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Filmmaking Is Family Business for this Father and Son

Watching movies isn’t just something Chris and Caleb do for entertainment—both of them are passionate about filmmaking, and they have pursued degrees to make their dream a reality. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Watching movies isn't just something Chris Wood

and his son, Caleb, do for entertainment.

It's about learning more about the art of storytelling.

Actually, we're one of the few that actually

sit through the entire credits, and we'll sit there

and we'll say, how would we do it different?

NARRATOR: It's that passion that led both of them

to enroll in Regent University's film school.

For Chris, it wasn't his first time at Regent.

He put his dream of working in theater on hold

to become a lawyer.

My undergraduate was in theater.

My parents felt that I probably needed

to have some other form of income,

so they encouraged me to study law.

NARRATOR: When it came to picking a law school,

Chris chose Regent.

I got accepted at for of the five major schools

in the country, but Regent called to me

because of what it stood for and because

of the Christian background.

And there was just a difference.

It was just an air, a feeling.

Maybe it's the Holy Spirit floating in the air

around and in and amongst the faculty that were here.

NARRATOR: While practicing law, Chris

stayed active in local theater, often taking Caleb with him.

In time, they worked together on a number of stage productions.

Being able to be a part of that shared

experience between actor, performer, director

to the audience, and the audience just who comes in

with a clean slate.

And they leave with this full experience that's

just been created for them.

That was just really, really cool.

NARRATOR: It was no surprise that Caleb decided

to pursue a career in film.

According to his friend, neither was his decision

to attend Regent.

I said, well, how did you know?

She's like, just the way you talked about Regent,

the way you like connected with the professors when you came

to visit, the way your heart reached out

to this program and the principles behind it.

Like, being able to be a Christian leader who

changes the world and to be able to do it

in a seemingly dark industry.

She's like, I knew you were going here before you did.

And we encouraged him to do that,

because we knew that the principles taught--

that I learned in law school--

are probably going to be the same principles, just

from a different perspective if it's in theater or film.

And that's when I decided, wait a second.

If we're going to keep this team together,

I need to sharpen my skills also.

NARRATOR: So following in his son's footsteps,

Chris enrolled as a part time student

in Regent's online master's program in film production.

With Caleb as director and Chris as producer,

they work on several film projects

together despite being hundreds of miles apart.

I realized it was kind of a unique experience

as well, because someone would be

like, oh, who's your producer?

It's like, oh, it's my dad.



It's your father.

Like, no, no.

He's actually a producer.

He's actually in the master's program here.

Oh, where is he?

Oh, he's in Tennessee. .

He's not even on location?

No, but he's doing twice as much as your producer.

NARRATOR: Caleb's senior year, Chris came to campus

to work on Caleb's thesis film.

CHRIS WOOD: We have our disagreements every once

in a while, artistic differences,

but we make a pretty good team.

NARRATOR: Caleb graduated this past May

with his bachelor's in film directing,

and Chris isn't far behind.

They're excited to get to work on their production

company, Lone Tree Films, and other projects

to fulfill God's bigger purpose.

I feel that Regent really has equipped me

and will equip anybody that's out there to do the tasks that

needs to be done.

You're learning, OK, this is ways

that I can incorporate redemptive storytelling,

like Christian aspects into film making without forcing

scripture on someone.

But take a scriptural foundation and say, all right.

How can our characters have their stories reflect this?

That can reach and unreach people.

CALEB WOOD: I feel with confidence

God has placed these desires in our hearts to work together

in telling stories for Christ.


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