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News on The 700 Club: June 9, 2017

As seen on "The 700 Club," June 9: 'Comey's a leaker': The fallout over fired FBI director's bombshell testimony; 'No longer the United Nation's punching bag': Why hope is rising in Israel, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

President Trump sent a tweet this morning

claiming total and complete vindication

after the former FBI director James Comey at testimony

before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday.

The president also pointed out that the former head of the FBI

was the one who leaked information to the media.

Comey talked at length about the president and the Russia

investigation, and he had an unexpected revelation

about the probe into Hillary Clinton's email server.

National Security Correspondent Erik Rosales

has this look at the showdown in the Senate.

Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth--

ERIK ROSALES: An embattled James Comey used his opening

statement before the Senate Intelligence Committee

to thank the men and women of the FBI,

and then apologized for not being able to say goodbye.

Then he took off the gloves, and put his account up against

President Trump's.

The administration then chose to defame me and more

importantly the FBI by saying that the organization was

in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had

lost confidence in its leader.

Those were lies, plain and simple.

Senators asked the former FBI director,

why do you think you were fired?

He said, I'm not quite sure.

But I have to take the president at his word,

and it must have something to do with the way I handled

the Russian investigation.

Comey reiterated President Trump pressed him, but never told

him to stop the probe into ex-National Security Advisory

Michael Flynn, but did repeatedly

pressure him to publicly declare that he was not

under investigation.

Comey did say that the president told him

that if some of his satellite associates

had done something wrong it would

be good for the investigation to find that out.

Comey declined to say that if he thought the president had

obstructed justice saying that that was a determination to be

made by the special prosecutor.

As for the probe into Hillary Clinton's private email server,

Comey testified that then Attorney General Loretta Lynch

directed him to describe the Hillary Clinton

probe as only a matter, and not an investigation.

In an unexpected bombshell announcement

Comey voluntarily admitted he orchestrated

the leak of his memo about President Donald

Trump to a Columbia Law School professor who

gave it to a reporter.

Comey says that he thought it might

lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor

to lead the Russia investigation.

Despite all the work and testimony

that's already taken place senators

say that this investigation is nowhere near the end.

We're more confident today that we

can, through this process, work through a very

bipartisan and thorough investigation that,

at the end of it, answers many of the questions

that the American people might have today.

I thought it was very important

that the American people get a chance to hear Jim Comey's

statements about what all has transpired.

ERIK ROSALES: Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

Well it does look like Trump was vindicated, that there

was no personal investigation of him

and all of this Russian mess.

And that there was no collusion, there

was no attempt to do that.

So yes, he did have vindication yesterday.

But I think the larger story here --

and this is one all Americans need to be concerned about--

we have seen the politicization of the IRS,

and now the FBI is getting involved in politics.

And Comey was in charge of that, both in terms

of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, his memorandum

to congress just weeks before the election,

and now here he seems to be gunning for a sitting

president, creating memos then leaking

those memos in an effort to get a special prosecutor appointed.

All of that does not bear good.

We need to have confidence that in an IRS investigation

politics has nothing to do with it.

Politics is a distant far memory,

that there's no political motivation to an IRS


The same with an FBI investigation.

Politics should have no business in the FBI.

Well while the Comey hearing got all the immediate attention

yesterday President Trump was also

speaking out about defending religious freedom in America.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


Thanks Gordon.

The president spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition,

Road to Majority conference, here in Washington.

The three-day event aims to educate, motivate, and mobilize

Christians to share the message of God back home.

As long as I'm president no one is going to stop you

from practicing your faith.

We will not back down from doing what is right,

because as the Bible tells us we know that the truth will

prevail, that God's glorious wisdom will shine through.

Among today's speakers Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

followed by Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday.

Well, a shocking setback for British Prime Minister Theresa


Her Conservative Party lost its majority

in Thursday's elections.

May had called the snap election in hopes of increasing

her conservative majority.

Instead the left-wing labor party

did much better than expected.

Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn attacked May

on different issues, including cutting 20,000 police officers

while she was interior minister.

That argument helped in the wake of major terrorist attacks

in Manchester and London.

Corbyn is calling on May to resign, and make way

for a new government.

The prime minister called the election

because she wanted a mandate.

Well the mandate she's got is lost

conservative seats, lost votes, lost support,

and lost confidence.

JOHN JESSUP: Now the conservatives still

have the most seats by a healthy margin,

but now they're a few short of the majority that they

had held.

Despite the loss May says she won't resign as prime minister.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

says the time of Israel being bullied at the UN is over.

She made that declaration while visiting Israel this week.

Chris Mitchell brings us that story from Jerusalem.


It's such a pleasure.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

CHRIS MITCHELL: UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

found Israeli leaders eager to thank her

for the new role she's playing.

With your support we see the beginning of a new era.

Israel is no longer alone in the United Nation.

Israel is no longer the United Nation punching bag.

I feel somewhat guilty because all I did at the United Nations

was tell the truth, and I've never taken kindly to bullies.

And the UN has bullied Israel for a very long time,

and we're not going to let that happen anymore.

It is a new day for Israel and the United Nations.

Part of that new day includes Haley's stern threat

to pull the US out of the UN Human Rights Council,

a group called a forum for politics, hypocrisy,

and evasion.

It is essential that this council address its chronic

anti-Israel bias if it is to have any credibility.

I think Israel sees Nikki Haley's visit here

as a real positive.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Many like former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann,

who came as the keynote speaker for the Jerusalem prayer

breakfast, see Haley as one of the new Trump administration's

brightest lights.

MICHELE BACHMANN: She is marvelous,

and I think everyone was surprised how

bold and forthright and clear.

She has so much clarity on the issue of Israel,

and the United States' relationship with Israel.

And as the United States ambassador

she's announcing to the world that the United States

of America has Israel's back.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Haley flew to Israel's southern border

next to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

She examined a tunnel once used by Hamas to infiltrate Israel,

and met with civilians who live on the front lines.

It's likely the visit gives Haley

more evidence of the threats facing Israel and its people.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris.

Gordon, this is a far cry from the previous administration.

Yes, it is.

And it's a welcome cry.

I applaud Ambassador Haley.

What a wonderful thing she is doing, but I agree with her.

All she is doing is stating the facts,

and when you know the facts of what's currently

going on in the Palestinian Authority in the UN

then you can't help but support Israel.

If you want to know the facts, the facts about the Six-day

War, the facts about how East Jerusalem came

under the sovereignty of Israel, how did the West Bank come

under the sovereignty of Israel, we've got something for you

in our hands.

It's just finished.

It's a wonderful theater run and you can get the DVD

for a donation of $15.

All you have to do is go to our website,

or you can call us 1-800-700-7000.


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