right.



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