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Praying For Your Needs: June 8, 2017

Pat and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

So we want to pray for people right now

and you want a miracle.

Here are some things that are happening.

Marylou, who lives in San Diego, California,

was suffering from migraines.

The headaches became daily and extremely intense.

One day, she was watching and Wendy

said this, quote, "many people are

suffering from migraine headaches right now.

The Lord is touching you."

So you said, and Marylou said, that's me.


PAT ROBERTSON: And she immediately felt relief.

She's had no migraines since that day.

You can imagine what torture she was going through,

and she's set free from it.


Listen to this.

Sergeant James Roof III, he had arthritis in his neck.

The pain hindered mobility, and he couldn't sleep at night.

James was watching "The 700 Club"

when he heard you give a word of knowledge, Pat,

saying, "somebody has neck pain.

There's arthritis in your neck.

You have a hard time moving."

James claimed that word, and immediately the pain was gone.

He's had no trouble in his neck since that day.

Praise the Lord.

All right, we're going to pray right now for you folks.

We've got a short period of time,

but nothing's impossible with God.

WENDY GRIFFITH: Thank you, Lord.

Father, I join with my sister in Christ.

We pray together right now.

Thank you, Father.

In the name of Jesus.

An intestinal blockage is just being healed

right now as we're praying.

In the name of Jesus, it's done.

Thank you, Lord.

Gall bladder has been acting up.

The Lord is healing that right now.


Somebody being healed of gout right now in the name of Jesus.

Also somebody, you've just received a bad report.

But the Lord is saying to you, whose report

are you going to believe?

The doctors or mine?

Believe the report of the Lord.

You are healed.

Somebody is praying, you're praying for money.

You're hurting right now, and you need $50,000

to meet an urgent need.

God is supplying that need.

You're going to find a miraculous source,

and God is doing miracles.

Now Father, for every one in this audience, those

who are troubled, those who are suffering,

those who indeed have been rejected and are heartbroken,

we pray, O Lord, for them in the name of Jesus.

Heal the broken hearts as we speak right now.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


And Amen.

Well, thanks for being with us.

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