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News on The 700 Club: June 5, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 5: ISIS horror in London: Brit PM tags 'evil ideology of Islamist extremism'; Qatar just lost a lot of friends over its romance with Islamic terrorism, and more. Read Transcript

PAT ROBERTSON: Welcome ladies and gentlemen

to this edition of the 700 Club.

Cam you think back a few years when

we had a president whose name was George Bush?

And George Bush said, I want to know

Islam is a religion of peace.

And I said, Mr. President we elected you as chief executive

not chief clergy, and you we're wrong.

Islam does not mean peace, it means submission.

Everybody said it's the religion of peace,

and they have done everything known

to man to justify calling that a peaceful religion.

Finally, the British are beginning to wake up,

and British Prime Minister Theresa May is saying,

it's time to take tough action to stop what now is called

radical Islamic terrorism.

After the latest brutal attack in London

that killed seven people, and injured dozens of others.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: ISIS claimed responsibility

for the terrorist attack, and British police have carried out

a series of sweeps in the East London area

arresting 12 people.

CBN's national security correspondent Erik Rosales

brings us the story.

ERIK ROSALES: This was the third terror

attack in the UK in the last three months.

Counter terrorism sources confirmed

to CBN News there is evidence suggesting The three

terrorists who carried out the attack might have been planning

to strike for months.

The trigger may have been an ISIS message posted on Saturday

on a web site.

Calling on followers to use everything from a gun,

knives, and even a truck to kill the civilians of the crusaders

during the holy month of Ramadan.

As the makeshift memorials continue to grow police

are moving in making arrests.

12 so far, and more anticipated in the coming days.

And we've been hearing firsthand accounts

of those who fought back against the terrorists.

EYEWITNESS: The taxi driver just swerved towards me,

and screamed run you have to run they've got a knife.

GERALD VOWLS: And I went, oy, terrorists, cowards!


Then I threw, I picked up a chair.

I was just trying to get them to chase me

so I could get the man to the main road

to get him away, draw him out onto the main road

to where the police could see him, obviously take him down.

ERIK ROSALES: Police unleashed 50 rounds killing the three


Prime Minister Theresa May saying it's time to say enough

is enough, and that the UK will have to take tougher measures.

THERESA MAY: We cannot, and must not pretend that things can

continue as they are.

Things need to change.

ERIK ROSALES: May also said the attack in London

may have been linked to the recent suicide

bombing in Manchester by what she

called the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism.

Here in the United States President Trump

again called for his travel ban to be put in place,

and express solidarity with Britain.

DONALD TRUMP: I will do what is necessary to prevent

this threat from spreading to our shores,

and work every single day to protect the safety

and security of our country, our communities, and our people.

ERIK ROSALES: In Manchester Brit's remembering

the victims of the last attack vowing to stay strong,

and carry on.

With Justin Bieber telling the crowd

that God is good in the midst of evil, and that evil

is an ongoing danger in Britain.

Authorities there say that they have around 300 people

on their watch list, but there is no way

that they can look after them all.

They believe more attacks could take place.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

Thanks, Erik.

Our CBN News international correspondent Dale Hurd

is with us now.

He's been to London, and Europe multiple times

over the past several years where he's covered the growing

threat of Islamic terrorism.

Dale, Theresa May says there's been

too much tolerance for extremism things must change.

Do you think Britain will really make changes?

DALE HURD: I'm skeptical.

She talked about controlling the internet.

That's not really the problem.

In fact, it's not really even immigration.

These terrorists are homegrown.

Britain is one of the world's biggest factory for terrorists


It's what's going on in the mosques,

but as we can see from other scandals like the rape gang

scandal where police reported criminal activity.

But it wasn't acted on because of political correctness.

Is political correctness too embedded

for the British leaders to free themselves from it?

I don't know.

Britain is a nuclear power, but as I've written

I think the most powerful weapon in Britain

today is this fear of being called a racist.

No one can free themselves from this

apparently except some people in UKIP,

but they're not on the level of a Conservative Party,

or the labor party.

You wonder, what's going to stop this?

PAT ROBERTSON: What about the British people themselves?

This attack came just days before a general election.

Public going to make any difference

in the way they vote?

The latest poll today by ICM shows the conservatives

with a 10 point lead, a comfortable lead.

The labor party wasn't helped over the weekend when

one of their members said one man's terrorist is

another man's freedom fighter.

And long term polls show the Conservative Party

in Britain dominating.

Labor is contracting in Britain, and these attacks

won't help that.

The Brits have got such strong anti terrorism

measures in place, and they have strong intelligence agencies.

How come they keep getting caught by these things?

That's a really good question.

They have 20 officers following each terrorist suspect,

and I don't know why these attacks keep happening.

As I've said, they know when these terrorists

are going to the bathroom.

They have massive surveillance, and it can only

be that someone at a higher level in the British government

is stopping enforcement.

You really think that, this will

be like a plot of some kind.

The only other option is that they've gone off

the grid with their plots.

That they're not using electronic devices,

and that may have been the case here.

That they get together in someone's car,

or in someone's backyard and they plan a terrorist attack.

More coming in Britain, or more coming

in some other countries.

France, or someplace else?

Yes, everywhere.

In Britain because even after this attack

you see the response from the left talking as if they're

going to carry on as usual.

They can't carry on as usual.

Things have to change, but the left

talks as if more people are going

to have to die before something is

done because political correctness is

so important to them.

It's a core faith for them.

Dale, before you get off let's define political correctness.

What does it mean to you?

In the case of Islam it's a veneration of Islam.

This barbaric religion, the left views as better

than Western civilization because there's so much

self hatred of the West.

The west now in Britain, and in Europe

it's a hollowed out tree.

There's no vigor in it, and it's as

if they want to hand over their society to barbarians

from Asia.

This is really a death wish?

Yes, exactly.

Dale Hurd, thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can't keep somebody

from wanting to die.

One thing you know you can help them get better,

but if they want to die it's really hard.

And it's the Brits, and other people in the Western Europe

want to die if they figure that society has come to its end,

and they want to end it.

Islam is certainly providing them a way to do it.

You could find more in-depth analysis of the London attacks

on, including what an ex Muslim who

is now a Christian has to say to Muslims about Islam

and terrorism.


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