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Receiving the Gifts of the Spirit

Dr. Ralph martin explains how to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Read Transcript

DR. RALPH MARTIN: Well you know we

can learn a lot by seeing how it happened

on the day of Pentecost.

One of the things that happened is

that Jesus told them this is really important.

He said, you know stay in the city

until you receive power from on high.

And then he also taught them about what the Holy Spirit

was going to do.

And he told them to pray, you know.

And so people kind of believed-- heard the word

of God, the truth about the Holy Spirit, that began to desire

the Holy Spirit in their life.

And Mary and the disciples were in the upper room praying.

And as they were praying, as they were waiting,

as Jesus said for them to wait, the Holy Spirit came upon them.

So that's pretty much how it happens for people today.

We've kind of structured it in various kinds of things

like life in the spirit seminars, or alpha courses,

or various other ways where we kind of teach people

about who Jesus is.

We invite them to repentance and conversion.

We tell them about the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We invite them to prepare for it by praying for it,

by desiring it.

And then we pray over them and ask

God to do it in their lives.

It isn't like this one experience

that everybody experiences.

But everybody who sincerely opens themselves and asks

for more of God's Holy Spirit gets

something really important.

Some people have a fall on the ground experience.

Other people have nothing that they particularly

experience emotionally right away,

but they noticed that in the days

following that there's a little more desire for prayer,

or scriptures a little bit more important,

or there's just something happening in their life that

wasn't happening before.

So there's a whole range.



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